95-To the 11th floor

 Two days later, with the security system of the village and the person in charge of exploring the underground labyrinth firmly in place, the entire village began to move according to the business plan.
 Hans-san's carriage left for the capital, loaded with a large amount of goods.

 Noemi seemed to be very reluctant to leave, but she seemed to have given up accompanying me because she had too much work to do here.
 As a substitute, she gave us a very thick letter.
 Tinya seemed to like the life in the village so much that she didn't show any intention of going back to the capital, but on the contrary, she asked for many souvenirs.
 Of course, we ordered a lot of things too.

 And today, we're back to exploring the labyrinth.

All right, let's keep our heads up!
"Yes, my lord.
"Very well, Master Nino.
I'll take good care of you.
Good luck!

 The search team consisted of me and Paula, Yoru and Kuu, the blue slime Su and Ra.
 We've also got Noemi, a demon wizard, and Tinya, a scout.

 Normally, I would have added Mia's cheerful reply to this list, but alas, she was not present this time.
 The reason for her absence is that she's studying magic books for the time being, and doesn't have time to participate.

 Mia's mage level has risen to twenty-five, making her the best magician in the village, but if she wants to go further, she needs to learn magic using magic circles.
 In order to do so, she is currently reading and understanding a spellbook that was brought to her in King's Landing.

 In the game, I could memorize spells in an instant after using the spellbook, but it seems that it's not so easy in this real world.
 Well, there are even tutors and schools specializing in magic, so there's no way I could memorize a spellbook just by opening a page.

 However, I welcome the fact that the magic that I have been using sensitively will become more powerful by passing through a magic circle that has a firm grasp of the flow of magical elements.
 Mia seems to be proactive, and I hope that she will become a great mage, though I am sad to see her go.
 The spellbooks were also quite expensive, costing five gold coins each.

 Similarly, the village chief's wife, Karina, is learning advanced healing magic from the White Book of Law.
 I'm sure this will be even more useful than the potion once it takes shape.

 As for the other members of the group, the village chief is devoting himself to sowing wheat seeds, so he will be working in the fields for a while.
 Etan will be building a base on the eighth floor, and leading a group of young men and archers to the tenth floor to hunt demons.
 Heimo is sleeping soundly today, having worked tirelessly to make a lamp stand of white lightstone for sale.
 Besides, we still have a long way to go to make the forge on the ninth floor.

 So the four of us, plus the new member, arrived in front of the underground labyrinth...

I'm not good at flying. My ears are getting itchy.
How many times have you done this before? How many times have you done this?
We're not like you, Noemi. We're sensitive. I envy those who are thick-skinned.
You're pretty thick yourself when you can say that to my face.

 It is said that the more sensitive a person is, the more uncomfortable that peculiar feeling of being transported to another space is.
 It seems to be especially severe for Tinya, who is a beast.

 Tinya peeked inside at the entrance and backed away.

 Then Kuu and Yoru gain momentum and hit the cat-eared girl's buttocks, forcing her inside.

What are you doing?

 They seem to have gotten along well over the past few days.
 We nodded at each other, and followed in droves.

 In the five days since the beginning of the month up until today, we've mainly been discussing and leveling up Hans-san and the two new members, with very little real exploration going on.
 We have already broken through the eleventh floor, so our goal today is to break through to the twelfth floor.
 However, the women seem to be focusing on a certain place on the eleventh floor.

 I ignore the noisy wingbeats coming from behind the bars and head for the downstairs.
 What greeted us in the new depths was a familiar stone passage.

It reminded me of the day I first entered.
"Yes, it really does look like that.

 Paula and I nodded silently at the impressions of the two newcomers.
 The eleventh floor looks exactly the same as the first floor, and it is difficult to find any differences.

 However, there were some parts that could be recognized at a glance.
 At the end of the passage.
 At the end of the passage, there was an oval ball the size of a basketball standing there, swaying its body.

 I know you're going to ask if the demon is with you, but wait a minute.
 Although they are the same slime, there is a big difference between the first floor and the eleventh floor.
 The new slime is red.

 The slime with the red skin bounced its body softly as if it had noticed the intruder.
 Immediately, its round body emits a flickering heat.
 It is a nasty technique that will burn you if you touch it carelessly.  
 We have two of them that can fight it, though.

"Go ahead, Su, Ra.
 At the same time as the whip cracked, my trusty allies, the blue slimes, jumped out.
 A mass of body-frozen flesh and a mass of burning heat clash violently.

 The fire and ice seemed to be evenly matched, but the difference in level and numbers seemed to be the difference.
 The red slime that was pushed by the two slimes popped like a balloon and fell to the floor in a heap.

 All I had to do was touch it and collect it.
 The items I found were a red magic stone, a red slime skin, and red slime bodily fluids.

 Unlike the blue one, the red skin doesn't expand or contract much, but it retains heat very well.
 Therefore, it seems to be suitable for carrying around without losing heat.
 I can't think of a specific use for it right now, though.

 And the red fluid.
 It's an excellent combustion accelerant.
 When I showed Heimo the effect, he was so surprised he got angry.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Let's keep moving at this rate.

Yes, let's get going, my dear.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to it, my lady.

 There seemed to be some discrepancies in the motivational part, but it was a good start.
 We stepped further in.