94-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 4

"I'm hungry!
Nya, you're cheating by looking for me in the sky!
There you are, Tini.
What? Where?
"She was hiding on the roof.

 I guess they couldn't hear me well because of the noise coming from outside the window.
 Judging from the lack of response, I tried to explain again slowly and clearly.

"This, my dear, will instantly clean dirty water...
"You heard me correctly, sir.

 Apparently, the contents of the bottle were well understood.
 But the response was still poor.

"Oh, no problem. One bottle of this will clean up an ordinary pond.

 I thought he was concerned about the fact that there was only a small amount, but that didn't seem to be the case either.
 I thought he was concerned about the small amount, but he seemed to be wrong again.

"I see. I have plenty of blue slime bodily fluids left over, so don't worry, I can make plenty.

 He shook his head even more.
 Apparently, production volume or cost was not the problem.

 I was puzzled as to what was wrong, but Paula and Noemi looked at each other quickly and gave each other a small nod.
 Then, after a short pause, as if overwhelmed, Noemi offered a comment.

I'm sorry. I'd like to know what you think. Nino-sama.
Yes, I'd like to hear anything you have to say.
You're telling me that this drug will clean up the muddy water, right?
Yes, it will clear it up instantly.
"For the past month or so, Hans and I have been all over the West, and the water has been very dirty. I've heard many rumors that it must be some kind of curse.
Yes, and it's only going to get worse.

 I was about to add that as long as the moon is out, but I'll hold my tongue.
 The story of the Dragon of Destruction is not so easy to believe.

 Noemi, who was watching my reaction, let out a small breath as if she was troubled.
 Then, in a quiet tone, she continued her words.

What would you think if someone brought you such a miraculous medicine?
"I'd be happy to - no, wait. No, wait. ......
"Yes, some people would be grateful, but I think many of the owners of the water source would be suspicious.
"...... I see. That's true.

 If the cause of the pollution is not known and you are asked to pay money to clean the water, it is natural to think that it is the work of someone who has come to sell such a suspicious product.

If the effect is great, the royal court will certainly move.
...... Yeah, that doesn't sound good either.

 Anomalies in the water supply have a great impact on the growth of crops.
 It's not surprising that the ruling class would take this seriously, since it affects the very foundation of the country.

I think it's impossible for even Leocadio to keep the donor a secret.
Yeah, let's not put it up for sale.

 I smelted it because I thought it would help people in trouble, but it would be a fallacy if it put us in danger.
 In a game, the quest would have been solved by simply gathering materials, making them, and selling them.
 In the real world, however, various factors are intertwined and the story becomes complicated.

 Well, from the government's point of view, it is inevitable that they want to take in what is useful.
 However, it is ironic that it leads to the crisis of the country itself.

"Well, we can't be found or caught yet. We'll just have to be quiet.
It's a pity, because it looks very useful. It's a pity, because it seems very useful. The wells and rivers are too clean to use it in our village. ......
That's because the blue slimes clean them in their spare time.
I didn't know that. Well, my laundry has been getting clean lately, could that have something to do with it?
Yes, the blue slime's bodily fluids are very effective at removing stains. ....... Well, there you go!

 The beeswax that was left on the table inspired me to come up with a new commercial product.
 First, I took out the white feather flower and its medicinal properties, or mainly its scent.
 These flowers were blooming around the pond to the west of the fifth floor, and I left them unused because they are a medicinal material with analgesic properties, but they can also be used to make fragrant tea.

 Add it and jade oil to a crab shell dish with beeswax, then pour in the water purification potion.
 Then , , and .
 The result was a honey-colored mass with a sweet aroma.

What is this? You.
"Oh, well done. It's soap.

 I have no idea what it's made of, but I'm guessing it's some kind of alkali in the blue slime's bodily fluids.
 It's a standard item in Dracula 2 as a gift to raise the heroines' sensitivity, and I've made it so many times that the recipe is perfect.

 At my casual explanation, the eyes of the people at the table suddenly lit up.

This is soap? It smells wonderful. ......
"Yeah, this is good stuff!
"Oh, this is good stuff. Master Nino.

 For some reason, the reaction of the village chiefs was very positive.
 When I looked at them, Paula and Noemi nodded loudly.

"This will definitely sell! Oh, I see, that was just a front to show you this.
You're the best, my dear.

 That's what I thought.
 And so, the long meeting was finally over.