32-New threats

Okay, let's go north first.
Hey, aren't we supposed to go around the back?
It's not safe, Mia.

 Paula reached for the girl.
 Mia's eyes fluttered as she felt her fingertips gently slide over her neck, then she patted her hand.

I see. I'll be attacked if I don't have that thing around my neck.
"Goblin charm.

 I gave three of them to the villagers who came to plant the fields, so we're currently short two protection charms.
 Therefore, when Paula and Mia meet the goblins, they may have to fight.
 So they decided to go to the goblin village to get the talismans first.
 But the two of them seem to be getting along well today.

 I asked the fairy duo to go ahead of me and collect olive nuts and garlic while avoiding the goblins.
 We arrived at the village in about an hour, killing the occasional horned rabbit.
 I knew this place would take a long time.

 I asked Paula and the others to wait outside, and made a deal with Akahane, who was sitting in front of the boss's room.
 I decided to ask for ten talismans at once since I was planning to add more helpers.

 However, fifty magic stones is a lot to ask.
 I can get that much in a single quest, but the number of items I need to smelt is increasing, so the consumption is not insignificant.
 Compounding is especially useful, but it takes two magic stones.

Let's buy something from them too.

 While Gobu went to deliver the talisman to Paula and the others, I took out various items and tried to negotiate.
 After sniffing the bat and worm meat, I was told that I could get one magic stone for a rather large amount.
 The horned rabbit meat is better. .......

 He shook his head, perhaps because garlic is also quite plentiful.
 They are not interested in olive nuts or oil.
 I want to save the rabbit horn and skin for making medicines and equipment, and the rest for .......

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.
 Just when I thought it was no good, he held up a finger.

"Oh, can I have some salt?
"Kihi, kihihihihi.

 He likes it.

"How can I help you? Sir.
Hmm, let's reschedule. Let's go to the sixth floor first.

 The goblin bow and arrows seemed to be quite good, and I wanted to get more, but I was told that it would cost twenty magic stones for the whole set.
 Well, they seem to be more intricate than amulets.
 If half a sachet is worth one magic stone, then a sachet full of slime should be plenty to replace it.

You're back. Of course it is.

 The Goblin King was sitting on the throne as he should be, being tended to by two of his sidekicks.
 I was expecting another battle, when Yoru suddenly rubbed his head against my leg.

"What's wrong? Yol.
"Oh, itchy head. Okay, here we go.

 I scratch a little above his forehead, and the little beast immediately starts gurgling.
 Now, with the Goblin King, it's a no-brainer to ask Yoru to go again, but I'm having trouble dealing with his stinky breath.

 As I was pondering who to ask to go, Yoru lifted my hand and removed it.
 This time, he tilted his head and pointed to the triangular shape between his ears.

"Oh, that's itchy. There we go.

 Yol clears his throat low again.
 Hmm, considering the compatibility, the blue slime with its strong stench and blows might be the best choice.
 The problem is the weakness of the decisive blow.

 Again, Yoru removes my hand and points hard at his own head.
 Yeah, yeah, I'm going to scratch it until it doesn't itch anymore.

"Senshi, senshi.
Yol, you want something?
Do you?

 I ask, and Yoru nods his head and points between his ears again.
 Then, with his other hand, he pointed to the top of the Goblin King's head.
 Mia and I finally understood what he meant by that gesture.

"Oh, a crown!
"Could it be that thing you wear on your head?

 She hurriedly took out a fairy silver crown, put it on Yoru, and started walking with her stomach sticking out in a cute way.
 As I watched in amazement, the King stared at the challenger as he approached his throne.
 As the tension rises, the large goblin stands up silently.

 The large goblin silently stood up and took the crown, then surrendered it.

 Yoru approached, and instead jumped up and waved proudly at us.
 He then tried to cross his legs like a king, and flipped over backwards.

 With that, the crown fell off his head.
 The ex-king beside me, with a panicked look on his face, put the crown back on and grabbed the bone club.
 However, as the crown rolled down, Kuu snatched it up and, again with an upset look on his face, took off the crown and removed his hand from the bone club.

"How does it work?

