90-Chapter 2 Character Introduction & Labyrinth Hiera...

◆◇◆ Introduction of characters


Etan (Male/27 years old/Archer/tree race)
A hunter who lived on the outskirts of the village, he was saved by Nino when he was in trouble.
He is an arborealist with green hair that has been partially transformed into vegetation, and is familiar with the forest. She is a pretty girl in appearance.

Noemi Elora (Female / 25 / Demon User / Demon Race)
Born into a low-ranking noble family in the Dunkelheit Magic Empire.
She has been working for Paula's family for a while because of her talent as a demon user.
She is a cool beauty with red hair in a short bob. Her waist tends to shrink quickly.

Tinya (female/15 years old/scout/beast race)
A small, black-haired girl with large cat ears. She is a bit overbearing.
She grew up in an orphanage in King's Landing and worked as an apprentice for the Knights of King's Landing.

-Bernolt Leven (West Frontier of the Kingdom)

Bernhardt Leven (Male/47 years old/Oniracial)
The head of the frontier count family. He loves power and is secretly called the Owl of the West.
He has black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache, which is rare for a demon.

Konrad Gwinner (Male/35 years old/Ogre race)
The head of a viscount family that rules the southwestern part of the kingdom. He is thin and wears glasses.
He is the head of the Viscount family that rules the southwestern part of the kingdom.

Description of the Palace of the Dragon Jade.

Important points
You can't advance to the next level without defeating the master of each level.
The strength of the demons that appear is the level of the level plus or minus 10.
Smaller demons, minerals, and plants that can be collected will return in a day.
Some valuable items and large monsters will return in about two weeks.
There are some special monsters and items that do not apply to the above rules.
There is a save point on each of the ten floors, and you can move freely to each of the five levels you have traversed so far.

First Floor
Type: Labyrinthine / Walls: Stone / Size: Small / Light Source: White Light Stone / Water: Available
Living monster: Blue Slime (Lv.10-11)
Habitat : Blue Slime (lvl 16), extra large size. Cronies: 5 normal blue slimes.

Collectibles: Labyrinth Moss, Labyrinth Water
Description: The first level in a maze of cobblestone. At the end of the maze, there is a water fountain with a lion's face.

Second Floor
Type: Limestone Cave / Wall: Rock / Size: Small / Light Source: White Light Grass / Waterhole: None
Habitat : Skeletal dog (lvl 12-13) / Ears ringing bat (lvl 11-12)
Hierarchical Lord: Ears ringing bat (lv 17), extra large size. Surrounded by five normal bats.
Collected items: bat feces and urine stone.
Description: The pathway is dimly lit with only white light grass, so it is easy to be attacked by surprise.

Third Floor
Type: Cave / Wall: Earth / Size: Medium / Light Source: White Light Stone / Water: None
Habitat : Earthworm (LV13-14) / Needle-tailed rat (LV12)
Hierarch: Giant Earthworm (lvl 18), extra large size. Only one of them hides in the ground.
Extraction: Copper Ore, White Ore
Description: A level where you can collect ore. There are many large white stones and the view is bright.

Fourth Floor
Type: Forest type / Wall: Tree / Size: Small / Light source: Fairy / Water: Available
Living monsters: Fairy (LV14-15) / Giant caterpillar (LV13-14)
Hierarchy: Fairy & Caterpillar (LV19) Oversized. Followed by a fairy and five pairs of caterpillars.
Items Collected: Bug Bumps, Labyrinth Water
Description: The walls and floor are covered with large tree roots and ivy, making it very difficult to walk.

Fifth Floor
Type: Plain / Wall: Rock / Size: Large / Light Source: Sunstone / Water: Available
Living Monsters: Horned Hare (LV14) / Goblin (LV15-16)
Assault Bird(LV16)/ "Greedy Beak"(LV30
Lord of the Hierarchy: Goblin King (lvl 20), extra large. There is only one of them, and the battle is one-on-one.
Items Collected: Labyrinth garlic, green hard fruit, white feather flower, labyrinth water.
Description: A spacious level with high ceilings. Unlike the previous floors, there are day and night.

Sixth Floor
Type: Underground lake type / Wall: Rock / Size: Unknown / Light source: Sea fireflies / Water: Yes (salt water)
Living Monsters: Large Shears (LV15-16) / Large Carapace (LV16)
Hierarch: Large Shears (lvl 21), extra large size. Only one of them escapes into the water sometimes.
Harvest: Salt water
Description: There is a large underground salt lake and the walkable area is quite small.

7th Floor
Type: Labyrinthine / Walls: Stone Walls / Size: Medium / Light Source: White Illuminated Stone / Watering Hole: None
Living Monsters: Shadow (LV17) / Skeleton (LV16-17)
Lord of the Hierarchy: Skeleton (lvl 22) Oversized . Only one of them has four arms.
Treasure trove: none.
Description: A level with only undead. There is an unknown tower in the center.

8th Floor
Type: Forest / Wall: Earth / Size: Large / Source: Sunstone / Water: None (with rain)
Living Monsters: Forest Crow (lvl 17) / Black Haired Wolf (lvl 18-19)
Antlered Deer (LV19)
Master: Black-haired wolf (lvl 23), oversized. Followed by five black-haired wolves. There is an additional call.
Gathered: four kinds of mushrooms, green tangerine, wood ash, rotting flowers, wood
Description: A vast hierarchy lined with large trees, where plants thrive.

Ninth Floor
Type: Tunnel / Wall: Rock / Size: Small / Light Source: White Light Stone / Water: Available
Habitat : Iron Beetle(LV19) / War Rat(LV18-19)
Hierarch: Warrat (lvl 19), normal size ♀. Followed by six normal size ♂.
Items Collected: Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Rubbish (rarely equipment).
Description: A structure similar to an abandoned mine, with many dead ends.

Tenth Floor
Type: Hilly / Walls: Earth / Size: Extra-large / Light Source: Sunstone / Water: Available
Living Monsters: Curved Horned Sheep (LV20) / Big-Eyed Moth (LV19-20)
Sword-tailed Dragonfly (LV21) / Army Bee (LV20)
Hierarch: Queen bee (lvl 25), oversized. Infinite number of follower bees and soldier bees.
Gather: Dreaming plants, insect repellent flowers, bean apples.
Description: The largest level so far. There is a lake in the center, but it is dangerous to approach it.