How to make a labyrinth empire-A versatile alchemist who has awakened to the memory of the previous life, has begun to make a village in a safe dungeon. ...... Isn't there an increase in the

This world will soon be destroyed.

One day, Nino, a young man who is a lonely alchemist, regains his memory of the previous life and realizes that his world is just like a certain game.
And the fact that we are pushing for a villainous and difficult route to destroy humankind.

But when I explain it, no one can believe it.
Even so, I tried to scratch my feet, but it ended in failure and I was caught as a sinner.

Nino escapes from the royal capital with a short break and arrives at the village, which was the initial starting point of the game.
What Nino aimed at was a dungeon hidden in the immediate vicinity of the village.

If the ground is swallowed by the sea of ​​fire, you can live underground.
Based on that idea, the young man who has acquired the power of training that is almost universal will start to create a safe base.
In a world that is about to perish, at least I try to save even the people around me.
However, people who have been displaced from their homeland gradually gather, and just building a base goes beyond Nino's wishes and eventually turns into a huge country.

Author: Shukichi
Chapters: 142

迷宮帝国の作り方 ~前世の記憶に目覚めた万能錬成術士、安全なダンジョン内で村作りはじめました。……あれ、なんか人増えてない?~


1-a sudden resignation
2-a colleague who doesn't like
3-Memories of the pre-life
4-Command menu (with map)
5-Childbirth in a horse-drawn carriage
6-We're finally arriving.
7-Banquets and emerging issues
8-Hidden Palace
9-Before you start exploring
10-Explore The Palace of Ryudama, B1F
11-Prepare again
12-First boss fight
13-pause, and moving forward
14-B basement second floor abuse
15-Battle of the Great Bats
16-a ground-bottom advance
17-The Fall of the Maiden
18-Finally return
19-First Presentation
20-We're in business right now.
21-The danger of a single take
22-The beginning of the exchange
23-The underground labyrinth of again is confirmed fi...
24-Untouched Land
25-Familiar guys.
26-Wider than you think?
27-The King In Waiting
28-Fierce battle, one-horse race
29-Communicating reflections and policies
30-The New Law of the Village
31-Start planning
32-New threats
33-Giant birds attack
34-Thunder Children
35-Feast of Victory
36-End of the fourth day
37-New possibilities
38-Two hectic days and a sad farewell
39-Trading in the Royal Capital Day 1
40-Trading in the Royal Capital Day 2
41-Trading in the Royal Capital Day 3 and then
42-Chapter 1 Character Introduction
43-Departure as usual
44-To the new floor
45-Tower in the Ground
46-What to wait for on the top floor
47-Unexpected pick-ups
48-Different promises
49-a little occupational situation
50-The ripples of change
51-In the deep forest
52-Cunning Siege and Dying
53-New opportunities
54-Loopholes in the rules
55-an injured person out of the village
56-The beginning of the fairy migration plan
57-To wolf hunting
58-A breath before the boss game
59-Imaginary Echo
60-Toriri Festival
61-Lonely Tunnel
62-Beasts that have lost their fur
63-The Trap of the Seven Incarnations
64-Take a break in the labyrinth
65-policy decisions and allocation of work part one
66-Policy decisions and work allocation Part 2
67-Depart for a tour of the 10th floor
68-New Mysteries and New Demons
69-Subtle riddles
70-Progress of each floor Part 1
71-Progress of each floor Part 2
72-10th floor search resumed
73-Area commentary
74-Depends allies
75-Red Fruit Trap
76-The unexpected outbreak of air battles
77-Preparation before capture
78-If you don't get into the beehive,
79-Battle over honey Part 1
80-Battle over honey Part 2
81-Two Stairs
82-March is here
83-Village of Surprises Part 1
84-The Village of Surprises Part 2
85-Amazing Underground Search Part 1
86-Amazing Underground Search In-Syr.
87-Amazing Underground Search Part 2
88-Desire to come out
89-Results of prospects
90-Chapter 2 Character Introduction & Labyrinth Hiera...
91-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 1
92-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 2
93-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 3
94-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 4
95-To the 11th floor
96-Three differences
97-Rakuraku Boss Match
98-Lurking Things
99-a foot-dragger
100-Cremation again
101-A hand field in front of the stairs
102-a hand-at-hand hierarchy owner
103-Stalled Exploration
104-One bath after the search Pre-chapter
105-One bath after the search
106-Standing walls and eyeballs
107-Jamar's opponent
108-A formidable demon
109-Repeat hierarchy
110-Good or bad compatibility
111-a mountain at the bottom of the earth
112-What descends underground
113-Rainy weather egg running
114-The big one who bet on the companion
115-Two-day harvest
116-a girl who worked hard
117-Near spring
118-Formed, Kappa Search Team
119-Kappa's Way around
120-Heterogeneous Exchange Meeting
121-Egg Acquisition Quest Part 1
122-Egg Acquisition Quest Part 2
123-New Quests
124-Kappa Living Hell
125-Save the River Children
126-Family Reunion
127-Kappa's River Washed Away
128-Shirayaki Festival
129-unexpected visitors part one
130-Unexpected Visitors Part 2
131-Unexpected Visitors Part 3
132-Unexpected Visitors Part 4
133-The identity of an unexpected visitor
134-a troublesome business enemy
135-Recommendation of changing jobs
136-Cat's cat is puzzled
137-The village that bed
138-Go out to the forest
139-Kappa village under reconstruction
140-in search of a new meat one of them
141-in search of new meat that two
142-In search of new meat, part 3