113-Rainy weather egg running

Hurry up to the stairs!
Okay, I'm coming back. Yol, Kuu.
Wet rat!

 To avoid the rain, we decided to go back to the starting point.
 The beasts and slimes seemed to be fine with getting wet, but humans were not.

 Besides, if the rain got heavier, visibility would be narrower, and of course there would be demons that would take advantage of the rain in this labyrinth.
 Tinya is aware of this danger, and she is the first to take the lead in warning us.

I don't want to get wet.
"Oh, come on! I'm not going to be the only one.

 ...... Let's run.
 The two of you are running across the grass at a furious pace, and I'm trying to keep up with you.
 The rain from the rocks on the ceiling was quickly intensifying and beating down on my body.

 Next time I come back, I'll have to get some kind of rain gear.
 An umbrella would be hard to make, so a raincoat or a raincoat would be better.
 No, if I'm going to take a bath anyway, I might as well bring an extra change of clothes.

 Just when I was thinking about it, Tinya, who was running in front of me, suddenly shouted.

"Hey! There's an egg running!

 The girl stopped and pointed to the forest to the east.
 When she turned her gaze, she was sure she saw something moving in the grass.

 Unlike the plains near the stairs, the grass near the forest is wavy and waist-high.
 A flock of something round and white is moving through the grass.
 Yes, if you ask me, it looks like a big egg.

 Moving up and down on the grass, the eggs seem to be heading west at a steady pace.
 The white spheres run noiselessly across the lush, rain-splattered landscape.

 I was taken aback by the tasteful scene, but the next moment, I regained my composure when I heard an echoing cry.

 The menacing voice seemed to come from within the forest.
 Without pausing, something appeared, shaking the treetops.

"Yes! It's a big chicken!

 What?" The girl's statement was hard to believe, but following the egg, it was true to her word.
 On the head of the bird covered with white feathers was a red crest.
 A lump of red flesh also hangs around its neck like a beard.

 At first glance, it looked very similar to a chicken, although it seemed to have a slightly longer neck.
 At first glance, it looked very much like a chicken, only it was probably not much taller than us.

 The huge bird appeared from between the trees and let out a loud cry again.

 All at once, the eggs that had been lined up in a row turned around and scattered into pieces.

 The chicken lets out another angry cry, and lifts its head up high.
 Then it lifted its head high and spat out a bright red flame from its beak.

"You're on fire, miss!
"Yes, not very clever, is it?
I remember. That's a fire-breathing bird.

 It's a bird that's fire, and it's a large demon that can control the magical element of fire.
 And as Paula pointed out, when it spits fire in the rain, you can guess how stupid it is.
 This is the second bird head after the assault bird.

"Maybe he's angry because you took his eggs?

 The fire-breathing bird, which had only slightly scorched the grass, let out a persistent chirp and ran off at a furious pace.
 The eggs that had been running in the grass panicked and increased their speed again.
 The fire-breathing bird, annoyed by their scurrying, stops and spits fire.

 The eggs take advantage of this opportunity to move away.
 The chickens scream in rage.
 The chickens scream in rage, and we watch, drenched by the rain.

 The egg thieves seemed to have the upper hand in the face of the bird demon's characteristic stupidity, but it seems that there are always people with bad points.
 The eggs scattered and headed for the river, but only one of them seemed to have taken the wrong direction to escape.

 For some reason, only one of them heads south instead of west.
 The fire-breathing bird, noticing this, seems to have decided to focus on that one.

 It starts to chase after it at a very high speed, chirping sharply.
 The egg flees as hard as it can, but what awaits it is a plain where the tall grasses have disappeared.
 Without an obstacle to hide behind, its chances of escape are even lower.

"How may I help you? Sir?
I'd like to see if that's really an egg. All right, let's get it.
Okay, Tinya, Noemi, please.
Yes, ma'am!
You got it!

 She was almost soaking wet, so she didn't care now.
 With a splash of water, they ran towards the eggs and chickens that were coming towards them.

 They quickly close the distance, but so does the other side.
 The egg jumps as if in a hurry, but finally runs out of the grass where it hides.

 At the same time, the thief's figure is revealed.
 He seems to be almost as tall as Yoru and Kuu, as he can hide himself in the grass.
 Its body is also stocky, about three or four heads tall.

 Its skin is green, but its face is completely hidden because it is holding the bottom of the egg in its short hands.
 In other words, she is completely blind.
 No wonder he is lost.

 When the egg thief finally showed up, the firebird lifted its head wide.
 The sack down his throat swelled quickly...

 Sensing the danger, the green-skinned demon screams and falls down.
 Then a vortex of flames spat out mercilessly.

 But just in time, Tinya, who was walking on all fours, caught it in her mouth.
 The girl snatched the little monster, egg and all, out of the fire-breathing bird's sight.

 The firebird clicks its beak in anger at having its prey snatched away, but Noemi rushes over and shakes its tail.
 I let out a sigh of relief as the chicken immediately became quiet.

 While I was relieved, Tinya came running up to me with an egg and a monster under her arm.
 She tilted her head curiously and asked me.

"Hey, what's this?

 The demon goes limp in the girl's arms.
 Its mouth was pointed like a beak, and for some reason it had a circular white headdress on it.