97-Rakuraku Boss Match

"Oh, I'm really, really looking forward to that luxurious bath.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to a relaxing bath today. ......
"Mmm, I'm already excited.

 I looked at Paula and the others, who had their cheeks all relaxed, and I looked at them in disgust.
 The boss battle is not over yet, but it seems a little too early to be concerned.
 Well, I can't say that I don't understand the feeling.

"Wow, the steam looks really warm.
It's going to make your skin smooth again. ......
Hey, are you ready? I'll explain the plan.

 But the strategy itself is not much different from the first floor.
 Paula and the others will take care of the four cronies, and Yoru and the others will focus on the boss.

 The only thing to keep in mind is that you can't carelessly attack a boss slime with a high fever.
 However, this is not a big problem for the two grown-up slimes.

 After explaining the flow of the game, I looked around, and without my prompting, everyone's face tightened up like a new person before the battle.
 They seemed to be in high spirits.
 In lieu of a signal, Tinya nodded loudly and leapt in front of the fountain with her black blade at the ready.

I'm coming for you, you bath disturbers!

 The red slimes began to move in unison at the spirited shout.
 The red slimes bounced their bodies, and with their flaming bodies, one after another, attacked the girl.

 However, Tinya's dancing body movements made it impossible for them to even catch her.
 The red fireballs bouncing around the floor and the girl vividly dodging them.
 It's hard to believe that they're in the same level range, but their speed is overwhelmingly different.

 While I was watching them, Paula and her team were steadily going about their work.
 First, one of them got caught in a blue slime and burst.
 Next to it, one of them, fascinated by Noemi's tail, was subjugated and joined the team.
 A third one was also crushed by the blue slime, and the remaining one soon became a servant demon.

 When I turned my gaze to the back of the room, I saw that it was already almost over.
 Flying through the air was a bird with a beast in its arms.

 A huge red slime tried to hit Kuu, who was flapping the wings on his back, with his hot body.
 However, because of the large size of the attack, it does not seem to be able to hit the bird child, who moves around in small increments.

 Kuu used to fly with the wings of his hands, but thanks to the new queen bee wings on his back, he can now fly in two different ways.
 The wings of an insect that can handle sudden changes in direction and levitation with ease.
 A bird's wings are ideal for increasing speed and catching the wind over long distances.
 They can even be used together to move faster and more tricky.
 However, it seems that using both of them at once is tiring, and the other can only be used for a short time.


 Koo flies around on the wings of his back, and Yoru holds him tightly.
 This one had also changed from before.

 Its yellow-striped buttocks now spew out a poisonous purple mist.
 Until now, Yoru's decisive move had been a poisonous attack using his tail.

 But when it ate the body of the queen bee, it produced more kinds of venom, just like its brother.

 There is a disadvantage that the poisonous mist is less effective than a direct shot into the body with the tail.
 However, you don't need to get close to the target, and you can spread it over a wide area.
 What's more, Yoru is happy that his tail is not exposed to the public.
 Well, in this case, it works well because direct contact will cause burns.

 It has wings that allow it to fly freely, and wings that are the key to its attacks.
 The powerful tails and the poisonous mist that has become a ranged attack.
 With both of them having two options, their movements could overwhelm even the most powerful bosses.
 In addition, their strength and magic power have been increased by leveling up, and the number of times they can unleash their special moves has also increased.


 The boss slime, which had been exposed to the poisonous mist, its skin gradually turned from red to purple and its movements became sluggish.
 Then, as we watched, it finally fell silent, shaking its body.
 At the same time, the bars began to lift, and the two animals shouted triumphantly.

"We got it!

 Tinya and the others chimed in happily.

"Yay! Now we can take a bath all we want!
Thank you for your hard work. Shall I wash my hair again today? ......
No, no, no, not yet. I'm going to the twelfth floor today.