4-Command menu (with map)

 It was the tenth day of the rattling carriage ride.

 I exhaled a white breath and stretched at the sight of the endless cold.
 All that stretched out to the edge of my vision were hills and hills and hills of stones.
 All that remained was a snow-covered wasteland of thorny bushes that added just a hint of color to the scene.
 Without a gently meandering path, there is so little change that you can't even tell if you're moving forward.

 The Dragon's Wreckage Island looks like a dragon turning in a circle and sucking its own tail.
 Our Holy Vilnian Kingdom was built on the Long Neck Plain in the northern part of the island.

 As the name of the plain suggests, most of the land is fertile and flat, suitable for agriculture.
 The verdant wheat fields that filled the horizon near the royal capital were a truly wonderful sight.
 It was the same view for three days, and I got bored with it in the end.

 Most of the country is suitable for farming, but around the edge of the plain, there are only thin wastelands or stony hills.
 This was especially true along the borders, where the land was unpopular and barren.

 In the game, you just choose a destination and go back and forth, so I didn't really get it, but when I actually moved around and saw it with my own eyes, I understood why there were so few villages and towns in the remote areas.
 Thanks to this, we had a hard time finding a carriage to get to the "Village of the Beginning".
 I must say, we were very lucky to find a peddler to bring our goods to the village.

"What! You are the alchemist who comes to our village? Well, well, well, please come and ride in my carriage!

 He agreed to let me ride in his carriage, and now I'm on my last journey in his kind carriage.
 I had already expected this to happen to some extent.
 The reason why I approached him was because this peddler was a character I knew from the game.

 His name is Hans.
 He looked like a well-built panther with a mustache, and he had a good-looking face that did not look like a merchant.
 In the game, he travels back and forth between King's Landing and the village on a monthly basis, and is a very useful character, stocking up on ordered items, ordering items, buying items, selling consignment items, and even bringing back bargains.
 The peddling event is held on the first day of every month, and it's the end of January, so I thought I might have hit the jackpot when I approached a merchant who looked like him.

 In the game, Hans came to the village in a fine covered two-horse cart.
 In the game, Hans came to the village in a fine two-horse covered carriage, but in this game, Hans' carriage is almost as simple as a cart, with only a shabby donkey in tow.
 Because of this, the speed of the carriage was only high enough for us to enjoy the scenery.
 Thanks to this, there was less swaying, and the pain in my buttocks was slightly relieved.

 Hans-san's itinerary seems to be the same in this real world, and it will be another month before he visits the village again.
 Since he is the only one with a special carriage that goes to and from the village, we won't have to worry about the pursuers from the capital for a while.
 No, he's a knight, so it's quite possible that he'll come after us with his own horse.
 But then they would have been caught on the way, and they wouldn't have gone that far for a little guy who just spread a disturbing rumor.

 So, I was relieved to be placed in the corner of the wagon bed. .......
 There was still something that bothered me.

 In fact, there was another passenger.
 Like me, she wore a hood over her head, and her face was indistinct.  
 When I casually checked with Hans, he replied with concern.

She told me that she wanted to go to the west. I can't let him push himself too hard with his body.

 I can't blame him.
 The woman was sitting on the back of the truck, and her stomach was swollen to the point that it was obvious even from the side.
 This is also the reason why I knew her gender even though I could not see her face.

 As expected, the knights would not be so foolish as to send a heavy woman who was close to the end of her pregnancy.
 Therefore, I don't think she was a pursuer, but the fact that she was a pregnant woman stuck in my mind.

 Well, I can't remember clearly, so it may not be a big deal.
 I turned my gaze once again to the space to the upper right to check my current position.

 An empty, overcast winter sky.
 That's what it would look like to a normal person.

 But what I saw was a semi-transparent rectangle.

 A command menu.
 It was the main reason why I was convinced this world was like a game.
 After my memory came back after seeing the moon's change, I saw this floating in the corner of my vision.

 I hurriedly asked Olli and the others to confirm this, but they all nodded their heads.
 No one looked back at me when I walked around town, and it seemed I was the only one who could see it.

 This menu is not tangible or touchable.
 But if you hold your gaze for more than a second, you can select a command.

