98-Lurking Things

 As soon as you descend the eleventh staircase from the ground, you will find yourself in a rather large room.
 The depth and width were about ten meters, and the entire room was circular in shape.
 The ceiling seemed to be more than three meters high, and when I looked up, I could see the sparse white light plants glowing dimly.

 The ground and walls were covered with hard soil, making it difficult to dig through with the strength of my fingers.
 The ground and walls were covered with hard earth that was difficult to dig through with the strength of one's fingers, and although it was said to be reasonably large, there were knee-high stones lying all over the room, making it both cramped and difficult to walk around.

I don't think I'm going to like this place.
Yeah, it's not very clear. ......

 The two newcomers' spirits seemed to be low because they were away from the steam.
 However, Paula, who has always been at the forefront of the attack, was different.
 She calmly checked the room and asked me what I wanted to do today.

Where would you like to go today, sir?
"Well, .......

 At Paula's question, I looked at the three narrow passages stretching from the room.
 There is no white light grass growing there, so it is closed off in the dark and looks suspicious.

 If you're aiming for the boss, the north passage is probably the shortest distance.
 If you want to complete the map, go to the West Passage, which you haven't done yet.
 If you're looking for revenge for last time, go to the east passage.

"Let's start from the east as before to get used to the demons.
All right. Tinya will take the lead. Noemi, you'll be in the back, waiting for the two red slimes to move.
"Got it! I'll take the lead.
"Got it, miss. Here we go, Akas and Rime.

 As expected of the charismatic daughter of a noble family, the two women seemed to follow Paula's instructions without hesitation.
 While I felt that I could count on her, I also felt a sense of alienation.

 As I was thinking about this, Yoru and Kuu, who were bouncing on the blue slime at my feet, suddenly hugged me around the waist.
 They climbed up my sides and clung to my chest and back.


 I thought he was trying to comfort me, but he just nuzzled my face and shook his head.
 Apparently not.
 They look a little frightened, and I think of something.

"Oh, right. Maybe it's because they were startled the last time. Don't worry, Tinya's here this time.
Don't worry, she'll find you soon enough.

 The way she found the trap on the eleventh floor, I'm sure she'll do the same on this floor.

 They let out a small gasp at my words, and waddled up to my shoulders.

 They grabbed my hair from both sides of my face and clung to me, and I slowly followed them.
 It's a little heavy, but it's not that far.

 In fact, the dark, narrow passageway was only about ten steps away.
 What came into view with a little bright light was a scene almost the same as before.

 A rather large circular room with large stones lying on the ground.
 On the wall was a gaping hole, the entrance to the next passage.
 However, there seemed to be only two entrances and exits in this room.

 The rest of the room seemed to be exactly the same as the first one, but there was one more crucial difference.

"Mmmm, there's something in here!

  Tinya lifted her nose and growled, then pointed to the back of the room where the stones were lined up and shouted sharply.

There, there! My nose is not deceiving me!
............ There doesn't seem to be anything there.

 Noemi's words were justified.
 At first glance, there are only five or six stones in a row, but there is no sign of a demon.
 Even if it was lurking behind the stones, a demon hunter would be able to recognize its presence at this distance.

"Yes, it's really here!
"Really? Isn't it just a bug or something?

 I didn't give them any information about the demons of this level in order to check their abilities.
 But it seems the scouts have shown their true colors.

I'm not lying! Trust me. ......
"Yeah, I believe you. Well, we'll find out soon enough.
"Nah! Don't go near it!
It's okay. I'll take care of it.

 As I said this, I took out an old doorbell.
 I scattered the dog's bones on the ground and rang the bell, and the bones immediately stuck together and stood up.

What is it? What is it?
You're a necromancer, aren't you?
No, it's the power of this bell. I'm counting on you, boneboy.

 The skeleton made a small jawbone movement at my command and slowly approached the stone at the back.
 The moment he reached a distance of about three steps, his hip bone was shattered and he collapsed on the spot.


I knew you were here!

 The skeletal maid was killed with a single blow by a long whip-like object that came out of one of the stones.
 The owner of the whip broke free of its mimicry and began to move stealthily.

 The true identity of the lurking demon was a large frog that looked just like a stone.