93-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 3

First of all, what do you mean there's a surplus of Shirasho? There's never a surplus!

 Noemi's anger was understandable.
 In this world, where candles and tallow lamps are still the mainstream even though they only have lighting functions, being able to obtain light by magic power alone is really valuable.
 Even a small lantern of my size cost three gold coins worth 360,000 yen.

No, I'd love to sell it, but ......

 In order to increase scarcity, I believe it was agreed that the leucite with increased luminosity would be sold in small quantities.
 When I pointed out this point, Noemi exhaled again in disgust.

She said, "I think that the is a very wonderful thing. However, there is a great demand for the Shirasho stone itself.

 As you say, you are right.
 The alchemist's tendency to be overly concerned with technology had unconsciously come out.
 Then I further realized my mistake.

"Maybe raising the value of the product itself is ......

 My original intention was not just to sell lanterns, but to train craftsmen and establish them as a brand.
 That's why I asked Heimo to make a base for the lantern, and asked the women of the village to sew a cover out of bat feathers.

 But when I thought about it more...

If you want to keep the existence of that underground labyrinth a secret, it's impossible to mention any names that might be involved.
"............, right?

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 It's not all a blunder, though, as there is nothing wrong with cultivating the skills of craftsmen.

"So, can I sell this normally?

 You take out a freshly collected, unprocessed Shirasho stone from the item list and place it on the table with a thud.
 Noemi looked at the stone intently, but then shook her head with a raised eyebrow.

If you don't want to be conspicuous, that size is too big. At least if it's a little smaller.

 Put your hand on it and try to split it in half with .
 Noemi rolled her eyes a little, but this time it seemed to pass.

I'm sure you're right. ....... I think you can get close to ten gold coins. However, this is still quite a bit. It might be safer to bring in smaller pieces. 
"We have plenty of stones. Shall we do that?

 So the first of the additional items was a small piece of Shirasho stone.
 But if we sell too many at once, the overall price will drop, so we'll keep it moderate.

Next, you also have a surplus of magic bronze. ......
Yes. Oh, I can make other ones, too.

 Demon bronze, which can be smelted by adding blue demon stone to copper, has the attribute of water and has various characteristics.
 In the same way, if you add a red demon stone, you will get demon red bronze, and if you add a yellow demon stone, you will get demon yellow bronze.

 "Fiery red copper has good heat conduction and excellent heat resistance, while hardening yellow brass is sturdy and unbreakable.
 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 Even in Dracula 2, it was obvious that the finished and processed products would sell for higher prices, so the idea of selling off just the materials was basically unheard of.
 And in this real world, I don't know anything about the market itself.
 I know a bit about chemicals, but I didn't have much to do with metals.

 As for magic stones, I haven't defeated all the bosses on the ten levels, but seven or eight come in every day, so I've already accumulated more than 200.
 I don't plan to use the red and yellow ones much, aside from the white ones used in .

 That's why the second product was the magic metal.
 This time, for the sake of testing, I'll only smelt copper.

You also have a lot of leather. May I see it?
"Yes, please.

 You put a piece each of black wolf leather, assault bird leather, bat wing leather, and horned rabbit leather on the table.
 I don't think there's a demand for wolf or fearsome bird leather, but there's no demand for flimsy bat wings or ubiquitous rabbit leather.

 When I expressed these thoughts, Noemi exhaled again in disgust.

You see, demons themselves are rare to begin with. You see, demons are rare in the first place, and when it comes to their pelts, you don't need to mention it.

 This is also true, but the underground labyrinth itself is naturally under the control of the country or the lord, and it is impossible for ordinary people to even enter.
 Also, the demons living in the labyrinth are not ordinary creatures.
 Naturally, the fur, claws, and fangs on their bodies are unusually sharp and strong.

 For this reason, it is said that the materials that can be stripped from the demons that are defeated with great difficulty are monopolized by the noble and knightly classes.

Well, you can certainly sell it for a high price.

 The third bullet became the demon's leather.
 The third bullet was a demon's hide. Recently, goblins have been using leather equipment, and it's becoming a bit scarce.

 Noemi has been giving me a lot of grief, and I'd like to get my reputation back on track.
 So, as soon as the discussion was over, I took out a hot-selling product that would be in great demand.

What is this, ......?

 When everyone's eyes were drawn to the transparent liquid on the table, I said in a high-pitched voice.

"Well, this is... It's a water purification drug.

 Now that the entire country's water is being polluted, I'm sure there's a lot of interest.
 But the response I got was a disappointed shake of the head.