101-A hand field in front of the stairs

 The items I was able to recover from the mud corpse were a black magic stone and the mud of the corpse.
 I don't remember them, so they must be unique to this world that has become reality.

 Hmm, mud mixed with the ashes of the dead, the name alone sounds like it would be cursed.
 If you accidentally spread it in the field, it will surely kill your crops. .......

I'll just keep it for now. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 It's probably an item related to necromancers, who manipulate corpses, and Leocadio, who is from the Empire, will be able to get you a detailed book.
 In this underground labyrinth, you'll often find items that didn't exist in the game, and many of them are extremely useful, such as bat urine stones and the Underworld Bell.
 So I'm trying to collect as much information as possible, hoping to find out more about their uses.

"Oh, you could ask old Eugen.

 Perhaps the know-it-all at the tavern might know of some unexpected uses.
 Incidentally, the old man was a knowledgeable drinker, but surprisingly, he was also familiar with magic to some extent.
 As a result, he is now helping Mia and the ladies who can use magic to learn it.

Oh, something's wrong.

 As I was touching the rocks lying around the room, one appeared in the item section.
 It's called White Sandstone.
 It is a mineral that can be easily processed and is suitable for building materials.

 Apparently, this twelfth floor is a place where rocks are produced.
 Like white sandstone, tuff and slate are suitable for building materials.
 There are also diorite, from which quartz can be extracted.

 Tuff, which is particularly resistant to fire, seems to be the best material for blacksmithing furnaces, and Heimo has been urging me to collect plenty of it.
 Having marked the mining site on the map, I called out to the others who had been waiting for me.

Let's go to the next room.
Yes, sir.
I'll take care of the next one, Master Nino.
"Oh, it's my turn again. I'll do my best.

 Once the tide is set, all we have to do is ride it.
 Tinya's reconnaissance detected the mimicry of the stone-faced frog and the hiding of the mud corpse, and Yoru, Koo, and Noemi's red slimes took turns killing them one by one.
 As for me, I was busy collecting rocks in the safe room and drawing them on the map.

 With a break in between, the map of the twelfth floor was completed in about three hours.
 There was only one room left: .......

"Gee, Guten!

 It's no wonder they're so surprised.
 The light from the lanterns revealed an eerie scene of countless hands growing out of the ground.  
 There was an iron grate at the back of the room, so there was no doubt that we were in front of a staircase.

 So, this mass of hands is the boss of the level. .......

Come on, you're up. You said you'd do your best.

"Yah! Push! You're killing me! It's a reckless move!

 It seems that even Tinya can't handle this many.
 However, Kuu doesn't have the magic power to do it repeatedly.
 The undead bone-child is unresponsive, so it's impossible to use a decoy.

You, I'll take care of this.

 When in doubt, ask Paula.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

"Kerr, reap what you sow.

 It seems that his name comes from the first letter of the word frog.
 Upon receiving the order, the stone-faced frog, Kaa, slunk off to a location a short distance away from the swarm of disgusting hands.
 He's got a sturdy body, but he's not very mobile.

 And as we watched, he flicked his tongue out with blinding speed.
 The creepy hand, its wrist shattered by the sniper from a safe position, easily collapsed on the spot.
 But the frog didn't stop his tongue there, and the monster's hands were destroyed one after the other.
 The hand further away was pierced mercilessly by a stone spike extending from directly below.

 In the blink of an eye, a gaping hole was created in front of the stone frog.
 This time, the main body should appear from the ground to fill the space.

Okay, here it comes!
"Yes, I'm on it, Akas, Rime!
Hey, there's something wrong!
............ What?

 The earth is slowly rising, and the demon that was supposed to be crawling out...
 I'm not sure what to make of it.

 As before, the hand that had sprouted out of the ground just struggled with its fingers in the air.

What's going on?
Isn't it just a bunch of ...... mud-wights?
Hmm, I'm not sure. Can I ask you again?
Yes, do it, Kaa!

 The stone-faced frog croaks again, shoots out its tongue, and knocks my hands together.
 But within seconds, all that sprouted from the ground were the exact same countless creepy mud hands.