100-Cremation again

"Oh, someone's buried here!

 No wonder I thought so.
 What was growing out of the ground was undoubtedly a human wrist itself.
 Moreover, its mud-covered fingertips were wriggling and even trying to grasp something.

 Someone buried under the ground is desperately calling for help.
 It looked like that.

 However, upon closer inspection, it was the same as a human being in form, but the details were different.
 There were no claws on the rounded fingertips, and the wrists had almost no nape.
 In addition, the skin was a murky black.

 The creepy aisle hand moved around for a while, trying to grab a hand here and there, but then it seemed to realize that its main prey was not around.
 With the sound of soil being rubbed together, the arm gradually begins to stretch.

 From elbow to arm to shoulder.
 Then, as if grasping the ground firmly, the upper half of his body emerges from the ground at once.
 The rest of the body appeared one after another in front of Tinya and the others, who opened their mouths in surprise.

 The hairless, rounded head had only three gaping holes for eyes and mouth, respectively.
 It had a flat chest and abdomen, and legs as thick as logs.
 It looked like a person, but it was clearly not a person.

"Hey! Something's coming out!
I'm not sure there's even such a thing as a demon. ......

 You can find a lot more than just a few things to do.
 It's not just the wrists that are creepy.
 I'm sure you'll agree.

Sue, Ra, hold them back! Noemi, you're in charge of stopping it.
Yes, yes!

 It's no wonder that Yoru and Kuu, who usually take the lead, are unusually clinging to me.
 The other day, they got carried away and jumped on a stone and were blown away by a stone-faced frog, which happened to be in the pathway.
 They rolled into the darkness and found this creepy monster waiting for them.
 It seems that being suddenly grabbed by the feet by a hand that came out of the ground was a bit of a traumatic experience for them, and they became completely uncomfortable with it.

 As if to protect the two good friends, the blue slimes boldly stepped forward.
 Their round bodies instantly bounced, and they rushed forward with great force.

 Because the material is earth, the arms and abdomen of the demons are easily shattered.
 However, with a slight shake of the body, the missing parts were immediately closed.
 Well, there's plenty of material for a body at my feet.

 The mud corpse.
 This monster is made by mixing the ashes of the dead with mud, and has unusually high physical strength or endurance.  
 It has two specialties: hiding under the ground and waiting for its prey, and regeneration, which allows it to repair its body indefinitely as long as it touches the ground.

 However, he's not very fast, so it's not too difficult to escape if you can avoid the initial surprise attack.
 And one more thing.
 The fact that it was a werewolf was its greatest weakness.

Now, Noemi!
Yes! Acas, Lime, flaming body!

 The blue slime's puffy botty brilliantly repelled the mud wight's long, thick hand.
 It's a mollusc that is weak against piercing attacks, but nearly invincible against blows, making it a perfect match.
 The mud corpse's body tilts, creating a large gap.

 Immediately, two red slimes covered in flames rush into the gap.
 In the blink of an eye, the flaming mud is scattered all around, and a large cavity is drilled into the body of the demon.
 In the past, it would have returned to normal immediately, but there was no sign of that.
 The effects of the flames, its weakness, have nullified its regeneration.

 The reason I went to the trouble of asking Noemi to subordinate the red slime to me was to deal with this troublesome demon.
 The red slimes mercilessly hit the staggering mud corpse with their burning bodies.

 Each time they did so, a part of their body would vanish and the volume of the demon would decrease in no time.
 And in less than a minute, the undead made of mud completely disappears.
 Yoru and the others shouted happily at the sight.

"No worries!
"Wow, that was amazing!