82-March is here

"Then let's try it.

 At my words, the villagers nodded their heads in unison with strange expressions on their faces.
 I tried to give them a brief explanation, but it would be easier to understand if they experienced it for themselves.

 The stairs were quite wide, but for some reason, we lined up and stepped in one by one.
 There were many screams of surprise as the person in front of me disappeared.

 Nevertheless, with a determined look on their faces, they walked up the stairs one by one.
 Since it is impossible for demons to move through the hierarchy without being , I asked Paula to turn the five goblins into servants of demons first.
 The fairies stay at home.

 The reason why there are five slots open is because Paula has increased her level and magic power during the Queen Bee battle.
 The reason why there are five slots available is because Paula has increased her magic power by leveling up during the Queen Bee battle, but there are also slots available for the sword-tailed dragonflies and army bees that have been stopping us.
 ...... Thanks, Ken.

 When I returned to the ground again, everyone's mouths were hanging open.
 From the tenth floor they had walked all the way to, they were back near the familiar village after only a dozen or so steps.
 It was understandable that he was confused.

"Oh, the stars are so beautiful. ......
"Hey. I haven't looked up at the sky in a long time. ......
"Why, why, why! Why, why, why? Why?
What the f*ck is going on? Whoever made this, come out! It's too good to be true!

 Next to the young people who are talking about the night sky, Mia and Heimo are still the same.
 This lack of change may be a sign of their mental strength.

"Okay, let's go next. Think about that room on the tenth floor again.
"Yes, Master Nino.
Yes, let's see, the tenth floor. Tenth floor, tenth floor. ......

 In this kind of situation, I really appreciate the village chief and Mr. Etan who immediately and honestly respond to me, because it speeds up the conversation.

Shall we go straight into the underground labyrinth?

 This time, perhaps because of the familiar entrance, they entered in groups.
 Or perhaps they were too focused to pay attention.

 Again, I watched them all go in, and then I followed.
 The smell of water disappeared with the usual twisting sensation, and I found myself descending the stairs.
 If I'm not conscious of this, my knees will buckle on the steps.

 When I returned to the room in front of the stairs on the tenth floor, everyone's reaction was the same as before.
 The villagers were all wide-eyed and stunned.

"I'm back, too. ......
What the hell is going on? ......

"Wow, this is really convenient! Yeah, yeah, I like it!
"Well, that's a lot of work! It's really good!

 Unlike the villagers, who were only surprised, they accepted it easily and immediately realized its convenience.
 After confirming that everyone had made it here safely, I opened my mouth again.

"This is how it works, do you understand?
"Yeah, I don't know how it works, but I think it's pretty cool. ......
If you want to go back to the eighth floor, it'll be faster from here!
Yeah, that might be a little difficult.

 The bars in front of the stairs will not open until the boss is defeated, so if he is resurrected, the stairs will be impassable from the opposite direction.

But actually, you can get to the fifth floor using the same method.
Is that so?
"I haven't checked yet, but I'm sure you can.

 This is the tenth floor of the Dragon Ball Palace, and in Dracula 2, it was a place where adventures could be interrupted.
 After defeating the boss and reaching this floor, you could choose to go back up or continue on.

 You could also choose whether to restart from the tenth floor or from the fifth floor.
 So perhaps you can shortcut to the fifth floor at once.

Just be aware that if you go to the fifth floor, you'll need to walk out or come back to this location.

 Of course, if you return to the ground, you can choose to go to the fifth or tenth floor again.
 This system is supposed to be in place for every tenth floor, so the next goal is to conquer the twentieth floor.
 By the way, the blue slimes and Yoru and Kuu, who were sleeping on top of them, were able to move around.
 I think it's difficult for slimes to recognize the hierarchy, so I guess they can fly with their masters when they move.

"Well then, let's go back up and finish the day. 

 When the goblins were taken to the ground earlier, they were relieved of their and made to wait in front of the entrance to the labyrinth.
 Lit by the glow of the fairies' wings, we headed for the village in high spirits.
 We were welcomed by the other villagers who had been waiting for the good news, and we spent the night drinking.

 After a few days of research, I found out that it was impossible for someone who had never used the stairs to the tenth floor to take a shortcut.
 It seems that I'll have to ask you to join me in the boss battle.
 So I'm planning to hold another queen bee battle in the near future.

 Well, bean apples and honey are good ingredients, and my level has gone up quite a bit.
 Here are the main members at present.

---------- --Name: Paula Alvarez
Name: Paula Alvarez
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 25)
Physical Strength: 20/20
Magic Power: 112/112
Physical Attack: 27
Physical Defense: 22
Magic Attack: 80

Magic defense: 30
Speed: 60
Special ability: , , , , .

Equipment: weapon (black leather whip), head (wolfskin hat), body (wolfskin cloak), hands (wolfskin gloves), feet (wolfskin boots)
---------- --

 It seems that the number of servants is determined by the total amount of magic power, and the current number is eleven.
 I currently have two level 23 blue slimes, two level 16 worms, and two level 18 assault birds.
 There is also a level 22 fairy named Yeoh and a level 22 goblin in the in-and-out slot.

---------- --Name: Mia
Name: Mia
Race: Pan racial
Occupation: Mage (Level: 25)
Physical Strength: 25/25
Magic Power: 75/75
Physical Attack Power: 13
Physical Defense: 20
Magic Attack Power: 36
Magic Defense: 30
Speed: 23
Special Abilities: , , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), head (bat feather cap), body (great bat feather cape), hands (rabbit skin gloves), feet (rabbit skin boots)
---------- --.

 It's about time we had some affordable weapons, but I guess that's where Hans comes in.

---------- --
Name: Yol
Race: Sea Urchin (exile)
Occupation: Squire (Level: 26)
Physical strength: 78/78
Magic power: 52/52
Physical attack power: 52 (+15)
Physical defense: 52 (+25)
Magic Attack: 39 (+8)
Magic Defense: 39 (+8)
Speed: 39 (+8)
Special Abilities: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (Eye of the Great Dreadful Bird), Head (none), Body (Body of the Queen Bee), Hands (Hands of the Great Shears), Legs (none)
---------- --

 The morning after the boss battle, I asked her if she wanted to eat, but she munched on the poisonous stinger, which turned her puyo puyo body into a yellow and black striped body.
 It's okay, it's cute.

---------- --Name: Kuu
Name: Kuu

Race: Sea robin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 26)
Physical strength: 52/52
Magic power: 78/78
Physical attack power: 39 (+19)
Physical Defense: 39 (+18)
Magic Attack Power: 52 (+10)
Magic Defense: 52 (+10)
Speed: 39 (+18)
Special ability: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (caterpillar thread), head (none), body (slime body), hands (queen bee wings), feet (great fearful bird feet)
---------- --

 This one got fairy-like wings on its back, probably from crunching the queen bee's wings.
 The only difference is that it seems to be even faster, and it moves much better in the air.

 The parameters of the two cousins have been raised as if they had already fought through the early stages of the game.
 It seems that they can be expected to be the main force as before.
 They can also be turned on by feeding them sweetmeats.

 In addition, Etan, Heimo, and the village chief and his wife are at level 23.
 The youths of the youth group have also reached level 20, and their skills have increased, making them a reliable source of strength.
 The two mages of the archers and the sewing team are also at level 20 and have no complaints.

 The search for the eleventh floor and beyond should go smoothly at this rate.
 The long month of February finally came to an end, and the calendar shifted to March.

 The long awaited peddler's wagon returned to the village.