 There are four commands in total.
 From the top, there are alchemy, possessions, friends, and map.
 In the game, there would have been quests, conversations, rest, and settings, but they seem to have been left out.
 Perhaps this is because they are not necessary in the real world.

 First of all, the top menu is "smelting", which is a command that allows you to perform smelting.
 There are two submenus: free smelting and recipe smelting.

 In the free smelting command, you can choose any combination of materials and magic stones you have, and mix them together.
 Of course, there are cases where there are no processed products, in which case nothing will happen or the materials will just be altered.
 Of course, the magic stones you use will be consumed and disappear.
 Also, if you are low in the alchemy ladder or don't have a good understanding of blending rates and materials, you will end up failing in the same way.

 It may sound like a bad thing, but if you don't succeed in this free smelting process first, it won't be registered in the recipe.

 However, once you have made it, the rest is very easy.
 All you have to do is select the item you want from the recipe smelting menu, and it is ready to use.
 The number of ingredients and magic stones consumed and the remaining quantity are also displayed, which is extremely convenient.

 To give you an idea of how easy this is, for example, the actual process of making the lowest level of healing potion is as follows.
 First, you need to prepare the ingredients, white root flower and water.
 Next, use the blue magic stone to <extract> and extract only the white root flower extract from the white root flower.
 If you analyze the extract with the white magic stone first, you will be able to identify the areas where the effective ingredients are concentrated and increase the amount you can extract.
 After purifying the extract and water with white magic stone, you can finally complete the process by mixing it with green magic stone.
 By the way, you can make it without <analysis> or <purification>, but the quality will be lower.

 To make a single bottle of healing potion, you need to do more than one alchemy.
 However, if you use the menu, you can create them all at once and in succession just by moving your eyes.
 It was thanks to this recipe smelting that I was able to easily finish the large amount of smelting that Arnolt was harassing me to do.

 This smelting command alone is good enough for several dozen smelters, but the menu doesn't end there.
 The next belongings command was just as useful.

 This command allows me to check my current possessions, but the unique feature is that they are stored in a different space.
 Strangely enough, you can store a lot of stuff in a mysterious place where no one can find it.

 To use it, all you have to do is touch the object with your hand.
 After that, open the possessions command and the items will be automatically sucked in and stored.
 If you open it first, you can retrieve items in succession.
 To retrieve an item, open the item list and look at the item you want, and it will appear in your hand.

 There is a limit of 99 identical items, and I haven't checked the item limit yet, but if it's the same as in the game, it's probably 999 items.
 It's nice that you can put as many items as you want, but after touching and examining all the items, it seems that you can only store items from the game.
 Anyway, I was able to store and carry my stuff and sandwiches in an instant thanks to this wonderful command.

 Third is the companion command.
 In the game, this was a command that allowed you to see the status and equipment of yourself and the units you had joined, and to change their placement.

 Of course, since I'm currently alone, I'm the only one in the companions section.
 Being able to see a list of status, or ability values, is helpful, but it's not as convenient as alchemy or items.
 Normally, you would think so, but this status also had a revolutionary advantage.

 My old status was like this.

---------- --Name: Nino
Name: Nino
Race: Pan racial
Occupation: Alchemist (Level: 18)
Physical Strength: 9/9
Magic power: 54/54
Popularity: 11
Fame: 0
Special Qualities:
Magical alchemy: , , , , , .

Light smelting rung: 3 (skill level: 699)
Dark alchemy rung: 3 (Proficiency: 781)
Earth alchemy rung 3 (677)
Water Refining Rung 3 (Proficiency 751)
Fire alchemy rung 3 (Proficiency: 793)
Wind Alchemy Rung 3 (Proficiency: 702)
---------- --And now this...

 And this is what we have now.

---------- --
Name: Nino

Race: Pan-racial
Occupation: Alchemist (Level: 46)
Physical strength: 23/23
Magic power: 230/230
Popularity: 11
Fame: 0
Special ability: , , , .

Magic refining: , , , , , .
Combined magic smelting: , , .
Magical refinement: , , , , , .
Magic compound refinement: , , .
Magic smelting: , , , , , .

