81-Two Stairs

 Now that we've picked up a victory, we can't relax too much.
 It's about time that the bees we lured out came back.

 I looked at Paula and saw that the bees I had just tamed were just coming out of the room behind the open bars.
 She seemed to have gone ahead of me to make sure it was safe.
 He noticed my gaze and gave me his usual charming smile.

 I nodded back and quickly called out to the villagers who had slumped to the ground.

I nodded back and quickly called out to the villagers who had slumped to the ground, "Okay, let's get out of here. It's not safe here, so let's move to the next room first. If you can't move, please help them.

 The eyes of the young people, which had been dazed, finally came back into focus with my words.
 They stood up slowly and dragged their heavy turtle shells to the back room one by one.
 They were still in a state of near collapse, but all of them seemed to be safe and uninjured.

 The two women in the sewing group seemed to have trouble with their legs, so the village chief and his wife lent their shoulders to them.
 They were also exhausted, but seemed to be all right.

"Hey, you guys. It's time to retreat.

 Next came the goblins and fairies, who seemed to have noticed the honey in the hive.

 The goblins took turns sticking their faces into the honey-filled holes, laughing and giggling in their gooey state.
 Next to them, the fairies are soaking their whole bodies in the sweet honey and enjoying the feeling of taking a bath.
 They can do whatever they want, can't they?

 Well, they've done a lot of good work, so I'm willing to let them off with a reward like this, but I'm sure the bees will be furious when they come back.

Come on, let's get this over with.

 I reach out from the side and collect the honey in one go.
 About half of the walls of this cylindrical hall were covered with hexagonal beehives, but only five of them contained the essential honey.
 Even so, it was enough to fill five medium-sized barrels.

But it's heavy. Ouch! You're hurting me!

 The goblins who had lost their honey to me clung to my arms, their cheeks puffed out.
 They put their weight on me and pulled me along.
 The goblins, having lost my honey, puffed out their cheeks and clung to my arms.

 The fairies grab me by the hair and pull me in any direction they want.
 This one is even more unfashionable. What if it comes loose any more, man!

Mr. Ethan, can I have this? And please feed this to the others.
"Yes, sir!

 He hurriedly took out two plates of crab shells and handed them to Mr. Etan, who came running up to him anxiously.
 He took out two crab shell plates and handed them to Etan, who came running up to him anxiously. One was filled with honey and the other with a pile of bean apples.

 The sweet smell lured the fairies and goblins away from me at once.
 Then they ran after Etan, who was running dexterously with the plate.

 As the group of demons disappeared into the back room, I shrugged my shoulders.

Now to collect the queen bee. ......
Sensei, this is a great view!
Look, I'm winning! Look, I'm winning!

 I look at the huge carcass lying in the middle of the room and see Mia climbing on top of it and waving at me.
 Next to her, Heimo, in an unusually good mood, was holding up an iron spear and shouting.

 There was no time to bother, so I touched the bee carcass and quickly collected it.
 Two items appeared in the item list: a medium-sized yellow magic stone lump and a queen bee's honey.
 Both of them had a rarity rating of three stars.

"Yeah, this is pretty cool.

 The queen bee's honey, which I had trouble with earlier in the battle, is said to have different effects on bees and humans.
 The reason I'm speculating is because the queen bee didn't appear in Dracula 2, but only this honey did.

 The honey it was made from did not heal everything, including wounds.
 However, it is an excellent item that enhances the effect of the antidote, as it is effective against most abnormal conditions.

 I looked around to see if I had forgotten anything else, but the sight of Yoru and Kuu reminded me of something important.
 I hurriedly called out to them, who were still frolicking on the queen bee.

"Hey, if you're so bored, help me out!
What's wrong, sir?
You think I'm bored? You're absolutely right! What's the matter, Ann?
Yol and Kuu might want to eat this. Can you find them a place that looks good?

 Normally, I would have just let them eat whatever they wanted, but both of them had used up all their strength in the boss battle and were lying on the blue slime.
 In addition, the queen bee's honey didn't seem to be good for their taste, and their sleeping faces looked rather painful.

"I'll find you a good place to eat.
"I don't know what it is, but I'll help you!

 With the help of the two of them, I gather up the parts that look like it.
 The amount is small because it can't be stored in the item list, but when I've collected most of them, my time is up.

"You're here!

 Paula's voice alerted us at the front of the corridor, and we rushed into the back room, carrying the queen bee's wings and jaws.
 The moment we were all inside, a group of young men waiting for us blocked the entrance with turtle shells.
 Within a few seconds, we hear a lot of familiar deafening sounds coming from the other side.
 We looked at each other and lifted the edges of our lips.

"Are you all right? Nino-sama.
Yes, I see you're all feeling better.

 Thanks to the honey, bean apples, and the spell restoring potion I left with the village chief, the villagers seem to be back to normal.
 The fairies and goblins are lying down on the ground and relaxing.

 The ceiling of the back room is not very high, but it is quite spacious, and there is still room for many people to enter.

 There was nothing in the room.
 But there was a staircase near the wall.

 Two, as expected.

What are they, my dear?
"Oh, that's an up staircase!

 I nodded my head, clenching my fist in delight as Paula and Mia looked at the two staircases and shouted in surprise.
 I'm sure this floor has the same specifications as the game.

"Well, it's too early to be relieved.

 I mumbled and headed up the stairs, stepping onto the step as everyone looked at me.
 I could immediately feel the familiar shaking of my body.

 Within a few steps, the cold air surrounded me.
 It was pitch black, but even so, there was no mistaking the familiar scent of water.
 There was no mistaking the sound of the water as it flowed by.

 Before I knew it, I was standing on the surface of the river, reaching out to the star-filled sky above me.
 It's been a long time since I've felt such a sense of freedom.
 I turned around, saw that there was a proper entrance to the labyrinth, and exhaled deeply once more from the bottom of my lungs.

 The shortcut was successful.