83-Village of Surprises Part 1

 I should have known this was unusual.
 The reason was my companion, Hans.

 At first glance, this man with an ordinary appearance gave the impression of being an ordinary peddler whose only tools of trade were attention to detail and honesty.
 But on the third day of his journey, he was surrounded by bandits.
 However, on the third day of the wagon journey, Hans single-handedly rescued the wagon from the bandits who had surrounded it, and the situation was completely changed.

 Noemi has a fair amount of experience in combat.
 The Alvarez family, whose name is not unknown in her home country, recognized her skill as a magician, and she even served them as their vassal.
 In this case, however, he did not show enough talent to gain .

 Nevertheless, he had fought many times in the underground labyrinth, and was proud to be no less than an ordinary soldier.
 Therefore, he knew the strength of the multitude, and he knew that only a handful of chosen people could overturn the difference.
 --It should have been.

 The arrows were so powerful that it was hard to believe they were shortbows, and several of them fell in a flash.
 Then, with unbelievable acceleration, he closed the distance and cut down the rest in an instant with his sword.
 Noemi could not help but hold her breath as she watched the back of Hans as he mercilessly kicked away the armed bandits in less than five minutes.  

 After that, Noemi experienced a series of tumultuous events, such as being escorted to a business association because the passenger of the carriage she saved was the mother of a famous wealthy merchant, and fighting off a bunch of thugs in a tavern without thinking, and getting tangled up with a bunch of local roughnecks, all of whom she beat back.

 This man is not normal.

 After that, Noemi experienced some other happenings, such as picking up a stranded beast woman on the road and adding her to her group, and finally arrived at her destination village.
 However, Noemi was once again reminded of the fact that among the villagers who had curiously gathered around the carriage, there were a number of people who possessed considerable magical power.
 The whole village is crazy after all.

"Wow, maybe you're from the city? You look so stylish! I like you!

 In addition to that, I was easily overwhelmed by the fact that the magic power of the pan-racial girl who was talking to me excitedly easily surpassed my own as a demon.
 And that wasn't the end of it.

"Thank you for coming, Noemi.
"It's been a while, Miss Paula.

 It had been several years since I had seen her, but her beauty and grace were no less than before, and she had transformed even more, including her magical powers.
 Noemi was about to fall to her knees, but her body stopped in her tracks.

 Behind Paula.
 It was because she noticed the unusual magical power of the man standing there.
 How many people in King's Landing, or even in the Imperial City of Dunkelheid, emit such magical power?
 Moreover, it was tinted in six different colors that I had never seen before.

 And that's not all.
 Two hexenbiests in the man's arms.
 They look like human babies, but their specter is so strange.

 As Noemi gasped for air, Paula nodded, smiling wondrously.
 As if that reaction was natural.

This is my lord, Nino. Please do not be rude.
Thank you very much.
That smell! Finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, I found you!

 The overwhelming atmosphere was broken by the screams of Tinya, the beastly girl who had jumped down from the carriage.
 She was the girl Hans had taken pity on and saved when she had collapsed from hunger on the road to this place.

 The girl in her late teens, with cat ears on her head, clung to the man called Nino and sniffed him intently.
 She nodded her head, as if she was convinced, and then pointed and said in a high-pitched voice.

The suspect is under arrest! At last, at last, at last, we can return to the capital! Ouch, what are you doing?
"I'm not arresting you! What are you doing all of a sudden? Anne, you're freaking me out!

 It was a small man, also of the beast race, who smacked Tinya soundly on the head.
 The man's head was covered with bear-like ears.

"Mmm, are we interrupting? Then arrest me while you're at it. ....... It looks like he's as strong as our company commander. ......

 The girl with the cat ears, who quickly moved away, seemed to have finally noticed the deadly surroundings.
 It's a good idea to keep your eyes peeled.

I'm not sure what's going on here.

 As Tinya said, there is no doubt that some of the people here have a strength that a knight's apprentice would be no match for.
 The villagers glared at the trembling girl with cat ears with a terrifying spirit.

 It was a tense situation, but it was easily broken by an angry voice that rang out.

"Hey, how long are you playing around? You're ruining our feast!
"Hi, sister. You're looking as good as ever.
Come on, you guys. We'll talk about it inside.

 As the fat woman walked back to the building that looked like a tavern and the villagers followed her, Noemi and Tinya looked at each other and exhaled deeply.