115-Two-day harvest

 When I came to, the rain had stopped.
 The kappa had already disappeared behind the grass.
 Feeling a little refreshed, I stretched out and looked up at the sky.

I looked up at the sky, stretching out. "...... are we done for the day?

 The time is still around three o'clock, but I've found the right place.
 And if my clothes get any wetter, I'm sure I'll catch a cold.

 The remaining kappa started to play dead again, so I had no choice but to take him home.
 I don't want to wake up if I leave him here and he gets attacked by another demon.

 At the same time, I retrieved the egg that the big kappa had left behind, and found that it was indeed a firebird egg.
 Of course, it's a sterile egg, so even if you warm it up, it won't produce a follower.
 The other egg is supposed to be carried by Tinya.

"What shall we name her?
What should we name him?" "Kappa and Kaa sounds like frog. Then I'll call him Kacchan.

 Kacchan didn't wake up when I shook him, so I asked Hicchan, a fire-breathing bird, to carry him.
 When I put him on the bird's back, he shivered and trembled, but the feathers seemed to be comfortable, and before long he was cooing and purring in his sleep.

 On the way back, we took a few detours, so it was evening when we arrived at the eleventh floor.
 I started to prepare for the bath a little early.

"Hey, I can finally eat this!
"Just so you know, even if you soak it in the bath, it won't turn into a boiled egg.

 The whites and yolks need to be at least sixty degrees Celsius to coagulate, but this hot spring is not that hot.

 Yoru and Kuu were sleeping peacefully on top of the blue slimes, so I lightly poured hot water on them to clean them off and gently floated them in the bathtub.  
 For some reason, I was in charge of Kacchan, so I poured hot water on her as well and put her in line with Yoru and the others.
 Since their body sizes and shapes do not change much, I feel as if I have one more sister and brother.

 As I watched the three of them floating around in the bathtub, I thought about the two days' worth of catches.

 Eleventh basement floor.
 Forty red demon stones. Two small red demon stone blocks.
 31 red slime bodily fluids. Thirty-two red slime skins.

 The hot springs are the main attraction of this floor.
 You'll have to dodge falling slime traps and kill boss slimes to get there, but these are minor advantages compared to the benefits of a large amount of warm water.
 Also, the red slime's bodily fluids can be used as a burning agent, and its skin is a great material for retaining heat.

 Twelfth basement floor.
 Eighteen yellow magic stones. Eighteen black magic stones. 2 small black magic stones.
 Eighteen stone skin frog meat. 18 Stone Skin Frog Tongues. 18 Dead Man's Mud.

 Twelve pieces of white sandstone. 25 pieces of tuff. 21 slate. Four diorite.

 The twelfth floor is also a tasty place.
 The tongues of stone skin frogs can be used as a potion to strengthen your defenses, and rocks are in high demand as building materials.
 The only thing I don't know what to do with is the dirt the mud-dead drop.

 Thirteenth basement level.
 15 blue demon stones. 1 small blue demon stone.
 Thirty slug horns. Two large slugs' creepy antennae (2 stars).
 Forty-two pieces of labyrinth moss.

 This is a less-than-pleasant floor.
 The slugs are disgusting, and there's a wall trap that sucks your magic power.
 The moss is nice, but I don't feel like it's worth the effort at all.

 Basement 14.
 10 yellow magic stones. 1 Yellow Demon Stone (small). Twenty-three green demon stones.
 Ten vines of vampire ivy. One sturdy vine of poison ivy. Ten red dyed flowers.

 To be honest, this place is also a bit delicate.
 The floor is hard to walk on, and there are many demons that get in the way, and the many small demon fires can only be defeated by Yoru and Kuu.
 There's also not much to lose, so it's not a place you want to keep coming back to.
 As the name implies, the red dye is a flower that can be used as a dye, and I found it on my way home and picked it up.
 I'm just happy about that.

 Fifteenth basement level.
 Two firebird eggs.

 That's all I got, but it's the most promising place.
 Big rivers, open forests and mountains.
 We also found a new fairy, the kappa, which is also very exciting.

 I'd like to decide on the members as soon as possible and explore the area carefully.
 We'll have to prepare for rain, though.

 Yoru and Kuu are now level 27. They've been the main players this time.
 Paula's level remains unchanged, but Tinya and Noemi have risen to level 22 and 21, respectively.
 The blue slimes Su and Ra, who were unexpectedly active, are now level 23.
 Newcomers Akas and Lime, the red slimes, are now level 22.
 Kaa, a stone-faced frog, is also level 22.

 Speaking of additional companions, Hicchan, the fire-breathing bird, seems to be quite strong at level 26.
 Her strength and magic are adequate, but her physical attack power seems to be higher than that of her brethren, the assault birds.
 However, Hicchan's specials are and , and it has both long-range and short-range attacks, making it very useful.
 Now I just need to find the right conditions for it to lay eggs.

 The other kappa, Kachan, is level 24, which is also reasonably high.
 However, looking at its parameters, its physical attack, defense, and strength are all low.
 The most noteworthy features are the and .

 He can hide himself by covering his body with water.
 And the ability to create small clouds and make it rain anywhere is a skill that can be used in many ways in your quest.
 I would love to have many of these in my army.

 As for the current demon slots, Paula has two large worms, two blue slimes, a kappa, and a stone-faced frog.
 Noemi has two assault birds, two red slimes, a forest crow, and a fire-breathing bird.
 The total available space is six, which is not much to spare.
 Goblins and fairies frequently move up and down the hierarchy, and we need more slots.
 Well, that depends on Noemi's performance.

 This is the result of these two days, roughly.
 I was able to conquer four levels at once, and the two newcomers did a great job.

 As I was absentmindedly thinking about this, Kacchan opened her yellow eyes.
 Then his face instantly melted.

 The kappa sat up and looked around, but there was not a trace of tension on his face.
 It seems that the comfort of the hot water has taken over his mind.
 After glancing at me, Kacchan began to swim smoothly.
 She went straight to the women's bath and came back to me.

"Yup, yup, yup.

 The kappa laughed dumbly as he walked back and forth between the baths.
 He seemed to like it here.