119-Kappa's Way around


 As soon as he saw his friends, Kacchan ran out of the room, shouting with laughter.
 As if startled by the unexpected voice, the kappa raised themselves up at once.
 Their round eyes became even more round and they jumped up on the rocks one after another.
 At the same time, loud laughter of joy broke out in their mouths.

 But the next moment, it turned into a scream as we emerged from behind Kacchan.


 "Kuppah!" "Kuppah!" The kappah jump into the river in a panic.

"Kupaaa, kupaaa, kupaaa!

 Kacchan hurried to stop them, but the kappa's panic did not abate at the sight of the unfamiliar human.
 In the blink of an eye, most of the blue-skinned fairies disappear without a sound of water.
 All that was left were a few of the blue-skinned fairies that had somehow remained motionless on their backs.

The only ones left behind were a few that remained motionless on their backs. They sleep so well.
No, they probably just missed us. ......

 They're probably pretending to be dead, just like Kacchan when we first met.
 He's probably pretending to be dead like Kacchan when they first met.

"Kupapa! Kupakpa!

 As Kacchan approached, he shook the bodies of his compatriots, but not a single one of them would get up.
 They were so defenseless that I wondered if that was right from a wild animal perspective.

 Kacchan, ignored by everyone, makes a sad face.
 However, he immediately claps his hands together.

 As I watched, Kacchan began to dexterously put his hand between the shells on his back and rummage around.
 He waited for a moment and then pulled out a palmful of blue berries.

 They appear to be salted green hard nuts.
 I was wondering how he could eat them so quickly, but I didn't realize he had hidden them there.


 Kacchan presses a soggy Cui-Hard nut into the mouth of his companion, who continues to pretend to be dead.
 The kappa closes its beak and breathes through its nostrils to endure.

 The kappa, however, must have smelled it more than it should have.
 The kappa's nostrils flared, but it couldn't hold on and opened its beak slightly.
 The kappa's beak opens slightly.
 With its eyes closed, the kappa's mouth gulped, and its eyes literally flew open.


 The other kappa who had been sleeping in the tanuki bed also shouted in surprise at the sight of their companion who had jumped out of bed.

 Then, Kacchan offered a green berry to the group, who got up and took it with some trepidation.
 But none of them would take a bite, perhaps worried about their friends who ate them first and slumped on the rocks.

"Kupapa. ......

 The kappa are urged to eat quickly.
 Then one of the first kappa rolls over, bumps into Kacchan's leg, and stops.
 Then it opens its beak like a baby bird and starts demanding more.


 The kappa gets another piece in his mouth and rolls around on the rocks, laughing again.
 The kappa is so happy that the other kappa decides to throw a green fruit into his mouth.
 There was another kappa rolling around.

 A few seconds later, all the kappa who had failed to escape were rolling around on the rocks.
 In the center is Kacchan holding up a salted green fruit.
 The kappa spun around and approached to get a refill.
 However, they collide with each other.

 The defeated kappa are thrown into the water, and only the winner remains on the rock.
 It's like playing bagoma.

 One by one, the kappa fall off.
 When I came to my senses, I found a line of kappa clinging to the edge of the flat rock, watching the game.
 The kappa who had escaped seemed to have returned, curious.
 All the kappa seemed to be absorbed in the game, and they were cheering for the winner.

 At last, there were only two of them on the rock.
 As if they had become accustomed to each other, their rolling motion became a full-fledged sideways rotation with their shells down.

 The kappa collide with each other, increasing their speed.
 The audience watched with bated breath as the kappa fought it out.

 The sound of the shells colliding and bouncing off each other echoes in the air, and the heartwarming atmosphere of the first days has almost disappeared.
 The shells clashed again and again, but finally the game was decided.

 One of them jumped up with a roar and fell down violently to the other one.
 However, the targeted kappa dodges the attack just in time and hits the edge of the shell from underneath, lifting it completely off the water.

 One of the kappa is dropped into the water without a second thought.
 The remaining kappa is given a generous round of applause, and the fairy kisses the winner.

"Well, that was fun.
"Well done.
You really are a carefree species, .......