92-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 2

 Leiterite and jade oil.
 Despite the abundance of materials being produced from the underground labyrinth on a daily basis, these are the only two types of materials that are currently available for cash.

 We will continue to need a variety of materials in the future, so we will be grateful for any amount of money we can get.
 So we are going to develop new products and sell them.
 Well, doing it too flamboyantly would conflict with the current situation where we want to keep the labyrinth secret, but we'll have to ask Leocadio in the capital to muddy the waters somehow.

"Let's start with what we can harvest.

 Noemi, my advisor, nodded quietly at my words.
 I had asked her to accompany me to the underground labyrinth many times to help me level up, but she must not have made much of an impression on me since she had rushed through the shallow levels.

The demon on the first basement floor is a water-based blue slime. The outer skin is often used to carry water.

 Now that you mention it, an attribute is a classification of which of the six magical elements a demon prefers.
 This is usually fixed for species such as birds and beasts, insects have the earth attribute, and corpses have the dark attribute.
 The reason I took the trouble to add this is that slimes have all attributes.

 Yoru and Kuu, whose races are unknown to me, are probably of the wind attribute, since they can use lightning.

In addition, the labyrinthine moss that can be gathered from the water on the first floor can be used to make vitality restorative medicine and magic power restorative medicine.
May I have your attention, please?
Yes, Miss Noemi.
Who's in charge of the mixing?
I do.

 When I answered, he smiled and tilted his head.
 It's not that the answer doesn't make sense, but he seems to be waiting for more.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm the only alchemist here.

 This time, his head bent in the opposite direction.
 This time he bent his head in the opposite direction, and I could see from his expression that he was a little confused.

I wasn't sure, but I thought you were mixing by yourself. ......

 In the case of the pan-racial race, advanced alchemy cannot be done without the blessing of the dragon.
 So he thought there was another person in charge of finishing.

 In fact, although it is often misunderstood, the of materials, the of medicinal effects, and the and of those materials into chemicals are all beginner-level magical alchemy.
 That's why an alchemist like me, who has mastered the six attributes at the beginner level, can manage to make medicines by himself.
 And even if you can't use the appropriate alchemy, you can still make the same kind of preparations with equipment, though the quality will be lower and it will take more time.

 Noemi's wondering is understandable.
 I've never met an alchemist who has mastered all the attributes as I have, and even if he relied on equipment, there's no evidence that he used a workshop dedicated to that purpose.

 I glanced over at Paula next to me, and for some reason she looked triumphant.
 No, I wanted to see if I should tell her my secret. .......

 I'm not sure if I should tell you my secret, but I'm sure you'll understand.
 And then she gently called out to the confused Noemi.

"Hey, Noemi.
"Yes, my lady.
"It is unbecoming of you to question my power.
I beg your pardon!

 I shrugged my shoulders when I saw Noemi's complexion change in an instant.
 The aristocratic society's way of keeping things private is certainly convenient for keeping information secret.
 However, this is likely to cause some problems.

Next, on the second basement floor...

 The following conversation can be briefly summarized as follows.

 First basement floor.
 The blue slime skin is now in the slime bag, and the labyrinth moss is now in the magic recovery potion.
 Also, the blue slime's bodily fluids have been neglected for a long time, but I'm thinking of making them the centerpiece of this agenda.

 Second basement.
 The bones of skeletal dogs were used for weapons in the early stages, but now I'm turning them all into bone powder since there are many higher-grade materials.
 The meat of bats is edible. Wings are also tanned and used as wing leather.
 And don't forget the bat manure stone, a valuable fertilizer.

 Third basement.
 Earthworm meat is made into hamburgers and is edible.
 The tail of the needle-tailed rat is almost the same as a wire, so it is used here and there to fasten arrowheads and fences.
 White lightstone was distributed to households as lighting equipment, but it became too much.
 Copper ore was also processed into magical bronze and used as a pedestal, but this too is now in short supply.

