114-The big one who bet on the companion

"This is a ...... kappa.

 It's a kappa.
 It has the same body shape as a child, and it even has a polite shell on its back.
 I'm sure it's a kappa.

 The area around the Kingdom of Vilnia, where Dracula 2 is set, is based on medieval and early modern Europe.
 However, the area to the south across the Inner Sea of Dragons seems to be modeled after Southeast Asia, and the monsters that appear in the game have a bit of Japanese in them.

 The palace of the Dragon Ball is a hidden dungeon, and it seems that monsters from that area are thrown into it indiscriminately.
 The kappa is classified as a fairy, and among the many large and useless aquatic monsters, it is the strongest.
 The only problem was that they were slow growers and didn't show their true potential until they were carefully nurtured.

I've never seen one before.

 I've never seen one of these before," Tinya said, placing the kappa she was carrying on the ground.
 The little monster, apparently unconscious from the chase earlier, lay down without a fight.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 Yoru and Kuu were also curious, and came up to look at it with concern.
 But then he suddenly lay down and rested his head on the kappa's fat belly.

No, it's not a pillow.

 No, it's not a pillow.
 However, even though it had started to rain lightly, water was still pouring down from above.
 This is not the time to be laying on the ground carefree.

  I'll do the verification, including the eggs, in a dry place.

Then, Paula will be in charge of this.
"Nya, more eggs!

 Just as I was about to give the order, Tinya shouted again.
 When I hurriedly looked over, I saw that the number of eggs had increased, just as the girl had said.

 Of course, I'm not talking about the eggs Tinya was holding in her hand.
 The eggs, which were supposed to have fled toward the river, were lined up in the grass.
 The main body of the kappa was hidden by the grass, but there was no doubt that there were several kappa lurking there.

Maybe they came back because they were worried about their friends?
Fairy species have a tendency to do that.

 If you ask me, I think other demons would be fine with it, or they would just walk away without noticing.
 That's why they can be friendly and cooperate with each other.

 Although we don't know their true nature yet, the kappa seem to be quite intelligent, judging from their ability to steal fire-breathing bird eggs from the forest when it is raining.
 It would be best to keep an even keel here.

"Now that you've come for me, I'll return the eggs. Here, take the eggs too.
"Oh, my boiled eggs!
You were going to eat them already? How dare you?

 A kappa, perhaps having heard our exchange, unexpectedly stepped out of the grass.
 It's a head taller than the one lying on the ground, and for some reason, it's wearing what looks like a rope around its waist.

 The kappa, who seemed to be the leader of the group, approached us slowly, looking at us.
 The kappa, who seemed to be the leader of the group, slowly approached us with his eyes fixed on us, then lowered the egg he was holding to the ground and looked at us again with his yellow eyes.

"What do you want?

 The leader of the kappa, whose shoulders trembled at Tinya's unafraid call, nodded gravely and suddenly removed the shell from his back.
 He nodded gravely and suddenly took off his shell.

 The kappa dropped the shell to the ground.
 If it were a fighting manga, the scene would have a thud sound effect, but it was not so heavy and there was hardly any sound.
 As I stared at the kappa to see what it would do, the large kappa suddenly spread its legs and took a stance of groping.
 Then he lifted one of his feet and stomped it on the ground in a cute way.
 And again.

 The kappa's behavior was so strange that we all commented on it.

"Wow, he's doing something weird. It looks like it's having fun.
"Is it threatening behavior? It's not scary at all. ......
Is this some kind of ritual? Sir.
...... Are you stomping your four legs, by any chance?

 When the kappa heard my words, he rolled his eyes in surprise.
 I guessed right.

 It seems my guess was correct.
 The leader of the kappa, who let out a snort of pride knowing that someone understood him, suddenly pointed at Yoru, who was still using his fellow kappa as a pillow.
 He bent his wrist inward in a gesture of challenge.

The kappa's fondness for sumo wrestling has been put to good use, hasn't it?
"Sumo, sir? You?
It's a sport from a faraway land where people fight and beat each other. It's a foul to punch or kick. You also lose if you step out of the ring, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

 Yoru, who had been nominated, got up and approached the large kappa without any sign of fear.
 I'm going to be the judge of this match.

So, let's start with the last one.
"Clap, clap!

 The kappa replied in a laughing voice, as expected of fairies.
 The kappa's reply, as expected of a fairy, was a laugh, but it sounded a little strange because of its beak.

"Okay, look at each other, look at each other. "Okay, look at each other, look at each other.

"Come on!

 The kappa and the beast are locked in a fist fight.
 And the next moment, the kappa is thrown away.

 Yoru has the highest physical attack power out of all of us. .......
 The large kappa rolled over and finally stopped in front of a patch of grass.
 And then it looked at us with a stunned face.

 The kappa, easily defeated, let out a sad laugh.


 At the sound of this voice, the reclining kappa woke up with a startled look on its face.
 It seems that he was just pretending to faint.

 The two animals stare at each other for a while.
 The first one to look away was the large kappa who was defeated.
 At the sight of the kappa, the other one opens its beak.

 The leader kappa stands up, brushes the dirt from his kneecaps, and silently turns on his heel to disappear into the grass.
 Following him, the eggs begin to move away.

 The remaining kappa looked sadly at his friends as they walked away.
 Then, with a theatrical movement, he collapses to the ground.

No, you can come home with me. ......