 I tried putting the crown on his head, but he reacted exactly the same way.
 It seems to serve as a kind of passbook, but it doesn't seem to matter how I got it.

It's good to have two, so let's keep the other one.

 This time, I had a doped-up Kuu take on the poor King.

"Good work, Kuu. Let's go take a look at the underground lake.
"Nino-sama, can I stay here for a while?
What's wrong?
Yes, I'm a little curious about their work.

 As he said this, Hans-san looked towards the hut where the noise was coming from.
 With a gleam in his merchant-like eyes, I agreed without hesitation.
 I'll also leave the potatoes, who don't like salt water, behind as an escort.

 Now that I was on the sixth floor, I decided to make salt while checking for demons.
 First, I asked Yoh to fly about a meter away from the shore while heading east.

 On the shore, Yoru and Kuu, astride blue slimes, are waiting for us, ready to move at any moment.
 Me, Paula, and Mia.
 And Gobbowl will move along the wall to watch the lake.

Mia, stay back a bit. It's not safe.
"Yes, Miss Pau. You're so sweet today.
Is that so? It's just my imagination.

 Maybe it's because we slept in the same bed, but we seem to be getting along well.

 A few minutes after we started moving, there was a sudden splash of water, and Yeoh's body shone brightly.
 As if chasing after the fairy, who had successfully escaped with her , black shadows appeared on the shore one after another.

 The body is a rounded silhouette, about the size of my knees.
 But that's not what catches your eye.
 Protruding from either side of the demon's body were two large blades.

"Whoa! What are those, scissors?
"It's a crab monster called the Great Shears. Be careful you don't get pinched!

 Yoru and Kuu quickly closed the distance between them and attacked the scissors.
 However, their hard shells prevented them from striking a fatal blow.
 In addition, the arrows sent by the goblins are deftly flicked away by the scissors.

Get out of the way! You'll burn it down!
Oh, wait.

 Before I could warn Mia, my finger was snapped off.
 A fireball was immediately created and hurtled across the air towards the crab.

 The next moment, a large bubble appeared in the demon's mouth.

 The bubble swelled up quickly, and as soon as it hit the fireball, it cracked and disappeared.
 But at the same time, the mass of flames also disappeared as if nothing had happened.

"What the hell is that?
The Great Shears have a special ability called Blister. I was going to say that's not a good match. ......
I was going to say you're incompatible. I can't believe you're copying me!
No, he's got bigger bubbles than me.

 As we were chatting, Paula suddenly spoke up sharply.

"Sir, something's coming.

 The warning reminded me of a nasty demon that appears in conjunction with the big shears.
 But it was too late.

 A new black shadow appeared, splitting the surface of the water in two.
 Its true identity was a giant turtle nearly three meters long.

"No! Go as fast as you can!
"Kuu, it's flapping!
Me too!

 Yoru and the slimes hurriedly jumped back.
 Yoru and the slimes hurriedly jumped back. Then, a storm of feathers danced in the air.
 And then, with the sound of fingers being flicked in rapid succession, fireballs fly into the air one after another.

 The splashing water turned into steam and filled my vision with white.
 As I watched with bated breath, the steam slowly cleared.
 What appeared were two crabs lying on their backs.

 The turtles barely held on, and using their fin-like paws, they wobbled to the shore.
 Then Yoru's tail snapped and bit it.

 In no time at all, the demon, its face dyed purple, fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Yay! I got it!
"Nice work, Yoru, Kuu and Mia.

 I breathed out a sigh of relief as I watched them all rejoice.
 The combination of the large scissors and the large carapace was not that threatening in terms of attack.
 The problem is the combination of the crab's blister and the turtle's shell protection.

 If these two are activated at the same time, it becomes an ironclad defense that is difficult to defeat.
 Then the crabs call their friends one after another to ....... It is a hellish pattern.

"It was a good decision to kill it quickly. Now it's time for the fun part--


 Someone's voice suddenly interrupted me.
 When I looked up, I saw Hans-san rushing toward me with a big wave.

You're in trouble!
"What's wrong?

 "What's wrong?" Hans answered my question with a gasp of surprise.

"The goblin village is under attack!