80-Battle over honey Part 2

 I took another deep breath and looked around at the faces of everyone.
 Although they were fighting hard, the faces of the villagers oozed with unconcealed fear and anxiety.
 Naturally, this was reflected in their movements as well, and mistakes were noticeable, such as failing to hit arrows or magic, or almost getting pushed into their shell shields.

 Mia, on the other hand, cheerfully cheered on Yoru and the others with her usual tone of voice, and accurately hit the bees with fire bombs.
 The village chief and his wife calmly encourage the youths, who are beginning to show signs of fatigue under the pressure, and use light healing to recover from their fatigue.
 Heimo, despite his anger, swung his spear freely, while Etan's arrows never missed even one.

 Then I looked next to me and saw Paula just smiling.
 Yeah, how can I lose when I have such reliable friends?
 Yoru and Kuu, Suu and Ra, Gobbler and Yo are all here as usual.

 Okay, let's get started.
 It seems that this time's boss is a type that specializes in long-term battles.
 The current situation seems to be pretty close, so we shouldn't be in too much danger.
 Even at the time of verification, it took more than thirty minutes for all the big-eyed moths to be wiped out, and we're not in a hurry to secure a way out yet.

Let's ease the tension first. Yo, please.

 The usual high-pitched laughter rang out, and glittering scales were poured over the villagers.
 The eyes that had been shaking restlessly suddenly widened, and the mouths that had been tense began to relax.

What's with the smirking? It's finally starting to get interesting!

 Heimo seemed to be angry, but he was actually enjoying the battle.
 The villagers chuckled at the blacksmith's incomprehensible attitude.
 He seemed to have completely relaxed.

Now let's analyze it. Mr. Etan.
"Yes, what is it?
Keep an eye out for any signs of a buzzing bee.
Okay. I'll try.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't treat me like I'm an accessory!

 He'll do a better job if you make him angry.

Hey, hey, sir. What about me?
"Mia's at ......, right. You'll be directing the two of them.

 The two ladies of the sewing team are mages, but perhaps due to their lack of experience in actual combat, they are a breath too late in casting their spells.
 They seem to be having a hard time deciding where to focus their magic.
 Mia, on the other hand, has no hesitation.
 And yet, she hits the right spot every time, which is quite impressive.

"Eh, can you do it?

You can do it. All you have to do is point at the one you want.
"Oh, I'll let you get away with that!

 While I was talking, more and more bees were being created and were closing in on me.
 However, everyone's fighting style is not the same as before.

 The bowstrings rang out in beautiful overlapping patterns, and the arrows shot out at once turned the bees into a pile of needles in an instant.
 The four archers seemed to have regained their composure.

"There, let's go!

 The three women's voices combined, and the bees that had come under concentrated fire fell to the ground one after another.
 Yeah, no complaints here either.

Come on, come on, come on, come on!
"Come on, you little buggers! If you can sting me, you can sting me!

 If you can sting me, you can sting me!" The youths' shouts echoed, and the bees attacked from all directions, and they were precisely dealt with.
 The village chief, armed with a sword, leapt forward and swiftly slashed down three bees.

"I'm still not behind the young ones.

 Ugh, it's not fair to use a standard line from an old character.
 While I was impressed, Mr. Etan nodded his head and spoke to me.

Mr. Nino, I found you.
"Oh, already?
"I found it too!
Oh my god! You two are amazing. ......
You're embarrassing me! Don't give me that compliment!

 Heimo, who had dutifully raised his hand to make a statement, started stomping on the ground, his nose reddening at my words of praise.
 Heimo raised his hand and spoke up, but when I praised him, he turned red and stomped his feet.

So, let's start with you, Etan.
Yes, thank you, bees, but you have a fixed hole to come out of.

 It seems that the bees crawl out of the holes in about three different ways, and these are used repeatedly.
 I'm amazed that he could see through them in such a short time.

"Next, Heimo.
That's me! Okay, listen up!

 As soon as he said that, the man who looked like a small bear gritted his teeth.
 Then he looked around at our faces with an air of superiority, and clacked his teeth together again.

"Do you understand me?
Do you understand?
d*mn it!

 According to Heimo's explanation, the first short buzzing sound is when the queen bee calls her servant, and the longer one is when she releases the poison mist.
 It seemed to me that there was almost no difference between the two, but to the ears of a beast, the difference was clearly audible.

You've done it! Yeah, we've got a good chance of defeating it. Let's take out the cronies first.

 The process is quite simple.
 If you know the holes where the bees will be born, all you have to do is wait and aim for the moment when the bees come out.

 Under Yoo's direction, the fairies take off at once.
 At Etan's signal, they approached the hive they wanted and flashed their wings brightly.

 Arrows and flames shot mercilessly into the hive.
 The newborn bees died out without a single sound of their wings.

"Wow, this is so much easier!
"Oh, this should be fine!

 Before Etan's keen observation and fairy network, the bees around him were easily neutralized.
 Now it's time to attack the main castle.

 On this side, Heimo was already keeping watch, shouting out to Yoru and Kuu to tell them whether the poison mist or the queen's honey was coming.
 Thanks to this, the two of them seem to be getting a little more comfortable.
 However, there is no change in the queen bee's condition, only the battle has become easier.

The problem is that white honey. ......

 The queen bee is also a huge target, but no matter how many wounds you inflict on her, she will recover quickly.
  If that happens, we will be at a disadvantage because we will have used up all of our magic power, and we will lose the decisive factor.

