34-Thunder Children

 Unique Monster.
 A generic term for special monsters that have unique strength.

 In the case of the Dracula series, defeating or not defeating them did not affect the progress of the story, they were more like random obstacles.
 Of course, there are rewards for defeating them, and they drop rare and valuable materials.

 However, its strength is set to be outstandingly strong, and it is easily defeated by a boss of the same level.
 The first time we encountered them, we inadvertently challenged them out of curiosity, and we were annihilated.

 And now, what we were facing was exactly that kind of unique monster.

 The "greedy beak" of the fearsome bird type is supposed to attack if we approach it or if it kills a large number of the same species of assault birds.
 This time it was clearly the latter.

 There's still some distance to go, but at a quick glance, the top of its head looks to be at least four meters high.
 It is like fighting a double-decker bus running towards you.

There's no way you can win. ......

 To tell the truth, I was reluctant to fight even an ordinary assault bird.
 Seeing a huge scary bird in the flesh was simply terrifying.

 But this is not the time to freeze in fear.
 At this rate, it'll be here in about a minute.
 Before that, we need to call everyone and retreat quickly.

 I looked down from the top of the tower and almost froze there again.
 But that was unavoidable.
 After all, every single goblin's eyes were on me.

"...... Hey, wait.

 No way.
 You want me to take care of this situation?

 I'll run if things get bad.
 I want to punch my head so hard for being so shallow to have said such a thing so carelessly.

 Abandoning these people and retreating to a safe place?
 If you actually had the courage to do that, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

 Those goblins are just demons, and even if they die today, they'll be resurrected tomorrow with the magical elements of the labyrinth.
 I know that.
 But if it were that easy, it wouldn't be so hard.
 I've already talked to them, traded with them, fought with them, and laughed with them.

 I slowly exhaled the air from the bottom of my lungs as they stared at me in silence with eyes that exceeded forty.
 If we're going to explore this floor anyway, we'll have to fight each other at some point.
 So why not now?
 ............ And the odds are not against you.

"Let's do this.

 The goblins lifted both ends of their ear-length mouths even wider at my muffled murmur.
 They're in really good shape. ...... They're cute.
 All right, we don't have much time, so let's hurry up.

 I'm a man who can learn from his mistakes.
 First, I open up the command menu and check the status of Yoru and Kuu.

 You've reached the level 20 mark.
 You've reached the level 20 mark. .......

"Paula, there's more!

 It seems that the words alone conveyed the message.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 The level of the unique monsters was about two to three times that of the monsters in that level.
 "In the case of the Greedy Beast, since it was the first unique monster they had encountered, it was probably not set to be that strong.  
 However, it was certain to be level 30, which would mean that it could use three different techniques.
 I hurriedly let everyone know the precautions of the techniques in a loud voice.

 Also, being bareheaded is too much for me.
 I'll smelt the happy water, which is a mixture of labyrinth water and fairy scales, in succession, and throw the bag down the tower.

"Here's a pick-me-up. Don't drink too much!

 Well, we'll be ready in just a minute.

 We've got a stronger Yoru, Kuu, and two slimes.
 There's the trusty wizard Paula, and the mages Mia and Hans.
 The fairies Yoh and Gobbler, and Imotchi, who worked hard to repair the fence.
 And our new friends, the assault birds, Tottori and Geckori.
 And forty giggling goblin archers.

They're coming, run!

 The giant assault birds headed towards the fence at a glance, without slowing down at all.
 They seemed to have already activated their first skill.

 Laughing out loud, the goblins all jumped down from the top of the fence.
 Then, after a moment's delay, a huge body crashes into them, shaking the ground.

 A tremendous sound of destruction rang in my ears.
 At the same time, with a single touch, the fence is blown apart.

 Oh, I might not make it.
 If it had been me before I drank the euphoric water, my heart would have been broken at this point.

Ha-ha! You're stuck, you stupid bird!

 In the first place, the fence itself was already nearing its limit due to the flock of charging birds.
 It was thanks to Imouto that it was barely holding on.

 And now, the that had been spat out to the fence in abundance was playing a new role.
 It seems that the caterpillar's special technique, which is also treated as a weak magic, was very effective against the assaulting bird with low magic defense.

 The greedy beak, with pieces of fence and string wrapped around its legs, stomped on the ground in frustration.
 It didn't completely restrain his movement, but it seemed to have slowed his legs considerably.
 You can't use anymore for the time being.


 At Gobbler's call, the goblins who had escaped caught their breath and pulled their bowstrings together.
 But here, the difference in level became clear.

 Most of the arrows could not penetrate the thick feathered protection and fell to the ground.
 However, a few of them did pierce, so I guess it's not no damage.

