91-The 2nd Business Meeting Part 1

"Let's start with the last financial statement. Mr. Hans, do you have a minute?
"Yes, let's start with the sales...

 What is about to take place in the corner of the tavern is a meeting to decide the management policy of the underground labyrinth and the village for the March term.
 The attendees are, of course, the village chief and Ute, the representatives of the village.
 Hans, the peddler who is in charge of bringing in goods and cashing in the merchandise.
 Noemi, who knows a lot about the situation in the capital.
 And then there's me and Paula, who run the labyrinth.

 In terms of positions, there's the village mayor, who's the head of the human resources department, Ute, who's the head of the accounting department.
 Hans, the sales manager, and Noemi, the advisor.
 I am the head of the development department and Paula is the deputy head.
 I am the facilitator of the meeting.

 The village chief's wife, Karina, the general affairs manager who takes care of miscellaneous tasks, and Heimo, the blacksmith who is in charge of the manufacturing department, are busy with their work and are not here.
 Etan and Mia were also absent, as they had more work to do.
 Tinya, the newest member of the team, was outside playing hide-and-seek with Yoru, Kuu and the village children.

And that's about it.
Thank you very much. We made more money than we thought we would.
No, it's too much money, Mr. Nino. ......
Yeah, it's numbing. ......

 The proceeds from the sale of the six white light stands were three hundred gold coins.
 In addition, two barrels of jade oil are worth forty silver coins, which is one gold coin.
 The total is equivalent to thirty-six million yen by the standards of the previous world.

 We had decided in advance that 30% of the money would go to Hans and Ute, 20% would go to the village, and the rest would go to me and Paula.
 However, our share will be used mostly to run the company and invest in equipment.

 Hans-san, who had earned 90 gold coins, immediately bought his own carriage, a fine covered wagon, for 70 gold coins.
 The rest of the money was used to buy entertainment and miscellaneous goods for sale in the tavern.

 The village's share of 60 gold coins was to be paid to the villagers as salaries for the employees.
 The distribution of the money will be decided by the village chief and his wife.

...... Are you sure this is such a good idea?
"Yes, thanks to your hard work. Besides, I have an ulterior motive in hoping that this will motivate you more.

 You work in the fields, but you also come to the dungeon every day with great enthusiasm.
 If the payback is great, it will motivate them even more.  

 It should be noted, however, that money is strictly forbidden outside the village.
 After all, this is a poor village in the middle of nowhere.
 Even silver coins are seen only occasionally, but if they shine with a shiny golden glow, you are sure to be suspected.
 With the recent visit of the suspicious duo, it's best to be cautious.

 The only place to use it would be the tavern in the village, but Ute seemed to be on top of that.
 She has ordered Hans to stock up on sweet treats from the capital, fine liquors, cosmetics, fancy clothes, underwear, and accessories.
 If you work hard in the underground labyrinth, you can earn cash and buy various items.

 I'd be grateful if this trend would be established.

"Well, we'll take care of the rest.
"We'll take orders before we leave, so if you have any requests, please let us know.

 These are two very smart sisters.
 Also, it is basically forbidden to give aid to relatives who have financial problems, as is often the case.
 If you insist, we will recommend that you move to the village with your relatives.
 The more tight-lipped laborers we have, the better off we are.

 We have already invested thirty of the one hundred and fifty gold coins that we have earned.
 With the glass vials and materials for the medicines we ordered, we should be able to keep the cures for the time being.
 Paula seemed to be relieved that she finally had more things around her.
 She seems to be more well groomed today.

 She has also already given the books she purchased to the village chief and Mia and the others.
 With this, we can expect to strengthen our strength in the near future.

 Other items have also been given to those who might need them.
 I'm sure they'll produce results in the near future as well.

"So long, Hans. Next time, please take this.
"Yes, sir.

 The next investment I've made is in human resources.
 I want to build more and more facilities in the underground labyrinth, but there is currently a shortage of manpower and workers.

 Therefore, I have asked Leocadio, a merchant in the royal capital, to help me find a hard-talking craftsman.
 These fifty gold coins are to pay for their immigration.
 The artisans will be my subordinates, and I plan to pay their daily wages.
 Incidentally, Noemi's salary is two gold coins per month.

Next, about the farming plan, how is the village doing?
"Yes, there are no problems at the moment. Everything is going well.

 The wheat that was sown in the fall has taken root thanks to the repeated and careful tamping of the wheat.
 All we have to do now is to remove the weeds and wait for the stalks to grow in April.

 Now that it is March, it is time to sow the summer barley.
 It seems that we don't have to worry about manpower, as they will be working in shifts.

As for the expansion of the farm, we'll have to wait and see.
Yes, we'll be audited next year.

 Thanks to the addition of Noemi, a demon wizard, we are now able to use earthworms on the ground.
 The earthworms, which chew up stones and plow the soil with gusto, are a powerful ally in pioneering work, but there was a situation where it was difficult to increase the number of fields.

 The tax-free period in the pioneer village was set at five years.
 With the current finances of the village, they could afford to pay a small amount of tax.
 However, if the cultivated land is too large, it will be questioned.

 We would like to secure food while increasing the amount of land to an appropriate level.
 Besides, in three years' time, it will be unusable anyway.

How about the next field in the underground labyrinth?

I don't think there's any problem here either. The garlic is growing well, too.
"Then from March, in addition to barley, we'll be growing various vegetables.
Well, I'm looking forward to it.
Yes, I am. I've worked very hard to choose the best.

 Hans had purchased a wide variety of vegetable seeds for us to choose from.
 The standard white turnips, red carrots, and round potatoes. The promised peas and beans.
 There were cabbage, lettuce, and even the odd black radish.

We have plenty of barley seeds, and the goblins are helping us out, so we should be good to go.
"Now we just need to make sure the soil is prepared in time.

 I've been diligently sprinkling bat manure stone powder and bone meal every day, but I'm still a little nervous.
 We will also need a large amount of fertilizer for the future.
 We would like to solve this shortage somehow.

I'll continue to look for things that can be used as fertilizer. We also need to develop the tenth floor at the same time.
I don't think we'll be able to get to that one anytime soon.
"Then let's let the worms do their work for the time being. I hope to have it ready by the end of April.

 Meat is becoming plentiful, and ideally, we should have enough grain and vegetables as well.
 In anticipation of population growth, we would like to take immediate action.

 Also, we would like to have engineers specializing in the processing of sheep's milk.
 We'll discuss that in the next agenda, including apple wine.

Next, let's talk about new products.