 Fourth basement.
 Insect bumps are in high demand as a tanning material.
 The fairy scales can be used to make water, and the caterpillar's thread bag can be disassembled to recover silk thread.

 The fifth basement floor.
 There are many things to collect and process here.
 In the first goblin village, dried meat is being made from bats, rabbits, birds, and mutton.
 Also, the soft bat and rabbit skins, tough bird skin, and slippery wolf skin that are brought in are made into clothing according to their uses.
 In addition, the shells of crabs and turtles are used to make armor and weapons such as bows and arrows.

 The following is a detailed list of equipment.
 A triangular hat, gloves, and a cape that increase your speed due to the use of bat wings.
 A rabbit-skin vest, hat, gloves, and boots, which are comfortable to wear but offer little protection.
 Tough but inflexible leather armor and leather boots.
 Black wolf hat, gloves, boots, and cloak, with black hair on the surface to increase evasion.

 Then there are the parts of equipment, the hard and light shoulder pads and breastplate of the giant crab.
 The shell shield of the giant tortoise, which is very sturdy but heavy.
 There are also helmets made of iron beetles, which are very sturdy but heavy.

 Bows are still only available as shortbows, but the variety of arrows is increasing.
 Paralyzing arrows made from the claws of forest crows.
 Sleeping arrows made by applying a sleeping potion made from dreaming plant to the butt of a wolf's tusk.
 A dark arrow made from the scales of a large-eyed moth and applied to the fang.
 A painful poison arrow made from the poisonous stinger of an army bee.
 The other arrows are regular arrows with iron tips and a little heavier.

 Silk thread from the caterpillars in captivity and wool thread from the tenth-floor bent sheep are also processed.

 It will be a little while before the garment making takes shape.  

 We will be harvesting garlic for our strength restorative, and green garlic for our jade oil.
 Garlic is currently under cultivation, and will be harvested in large quantities in the near future.
 The production of jade oil, which is similar to olive oil, is currently three small barrels a day.
 The reason for the increase in yield will be discussed later on the eighth floor.

 Other than that, wild rabbit horns can be used to make an attack enhancer.
 You can also get silver fairy crowns and goblin talismans, though they are not collectibles.

 The sixth basement level.
 This level is a popular source of crab meat and turtle meat.
 Crab shells can be used for daily necessities, and turtle shells are excellent building materials.
 You can also make labyrinth salt, so this is a small but very important floor.

 The seventh basement floor.
 This may be an outlier floor.
 The only things you can take back are the lazy iron swords dropped by the skeletons and the tattered wooden shields.
 The boss skeletons drop useless black iron one-handed swords, hammering pikes, and daggers.
 The swords are cast down and reused as iron, but the wooden shields are unfortunately only used for burning.  
 The black magic iron armor can be using white magic stone, but there are not that many of them, so they are only stored for now.

 The eighth basement floor.
 Black wolf skin is now becoming a mainstream material for armor because of its high evasion performance.
 Some of the straight, pointed fangs are also very hard and can be used as arrowheads.
 Similarly, the claws of forest crows are used for paralyzing arrows, and tail feathers are used for arrow feathers.

 Mushrooms are the main source of food, and fairies love them, but their tongues become numb.
 There is the sweet-smelling and flavorful apricot flat mushroom, and the wonderfully tasty but rare black rock mushroom.
 The black rock mushrooms are very tasty but rare. They have a texture similar to chicken and are quite tasty.

 There is also the cottonwood tree, from which the astringent substance is extracted, and the rosemary tree, which is used as a spice.
 The sweet and sour green tangerine, which is easily fought over.
 These are not very abundant, but they are very useful.

 After collecting the branches, I found out that the name of the giant trees was "imperial cedar.
 The trees are over a hundred years old, and are said to be highly decay-resistant and suitable for building materials.
 It would be a shame to burn them too much, but they are being processed into charcoal, so the consumption should slow down.
 Also, a new combustible has been found.

