78-If you don't get into the beehive,

 The light coming from the high ceiling is fading without a sound.
 At the same time, my surroundings were filled with shadows, and the outlines of everything became blurred.

 I turned my head and looked at the faces of the people and monsters waiting for their turn.
 Even in the dark, I could see the faces of each and every one of them clearly.
 They are truly reliable companions.

 As I turned my gaze farther away, I saw a number of black shadows flying from the east and west walls.
 Counting the shadows of insects fluttering in the dimness, I slowly exhale the air in my lungs.
 Okay, that's enough.

Let's go.
"Yes, my dear.

 My body softly floats in the air.
 It was the work of a sword-tailed dragonfly, its wings quivering above my head.
 Next to me, Paula is being lifted by another dragonfly.

 The two huge dragonflies hold us tightly, and we approach the gentle slope in one breath.
 Our target is a bean apple tree with red berries crinkling its branches.

 I ask the first tree to approach as close as possible and extend my arm to touch the branch.
 Then, in your other free hand, take out a white stone from the item list.

 I took another deep breath and prepared myself, and while putting magic power into the white light stone in my hand, I threw it so that it would be caught in the treetop.
 A dazzling light immediately overflows, brightly illuminating the bean apple tree.

 In the deepening evening darkness, the tree shines as if it were illuminated.
 Of course, the big-eyed moth would not miss the provocation.

 As if attracted by the light, several of its wings fluttered in a poisonous pattern.
 After drawing the moths to the brink of gathering, I opened the item list and quickly collected them.

 Not the shiny white stones, of course, but a bunch of bean apples.
 Just as all the red fruit disappears and I'm stripped naked, the dragonfly holding Paula starts moving toward the next tree.
 Ken-chan, carrying me, followed without hesitation.

 The military bees on guard woke up a breath later.
 Then, without pause, the big-eyed moths fly in.

 And so the bee-moth war began.

 Stretching out our necks to see if the skirmish has started, we repeat the exact same action on the second tree.
 The third tree is a little further away, and the fourth is in the center of the tree.
 When the fifth tree, a bean apple tree, began to glow, the battle line was expanding greatly.

 One by one, the big-eyed moths flew out of the forest near the wall and headed for this hillside filled with light.
 The army of bees, on the other hand, flew out of their hives without pause to meet them.

 The situation seemed to be unfavorable for the big-eyed moths, who lacked offensive power, but the rearguard was not so easy.
 The bees, disoriented by the scales and confused by the eyeball pattern, started to fight each other.
 In addition, many bees are attracted by the large number of moths, and many of them fall to the ground with their wings broken.
 The wings of bees are made to be light in order to fly quickly, but they are also quite fragile.

 However, the military bees have more power than the bees, and the moths fall to the ground in a flash.
 However, it seems that there are more of them coming one after another.

 The sword-tailed dragonfly grabbed me and Paula and ran up the hill, which had become the scene of a fierce battle between the two kinds of insects.








「大丈夫そうですね. 行きましょう」









「くそくそくそ、きりがねえぞ! 一体どうなってやがんだ!」
Oh, my God, there it is again.
Calm down! Don't let them get away!
Go! Kuu, over there!

 As if guided by the voice, we hurriedly ran, but we suddenly found ourselves in a large space.
 What we saw there was everyone fighting hard.

 And there, flapping its wings in the air, was a huge bee.