96-Three differences

It's time for me to come in.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 Then she twitched her triangular ears and pointed vigorously at a spot on the floor.

"I see through you! Right there!

 The rest of us nodded at each other silently.
 After confirming that the two slimes had stepped forward, Tinya proceeded to glide across the cobblestone floor.

 The girl stops just before the pointing point.
 As we watched breathlessly, the tips of her shoes were placed on one of the square cobblestones.
 For some reason, the stone floor under the girl's weight sank slightly downward.

 Instantly, Tinya's body moved back a few steps.
 At the same time, a red mass fell from the ceiling.

 The creature suddenly appeared from above, and landed on the spot where Tinya had been just before, clad in red flames.
 The blue slime that had been waiting for her violently sandwiched her from both sides.
 The sandwiched red slime was flattened with its contents flying out.

"Yeah, that's perfect!
Well done!
Well done!
You deserve more praise. Not enough praise.
"Well done!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it.

 Tinya lifted her chin with pride as she was attached to a beast and a bird who ran up to her.
 I followed suit and touched the suspicious cobblestones while collecting the fluids of the red slime.

 It doesn't move when I push it with my fingers, but when I put my weight on it, I can push it down an inch or so.
 However, it looks just like other cobblestones, and I can't tell the difference at all.
 I can only admire how you can tell the difference every time.

 Following the type of slime, the second difference between the first and eleventh floors.
 It was the appearance of a trap.

 Stepping on one of the cobblestones in the passageway would trigger a switch that would cause a red slime to fall through a hole in the ceiling.
 This may not sound so dangerous, but it is not so easy.

 If it was just slime, it would just bounce off, but the red slime would burn as it fell.
 If you accidentally hit a part of your body, the fire will spread to your clothes and hair, which is something you cannot overlook.

 The location of the cobblestone traps changes every time you enter, so there is no point in marking them on the map.
 You could walk through the corridor with a long stick or wear a sturdy shield like an umbrella, but this is not practical.

 That's where a good scout comes in.

 In the game, this profession is more like banditry, but the name "bandit" was too ambiguous.
 His specialties are the same as those of the game's bandits, such as finding traps and stealing items, so you can't expect much from him in combat, but he is very active in other areas.

 Here's the status of Tinya, a promising newcomer.

---------- --
Name: Tinya
Race: Beast Race
Occupation: Scout (Level: 20)
Physical Strength: 20/20
Magic Power: 8/8
Physical Attack Strength: 32
Physical Defense: 28
Magic Attack: 24
Magic Defense: 20
Speed: 58
Special ability: , , , ,
Equipment: weapon (dark knife), head (wolfskin hat), body (wolfskin cloak), hands (wolfskin gloves), feet (wolfskin boots)
---------- --

 His strength and attack are reasonable, and his other numbers are not bad.
 His speed is so fast that he can easily outstrip Yoru and Kuu, who are currently 6 levels behind him.

 He can sense the presence of demons and traps, and detect their exact location.
 He can move without sound, and steal something while attacking.
 These are all undisputedly capable.

 Incidentally, the status of the other newcomer, Noemi, is as follows.

---------- --Noemi Elora
Name: Noemi Elora
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 20)
Physical Strength: 16/16
Magic power: 72/72
Physical Attack: 22
Physical Defense: 20
Magic Attack: 51
Magic Defense: 24
Speed: 48
Special ability: , , , , .

Equipment: weapon (black leather whip), head (wolfskin hat), body (wolfskin cloak), hands (wolfskin gloves), feet (wolfskin boots)
---------- --.

 This one is also less powerful than Paula, but has more magic power and magic attack power.
 There are currently seven demon slots, all of which are capable of taking over.
 We are planning to add two new ones to that number.

 Tinya found traps one after another, and the rest of the search was over in about thirty minutes without any dangerous situations.
 Well, the red slime is just burning, but the rest is just slime.

 Finally, we reached the end of the not-so-wide 11th floor.

 In front of the stairs with the bars down, there was a large, bright red slime.
 And four normal-sized slimes surrounding it.
 The shiny skin looks a little like a ripe tomato, and it looks quite tasty.

 But that didn't seem to matter to the ladies at the moment.
 What caught their attention was a sculpted fountain with a lion's face on the wall and the water surface swaying beneath it.

 The third major difference between the first floor and the eleventh floor.
 The third major difference between the first and eleventh floors was the presence of steam rising from the fountains and springs.