Light smelting rung: 7 (Proficiency: 99)
Dark alchemy rung: 8 (Proficiency: 81)
Earth alchemy rung: 7 (Proficiency: 77)
Water Refining Rung: 8 (Proficiency: 51)
Fire alchemy rung: 8 (Proficiency: 93)
Wind Rung: 8 (Proficiency: 2)
---------- --What a surprise!

 The reason for this is that I've been overwhelmed by the amount of items in my inventory.
 The reason for this is that I have an abundance of skill values.

 In the game, when you repeatedly perform alchemy, you accumulate a small amount of skill value.
 For every 100 proficiency values accumulated, one rung of the alchemy ladder was increased.
 The total sum of the alchemy ladder is the level of the alchemist.

 The problem was that I was the only one who had a choice in that skill value.
 In fact, there was another use for the skill value besides raising the ranks.
 It is to learn compound alchemy.

 From rung 1, you can learn beginner's magic smelting, from rung 4, intermediate magic smelting.
 From rung 7, you will be able to use advanced magical alchemy.
 Compound refinement is a special method of refinement that combines two of these refinements for each level.

 When you move up to ranks 4 or 7, you can decide whether or not you want to learn this compound alchemy by spending 200 skill value. .......
 This was the reason why all my alchemy ranks were stuck at 3.

 You can either learn compound alchemy or move up to 4.
 As long as you don't choose either of these two options, the proficiency values will not be used and will just accumulate.
 Of course, if you are not aware of the command menu, it is impossible to choose.

 As a result, I had to settle for being a handyman who could only use the basic beginner's magic alchemy.  

 Perhaps it's because those with blessings can only use one type of alchemy, so they don't have the option to learn compound alchemy.
 That's why proficiency is automatically consumed to move up the ranks, and higher level alchemy becomes available.

 I said before that it was common knowledge that only those with blessings could use higher level alchemy, but the truth is that it was because of the game's specifications, regardless of whether they had blessings or not.
 In fact, the best alchemists were those who were skilled in the manipulation of magic power and could handle all attributes.

 I want to tell this fact out loud to all the pan-racial alchemists in the world who are suffering.
 But if you can't use the companion command, you can't choose your options. .......
 Yeah, there's no point in saying that.

 And in my case, I can say that I'm rather happy about my ten years of training.
 In the game, when you move up the alchemy ladder, you can't accumulate proficiency in the lower alchemy.
 Furthermore, the higher you go up the ladder, the harder it is to gain proficiency.

 In this respect, I've been repeating the basic smelting with the rank of 3.
 And I have done all of them.
 That's a ridiculous amount of skill.

 In a game, you have to complete quests in order to progress, so you have to go up the alchemy ladder.
 But in the real world, you don't need to worry about that.
 However, in the real world, you don't have to worry about such things, although the higher you go up the ladder, the better the pay and treatment.

 However, as a result, I have become a great alchemist who can perform magical alchemy of all six attributes, so that's good.
 Even in the Royal Alchemy Workshop, there were only a handful of chief alchemists who could perform magical alchemy.
 And of course, they could only use one attribute. There would be no such thing as compound alchemy.

 In comparison, it's no exaggeration to say that the current me is an all-rounder when it comes to alchemy.
 All I have to do now is to wield this power with all my might.
 I made up my mind that this was no longer the time for me to be restraining myself for the sake of a safe life.

 I closed my status and stared at the last command.
 Immediately, a large map of the world appeared in front of me.

 Looking more closely, I saw an icon moving slowly across the map.
 It was me, the deformed protagonist.
 At the destination, there is an icon that looks like a village, and the name "Village of the Beginning".
 As for the place names, they seem to appear on the map as soon as I learn of their existence, just like in the game.
 So the rest of the map is blank, except for the most famous places.

 This fourth map command is also quite useful, because it shows my current position.
 Judging from the distance remaining, I should be able to reach my destination safely by the end of the day.

 I exhaled deeply and stretched out my hands to the sky once again.
 Then a soft voice struck my ear.

"Um, how much longer until we arrive?
"Well... Just under three hours, I think. How can I help you? Ma'am?

 Hans-san, who was sitting on the attendant's table, replied to the sudden question.

 In response, the passenger, a pregnant woman, simply revealed the reason for her inquiry.

Yes, my baby is about to be born, so I was wondering what I should do.

 I stretched and gulped at the sudden bombshell that was thrown at me.