We can't reach the Squire Bee's hole from here.

 Unlike the cronies, the three bees dedicated to honey are waiting high behind the queen.
 Magic will not be able to reach them, and a bow and arrow will not be able to aim directly at them from this position because of the huge body of the bees in the way.
 In addition, the poisonous mist serves as a smokescreen, making it even more difficult.

I'd like to do something about that poisonous fog, too. ....... Hmm, I'll ask Yol to do something about that.
What the hell is this?

 I turned my attention to the voice that came out of nowhere, and saw one of the youths near the wall shouting in frustration.
 A yellow liquid was stuck to the end of the spear.

 A few of us who were free because we didn't need shields anymore were participating in the whack-a-bee, not whack-a-mole, at the wall, but it seems that we accidentally hit the wrong spot.
 The sweet smell in the air sparked a plan in my mind.

"Let Yol lick it!
"Heh, heh, yes, sir!

 The young man scooped up the honey from the hole and ran over to Yoru, who was bouncing around near the queen bee.
 Immediately, the beastie turned around, nose twitching and eyes wide.
 Then, ignoring the powerful enemy in front of him, he rushed to the young man's side.

"Come in, .......
I'm sorry!

 After thanking him properly, Yol thrust his face boldly into the young man's hand.

 After licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking


 Perhaps startled by my sister's exclamation, Kuu, who had been flying overhead, came swooping down.
 And without hesitation, he jumped into the hands of the young man who still had some honey left.


 It was hard to believe that he was in the middle of a battle.
 It is indeed dangerous, so I hurriedly call out to them.

"Hey, you guys!

 The sisters and brothers were very excited, but they looked at me with a glare.
 They really have a sweet tooth, don't they?

If you beat him, you can lick that honey all you want!
And some of the finest queen's honey. So get serious!

 Yoru nodded loudly at my words and got down on all fours on the spot with his hands.
 He then glared at the giant bee floating in the air with a fierce look in his eyes.

 Next to him, Kuu also underwent a surprising change.
 The tips of his short legs were enlarging, making a cracking sound.
 Within a few seconds, huge, sharp claws appeared on the bird's feet.

What's that? ....... Are you okay, Kuu?
What the hell is wrong with him? Did you eat something?

 There is no doubt that he ate something.
 I'm sure he ate something, though it wasn't anything crazy, it was the flesh of a vicious unique monster.
 Perhaps the feet of the Great Horrible Bird, which I had acquired when I ate the Greedy Horrible Beak, manifested themselves when I got serious.

 But honestly speaking, it looks too unbalanced, as if he is wearing a big shoe.
 But the next moment, Kuu had kicked the ground and reached a great height.
 In front of our stunned eyes, the birdie who kicked the wall plunged straight into the body of the queen bee.

 The huge bee, kicked at an unbelievable speed, shook its body for the first time.

What happened to you, Kuu? Isn't that amazing?
It's like that when you're serious. ....... I can't get enough of this sweet stuff. ......

 It seems that Yoru's seriousness is also complete.
 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
 The Great Dreadful Bird's eyes appeared and ruthlessly turned the object of its gaze into stone.
 After a short pause, the entire lower abdomen of the queen bee was covered in gray, making a hard cracking sound.

 Okay, we've got the poison fog contained.

Now, let's go for it!

 As I shouted this, I quickly turned to my trusted friends.
 I couldn't afford to mess up at this critical moment.
 Two of them and one of them understood my intentions and nodded back to me at their respective positions.

"All right, let's go!
"I'm on it, I'm on it!
"Now is the time for my sword to shine!

 Mia, Heimo, and the village chief, realizing their chance, attacked with a shout.
 The queen bee, unable to bear the weight of her petrification, lowered her altitude and was severely wounded by fireballs, iron spears and iron swords.
 At the same time, magic and arrows fired by the villagers and goblins followed one after another.
 In addition, Kuu, who had been flying around at a dizzying pace, landed a number of heavy kicks.

 The queen bee, her whole body covered in wounds and spewing fluid, buzzed her jaws and called for her attendants.
 Three bees, their legs covered with white honey, swooped down from the sky.

 Their wings were pierced by arrows and they fell to the ground.

 The two bees were successfully killed by Etan and Gobbledygook.
 Using the hexagonal hive as a foothold, they climbed up to the point where the arrow could reach them, and stood by secretly.

 And the last one, with its curly tail, tried to seduce me.
  to .

 The queen clapped her jaws together more fiercely as the bee turned at the last moment and flew to its new master.
 The queen clapped her jaws together even more fiercely.

 A purple glow covered her tiny body, shaking the air with its dazzling color.
 The magic power that had risen to the limit was released as a blizzard of feathers.

 The queen bee, struck by the raging thunderstorm, blew black smoke from her body, and her body wobbled from side to side.
 And then she crashed without a second thought.

 We held our breaths as we watched the huge monster plunge into the ground with a resounding thud.
 In the tense and heavy air, Yoru got up and began to run at a trot.
 Koo, too, flapped his wings and hurried toward the same goal.

 What they were aiming for was the army bee that Paula had just tamed.
 They each clung to the legs of the bee that had just flown by.

 Then, they put the white honey in their mouths...

 They fell to the ground, startled by the taste that came over them.


 Behind the two flailing around on the ground, the bars slowly start to lift up.
 I muttered in an exhausted voice amidst loud cheers.

It's called royal jelly, but I heard it's not sweet at all.