 Next, we are attempting to domesticate the crooked-horned sheep, but the milk production is gradually increasing.
 At the moment, they are still only a source of thirst quenchers for those who stop by, but we are beginning to look into the possibility of making full-scale butter and cheese.

 Finally, the deer on the fifth floor, where one deer was left free range, showed surprising results.
 The Cui-Hardwood tree, whose leaves were constantly being eaten, grew taller and taller before I realized it.
 This is the growth effect of saliva.
 Thanks to this, the yield of fruits has also increased.

 So the antlered deer has become a vehicle for the fairies, but recently I have been collecting saliva from them by having them hold a container to the edge of their mouths when they eat.
 It's not a lot, but it's not for nothing that I can now secure the ingredients for a wound healing potion and a plant growth potion.

 Ninth basement floor.
 The first thing you'll find here is the iron beetle's shell. This will be processed directly into equipment.

 And the iron and silver ores the warlocks collect.
 The skeleton's weapons are sufficient to supply the ordinary iron, so all of it is currently in storage.

 When the forge furnace near the entrance is completed, the demand for iron will increase.

 Tenth basement level.
 There are also a lot of materials here.
 Sleeping potion from the dreaming plants growing on the cliffs. A repellant from the insect repellent flowers.
 And wool and meat from the crooked sheep.

 Hardened glass from the wings of a sword-tailed dragonfly, a dark potion from the scales of a bull-eye moth.
 You can get poison stingers from army bees, and even queen honey in addition to the usual honey you get from killing the queen.
 You still need more than ten to defeat the queen, though.

Oh, and there are bean apples on the tenth floor. They're delicious on their own, but--
"A new specialty of my tavern. Don't forget our new specialty, cider.

 He must have been very happy to have a local drink.
 Perhaps he was so happy to have a new local drink that he was always promoting it.

 This liquor is made by mashing the skin of bean apples into juice and leaving it for a long time to ferment into a delicious liquor.
 During the fermentation process, carbon dioxide is produced, which creates a bubbly and smooth taste.

 Normally, this process takes about three months, but with the three refinements of , , and , it is ready in a flash.
 I don't think there are many alchemists who use the highest level of magical alchemy, , for this kind of thing.

Oh, by the way, there was also this.

 Everyone's attention is drawn to the material I took out.

This is a part of a beehive from ......? Is this part of a beehive?
"You really know your stuff, Hans.

 I took out a crab shell plate and a piece of the army beehive on it.
 Immediately, a sweet smell wafted out, and the hive, which had lost its shape, turned into a thick mass.
 This is what is called beeswax.

As with honey, it can only be recovered from a limited number of places, so it took a while to find, but I'm sure there are many uses for it.

 Now that the explanation is over, .......
 I looked at Noemi, and she was staring at my hand as if she was devouring it.
 It was the first time I had used the item list function in front of her.

 Next, after staring at my face intently, Noemi closes her eyes and starts shaking her head several times.
 I guess she's going through some kind of conflict.

"Um, can I just check something for you?
Yes, please.
I understand that you catch a lot of animal skins, but how do you process them into leather?
Oh, I do that too.
Ugh. And how do you get the magical bronze?

"That's me too, isn't it?

 Noemi's mouth puckered up several times as if she wanted to say something, but she decided not to say it out loud.
 She glanced at Paula, who was still smiling, and let out a deep breath.

And what about you, Noemi? Noemi.
I'd recommend apple wine, but there aren't any apple trees around here and it's not very good.
When the wheat harvest stabilizes, we may be able to sell some more.
By the way, Mr. Akahane has asked me to sell him some more dried meat. I'd be happy if I could sell it at a high price.

 Noemi let out another deep breath as the representatives of the village voiced their opinions.
 She then looked around the table and said in disgust.

No, I don't know what to say. ....... There are so many things to sell!