33-Giant birds attack

A big flock of birds?
Yes, I think so.

 On the way back to the village, Hans-san told us the following story.

 After leaving us, he was observing the bow and arrow making at a hut in the village when he suddenly heard a noise outside.
 When we went outside the hut to see what was going on, we found the goblin guarding the tower shouting loudly.
 In addition, goblins with bows gathered one after another on the scaffolding inside the fence, and it looked like something out of the ordinary.
 Hans ran up the tower ladder and saw a large group of birds coming toward the village in a cloud of dust.

"At first I thought they were horses or something, but then I saw that they had two legs and what looked like short wings. ....... And a large beak.
"I see. That's an assault bird.

 I remembered the Goblin King's large bone of a fearsome bird, and I immediately guessed the name of the monster.
 This assault bird is a so-called flightless bird, but it has a ridiculously large beak and vicious clawed feet, and when it finds its prey, it rushes at it relentlessly.

 In the game, it belongs to the category of large monsters and is extremely strong among monsters of the same level.

If that's the case, it's quite dangerous.
Yes, the goblins seem to be at a disadvantage.

 According to Hans, the attacking demons were crashing into the fence one after another, making a terrible noise.
 The goblins were fighting back with their bows, but it was only a matter of time before they were swept into the village, so they rushed to inform us.

Thank you very much. If we'd gone back to the fifth floor unnoticed, we'd have been attacked too.
Also, I was hoping we could help the goblins. ......

 Hans-san's eyes are shaking with concern as he looks at me.
 He's probably going to give you a hand if you're in trouble, even if you're a demon.
 He's a really nice guy.

 But he's up against a horde of vicious assault birds.
 I'm sure they're not unbeatable, but you never know what can happen when you're outnumbered.
 Besides, I think it was around this floor that the thing(s) came out. .......

 As if sensing my hesitation to give a quick answer, Hans-san added a pragmatic condition, just like a merchant.

I was honestly amazed at the workmanship of the goblins. It's not every day that you see craftsmen of that caliber. I know it's not my place to ask, but I'm sure they'll be able to help you with whatever you have in mind.

 It's true that if you want to build a base in the underground labyrinth, there's no shortage of talented craftsmen.
 It seems that Hans-san knows exactly what I want to do.

 To be honest, I can't bear to abandon the goblins either.
 Besides, assault birds are good for materials and experience.
 Yoru and Kuu are about to reach the big time.

"Okay. What do you guys want to do?
"As you wish.
What? Gobu's village's in trouble. We have to go now!


 Except for Paula, there seemed to be no other choice.

We'll escape to the sixth floor if it really comes down to it. And don't take any chances.
"Yes, sir. You're in good hands, sir.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir. Mr. Nino.

 All but Paula seemed to have listened to me with open arms.
 So I went back to the fifth floor, and found that the situation was quite dire, as I had been informed.
 The goblins had not yet entered the village, but the sound of their fussing could be heard from everywhere.

I'll go up to the tower and check on them. Everyone go near the fence.

 With Yaw the elf as my messenger, I jump on the ladder and start climbing.
 The ladder is narrow and awkward, probably because it's made for small goblins, but I don't have time to worry about that.

 The view from the top shows that the goblins are doing reasonably well.
 However, the opponents were bad.
 The assault birds I saw in real life looked even more ferocious than I had imagined.

 It was over two meters tall.
 Half of its face was occupied by a yellow beak, the tip of which was pointed like a nickel.
 It had a long, thick neck and a sturdy body covered with red feathers.
 It is supported by two thick legs with sharp claws.

 It also has very scary eyes.
 They are small, but their eyes are too sharp.

 There are about thirty to forty of them in a herd.
 Around ten goblins are rushing against the fence and making a loud noise.

 The goblins are desperately trying to shoot arrows at the fence, but it seems that a few arrows piercing the fence will do little damage.
 Even the assault birds on the ground are few and far between.
 The large ones have high strength values.

 The fence, on the other hand, seems to have been damaged quite a bit, with large cracks visible in several places.
 But what was active there was an unexpected demon, a potato.

 He was spraying sticky threads and running around trying his best to repair the fence.
 He must have been stalling for time so that Hans could escape.

"Okay, Paula, Mia, Hans, please cover me from the top of the fence! Paula, use Enchantment to hold them back!
"Yes, I'll leave it to you. You.

Hans, you and Mia get as many shots as you can.
Yes, sir.
Got it!

 And the goblins are doing their best, but they're not very effective if their attacks are scattered.

"Gobbler, you must direct and concentrate the arrows on one goblin.

 The rest is our main force.
 Now's a good time to get the assault birds' attention on the fence.

Yol, Kuu. Go outside and have a little fun.

 Last but not least, I'm here to help.
 I handed it to Yol and pointed at Imochichi, who was working on the wall.

I don't know if you can drink it, but if you can't, go ahead and pour it on me. And cheer up the gobs.

 Yeoh lets out a high-pitched laugh, snatches the bottle from my hand, and heads for the caterpillar.
 Then he turns it upside down and sprays it on the caterpillar, sending it soaring over the fence.
 The goblins, bathed in the glittering scales, began to laugh out loud.


 Nearly forty bows were aimed at one of the goblins that the goblin pointed at.


 As if it could not withstand the concentrated attack of arrows, the charging bird, which had become a needle mountain, suddenly stalled and overturned.
 The goblins laughed and cheered at the sight.

 There was one more.
 The assault bird with Hans's arrow in its eye lets out a shrill cry.
 The power of the arrow has been boosted by , so it seems that even a short bow can shoot through it.

 And next to it, a bird on fire is rolling around on the ground.
 Dinosaurs are powerful enemies, specializing in physical strength, physical attack power, and speed, but on the other hand, their magic defense is ridiculously low.
 This is one of the reasons why they and the giant octopuses were not used regularly in Dracula 2.

 A few of them fall down in a flash, causing a disturbance in the group's movement.
 That's when Yoru, Kuu, and the slimes jumped in.

 The blue slime jumped up and down on the ground, moving at high speed.
 They straddled it majestically, and as they approached the charging bird, they quickly jumped on its back.


 Well done.
 The fearsome birds, with their short wings, can't be shaken off quickly in that position.
 With both hands outstretched, they plucked the feathers off the demon's back in one fell swoop, as if they were breathing in unison.
 The assault birds, with their inorganic eyes and cries, can't help but have a blind spot on their backs.

 Then, a friendly assault bird rushes through the wind.
 But it suddenly rushes forward and smashes its beak like a hammer on the side of the head of its suffering compatriot.
 The creature fell to the ground without a sound after receiving the blow that shattered even its thick skull.

 It seems that Paula had somehow subjugated it.
 I told you to take it easy.

 With Yoru and Kuu's efforts, the flock of assault birds became even more confused.
 The strategy of destroying them individually seemed to have worked, and the number of assault birds lying on the ground increased little by little.

 However, there were many of them.
 I struggled to refine the medicine, and asked Yoh to deliver it here and there, leading the battle to victory.

 Thirty minutes later.
 One of the goblins lets out a loud scream.
 The other goblins quickly realized the reason for the scream and let out one after another.

 I looked over at him and almost shouted out as well.
 What I saw far beyond the battlefield was a large cloud of dust.
 In the center of it, I could see the familiar figure of an assault bird.

 But it was not a flock approaching.
 It was only one bird.

 But at a glance, you can tell that it is no ordinary assault bird.
 It is so big ............ that it seems like an optical illusion.

 The new threat was closing the distance, and I let out an unconscious cry.

"...... I knew you were here. "The Greedy Beast."