 Besides, there is another purpose for this arrow-beetle attack.
 "At the moment when the Greedy Beast's attention was scattered all around.
 Sue, the blue slime that had been circling behind him, struck the ground.

 The blue body leaps high into the air, and Yoru, using it as a springboard, reaches even greater heights.  
 Spinning around and around, the beast boy landed on the back of the giant bird.

 Then he spread his hands wide and extended his claws to the fullest.
 After ruffling the feathers on its back, the tip of its outstretched tail snaps and bites.
 In an instant, the giant bird's back was consumed in purple.

 But there was no way the Greedy Beak would let such an attack go unnoticed.
 The large head moves around, and the reddish eyeballs are set on the rampaging Yoru.

"Oh no, it's coming!
 In the next instant, the furball disappears from sight.
 The next moment, the furball disappears from sight, and Yoru suddenly appears a few steps away in the air.
 His short legs were covered with crackling little lightning bolts.

"Oh! It's like instantaneous movement.

 This is Yoru's new skill, .
 It's a joke name, but it's probably a lightning-type high-speed movement.
 As it is learned at level 20, it seems to be a terribly useful technique.

 Yoru, having jumped into the air with no foothold, begins to fall helplessly.
 He bounces on the blue slime waiting for him on the ground, and then jumps up again.

 This time, Yoru thrusts his tail into the giant bird's legs.
 However, the purple area returned to normal in less than ten seconds.
 His back was already the same as before.

"Will you survive the poison? d*mn physical idiot! Yol, keep going. It's working!

 It's true that the poison is gone, but that doesn't mean there's no damage.
 In fact, the body of the Greedy Beast is slowly wavering.

 Immediately, the movement of the "Greedy Beak" changes drastically.
 The true nature of the deafening roar is a rising yell.
 It's a second skill that temporarily strengthens the entire flock.

"Okay, now. Go, Tochan, Gochan!

 This is a technique that enhances the abilities of the same species of assault birds, but it is actually effective for the two birds that have become messengers.
 The assault birds gained momentum and attacked the legs of their former comrade, the boss.

 The "greedy beak," badly betrayed and wounded, suddenly lifted its face and turned to face us.
 I guess I shouldn't have yelled so loud!
 You'll stand out like a sore thumb on a turret.

 The giant bird's eyes immediately turned red.

 His third skill is the stone gaze.
 If you don't escape before your eyes turn red, you'll spend the rest of your life as a stone statue.
 But there's no place to run in such a small place.


 I immediately thrust out my right hand.
 Of course, there was no way I could dodge his gaze with that.
 My eyes move busily, and I find the item I've just acquired just in time.
 Just in time!

 "Just before all the pupils of the Greedy Beast turn red, a huge shield suddenly appears above the tower.
 It hides me perfectly and catches all the stone's eyes instead.

 Phew, I'm glad I retrieved that giant turtle shell.
 I'm glad I retrieved it," I said, almost being crushed by the weight of the falling shell, and hurriedly retrieved it again.

"Yeah, this could be useful. Come on, Mia, Hans-san!
Oh, no, no, no! Yeah, you got it?
I'm coming!

 I'll get two mages to come up on the tower and attack from a height with magic.
 I'll defend with my giant tortoise shell when the birds look at me.

Gobbos, run for your lives!

 Goblins run around the village, shooting their bows.
 In addition, Yoru injects poison with his tail, and when the cry goes up, the charging birds rush in.

All right, we've got a perfect pattern.

 But when I let my guard down, I was attacked by a turret.
 As expected, the effect of the tenacious thread did not last very long.

 We fell to the ground and rolled violently.
 Then the legs of the Greedy Beast descended without mercy.

"Now, Kuu! Give it all you've got! <"Flap, flap, flap!

 Paula's voice echoed sharply.
 At the same time, the sound of powerful flapping wings reaches my ears as I'm immobilized by pain.

 I groaned in pain as I looked up at the sky and saw a small body rising in a straight line.

 The purple feathers that mingle with the black feathers are filled with a blinding electric shock.

 All at once, Kuu reached the giant bird's head.
 Then, at close range, it spread its wings wide to the left and right.

 In the next instant, countless feathers covered with lightning turned into a storm and blew into the face of the Greedy Hornet.
 Without pause, a cry of agony rang in his ears.

 The electric current generated by the pierced feathers quickly scorched the face of the giant bird.
 The air was filled with a peculiar smell, followed by the violent swaying of the giant's body from side to side.

 The eyes of the giant bird, which should have boasted of its unparalleled strength, lost their light, and at the same time, its body lost its support.
 A huge mass falls toward me.
 But it just barely misses my face, and the giant bird shakes the ground violently.

 The sight of it brings me to my limit.
 Finally, mumbling something unimportant, my consciousness faded away.

Did we win? After all, our Yoru and Kuu were more special (unique) than you. ......