79-Battle over honey Part 1

 It was a large, cylindrical cavity.
 The ceiling was so high that you could look up, and the back wall was filled with hexagonal holes that overlapped each other without any gaps.
 Most of the holes are empty, but there are some that are filled with something.

 And in the center of the room.
 Lying in midair, glaring at us, was a huge bee, about three meters long.

 It had a combination of black and yellow warning colors, and six long legs with spine-like projections.
 Its jaws were too thick, extending from its inverted triangular head.

 It looked almost the same as other army bees, but for some reason its abdomen was unusually large.
 The venomous stinger protruding from its abdomen seems to be as large as a log in diameter.

 I stood there gasping for breath at the intimidating sound of its wings shaking the air and pouring down on me.
 But the voice that I heard immediately brought me back to myself.

"Oh, here comes the Sensei! Sensei, come here!
"You're too late! Get your ass over here!
Oh, it's the doctor!
We're gonna win this thing!

 I've never seen such a monster bee before, but I'm not sure what to expect. .......
 I've often defeated army bees in games, but I don't remember ever seeing such a huge hive in the depths of the earth, or a giant bee that was probably the queen.

 When I hurriedly checked, I could see iron bars still down on part of the wall.
 I was hoping to be wrong, but it seemed that the boss of the hierarchy was definitely this vicious-looking bee.

 However, behind the bars was not the usual staircase, but a room.
 So there's a high probability that the tenth floor is the same as in the game.
 If that's the case, then it's no wonder why the difficulty level has been raised so high.

"How about it? Chief.

 As I rushed over, I quickly checked the status of my allies.
 Since this was a total war, many villagers had joined in.

 First of all, the youths, with their large turtle shells, were standing in a row to act as a wall for everyone.
 This is a strategy that they themselves have developed through hunting crabs and turtles on the sixth floor.
 The idea was that if they couldn't avoid it with dexterity, they would use their ample strength and sturdy shields to catch it.

 Behind the shield wall were five archers, including Etan, and three mages from the sewing team, including Mia.
 In addition, there is the village chief and his wife, who can use healing techniques, and Heimo, who looks like an angry little bear.
 There's also a platoon of goblin archers led by Gobbler, brought by Paula, and a platoon of fairy agents led by Yoh.

 As far as I can tell, they're all in one place, facing the giant bee.

"We've been expecting you, Master Nino. "We've been waiting for you, Mr. Nino. Yes, they're pushing us now. I can't seem to get in front of them. ......
They're just getting bigger and bigger! It's not fair!

 Heimo pointed to the wall, where a new army of bees was about to be born.

 The queen's paramours crawled out of their hexagonal holes and immediately started shaking their wings as they headed towards us, shields at the ready.

 The poisonous needles shot out bounced off the carapace and made a series of hard clicks.
 The bees jumped over them without pause, but they were hit by arrows from the goblins and archers and fell to the ground.
 A few of them fell, their wings burned by the flames of the flying red lotus.

 But the moment the queen bee shook her wings, another dozen or so bees were produced from the hole in the wall.
 They climbed over the carcasses of their comrades lying on the floor, and without hesitation, they came at us, the intruders.

"Not again! That's enough!

 A young man of the beast race shouted angrily as he knocked down a bee with an iron spear.
 I see. He's doing his best to deal with the reinforcements.
 Perhaps, just like the boss warrat, he can call his cronies endlessly as long as he meets some conditions.

 As for the boss, the giant bee, Yoru and Kuu were fighting hard.
 Kuu, flying through the air, swiftly threw a kick at it.
 Yoru uses the blue slime's jumping platform to easily jump up and repeatedly claw at the queen bee's abdomen.

 The damage itself seems to be steadily inflicted.
 The giant bee's body was already covered with cruel wounds and dripping fluid.

 But as soon as the queen buzzed her jaws, several army bees descended from the top of the wall.
 Both of their legs were covered with something white.
 As soon as the liquid was applied to her body, the queen bee's wounds instantly closed up.

 With her whole body restored, the boss buzzed her jaw violently again.
 This time, a black mist came out of the huge stinger in his abdomen.
 The two animals, who had almost touched him, jumped back with panicked faces.

"Oh, no, not again! It's not fair, that thing!
"Dear, is that ......?
"Are those poison needles and sweet honey? No, I'm pretty sure they don't work like that.

 At level 10, an army bee learns to shoot out its own stinger.
 At level 20, they can also learn a useful technique called , which restores their strength.

 The black mist that you see now is probably the result of the poison needle spreading over a large area.
 And the fact that it instantly healed all the wounds on her body seems to be an enhanced version of .
 It could be a special kind of royal jelly.

 You can protect yourself with a ranged , and even if you are injured, you can recover with .
 While you bide your time in this way, your minions will come out one after another and take over the place.
 In addition, the bees that had exterminated the big-eyed moths outside would no doubt notice the queen's danger and come back not long after.
 The longer the battle goes on, the more likely we are to lose.

The longer the battle goes on, the more likely we are to lose. "d*mn, even the specials are getting stronger. It's even nastier than I expected.

 The villagers' faces paled at my unintentional mumbling.
 I didn't realize it, but it was the first time for all of us to fight such a serious boss.  

 Well, we've already been in this kind of pinch before, so there's no need to panic.

 I shook my head and took a deep breath in and let it out.
 I took a deep breath, exhaled deeply, and said confidently.

"Don't worry, you'll win. I'll take care of it.