31-Start planning

 I woke up for the third time, still in the bar, but this time in a proper bed.
 I got up and stretched.
 The comforter flipped up, revealing the sleeping form of the person sleeping next to me.

 Brown ...... skin, not quite tanned, but tanned to a certain degree.
 Surprisingly thick chest plate.
 A neatly trimmed mustache.

 As I stared at him, his eyelids slowly opened.

"Huh. Good morning.
"Good morning. ...... Hans.

 It's no surprise that the long-awaited alchemist is unprepared for a surprise visit.
 In this village, there are no vacant houses or even spare rooms that could be used for a workshop, so I had no choice but to borrow Hans-san's bed in one of the taverns.

I'm sorry to bother you out of the blue. ....... I'm sure I'm not intruding.
"Hmm, don't worry about it. It's normal to share a bed with someone when traveling. And thanks to you, I felt very warm and comfortable.

 These words reminded me of the two animals I had slept with, and I gently turned up the quilt.
 At my feet and Hans's feet.
 At the feet of Hans and me, there was a ball of fluff and feathers curled up in a beautiful oval shape.

 Yoru and Kuu looked up and yawned loudly, as if the cool morning air had awakened them.
 I thought they had started to move slowly, but they crept up my legs and climbed up to my chest.

"A master ......
"Coo...... coo......

 I want to let them sleep.
 I would like to let them sleep like this, but I have a lot of work to do today.
 Besides, I can smell something delicious in the air.
 ...... And there's a noise.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think.
 Just as we were about to pick them up and take them with us, a blue sphere appeared from under the bed.

 It was Su-san and Ra-san, the blue slime.
 When did they sneak in here?

 As I looked at them, the slimes stopped right below the demon children.
 Then, as if they were breathing in unison, two of them fell over the edge of the bed.
 Yoru and Kuu landed face down on top of the slime, and were carried out of the room.

"Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, sir, uncle. Good morning, Uncle. Good morning, Yoru and Kuu.

 When I followed Slime and the others into the tavern's dining room, I was greeted by a soft voice.
 The two who greeted me cheerfully were Paula and Mia, both wearing aprons.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

Good morning. Did you sleep well?

 I was about to gawk at her, but I pulled myself together and asked her how she was feeling.
 I was about to gawk at her, but then I regained my composure and asked her how she was feeling. Since we couldn't share a bed, Paula was resting in Mia's bed.

"Yes, Pau, that was amazing!
"Well, it was amazing." "What?" "Well, it was amazing. ......

 For some reason, Mia answered for me, but her answer was not to the point.
 Well, it's no wonder Paula is so busy.

 The tavern was unusually lively in the morning.
 Most of the seats were occupied, and a large number of people were noisily enjoying their meals.

What a crowd!
Thanks to you, we're doing very well. Yes, Yol, let's sit here. You sit over here.

 While continuing to talk with me, Mia picks them up from the slime and sits them in a little log chair.
 She then places a hot, steamy plate under their noses.

 Yoru and Koo's eyelids fluttered open at the smell of the food.
 After staring at the food on the plate for a while, they silently took a bite of the brown lump.
 They began to masticate the food, but their expressions immediately became happy.

 They finished eating in no time at all and looked at the empty plates in surprise.
 They looked up at me, and then looked at the empty plate again in wonder.
 No, if I ate it all, it would be gone.

Wow, you've already eaten? This hamburger is very popular, sir.
That's good.
Want some?
No, I'll just have the bread. Let Yol and Kuu have my share.
Yes, sir!
I'm sorry.

 The bat meat is a very popular reward, but the other one, the big worm meat, is not so popular.
 So I came up with this new hamburger steak menu.

 It is a very simple recipe, consisting of breadcrumbs blanched in jade oil, salt and worm meat kneaded into the batter, but it seems to be quite popular, perhaps because of its unusual texture.
 I'd like to have milk, onions, and pepper, but I don't have any.
 I'll pray that I can find something like that in the dungeon.

 I finished my bread and bean soup slowly, and started my morning work.
 The first thing I did was to test the aptitude of the bored villagers who had gathered under the guise of a hamburger tasting party.

 The initial occupations indicated in the status are roughly divided into four categories: warrior, swordsman, archer, and mage.

 There are other types, but the requirements are difficult, so I'll limit myself to these four.  

 If you can use a bow, you are an archer.
 If you have been trained with a sword, you are a swordsman, and if you are none of the above, you are a warrior.

 If you are not one of them, you are a warrior.

"Now, if you've finished eating, please line up over here. Yes, then touch this and say "light.

 Whether or not you have magic power is determined by whether or not you can light the white light stone.

If you can't, please go to the front. Hans will take care of you.

 Next, let's fight with a stick.
 Hans-san, who is a 15th level swordsman, will take you on to see if you have what it takes.

Yes, thank you for your hard work. Can you go around the back, please?

 Those judged to be unsuited to the sword will be taken to the fallow field behind the house for target shooting with bows.
 Paula and Gobbledygook are the judges here.

"Well, well, well. Now, would you please return to the tavern?

 As a result of the examination of thirty people, there were four mages, two swordsmen, seven archers, and seventeen warriors.
 The reason why there were so many warriors was because they were all farmers who only had a hoe in their hands.

Why is there a village chief in the group? And he's a swordsman?
I'm ready to get my hands dirty for the sake of the village!
I'm ready to get my hands dirty for the village! - No, I'd rather have a healer.
I'm ready to get my hands dirty for the village!

 Is that what you really think?

I'm just trying to get used to the idea, so I'll leave you three alone. I'll leave you in charge of the village.
"Oh, no. Are you saying you don't need me?
Of course not. You're level 20. Please work hard on the farm. I'll leave two pairs of bows and arrows for you to practice with if you want to become an archer.
"Oh, I'm on it, Master.
I'll hit it better next time!

 I want two male warriors and a female mage to accompany me.
 And Hans, Paula and Mia. All the demons will be there.

Let's focus on efficiency today.

 Experience itself can be gained by any number of people as long as they participate in the battle.
 So, the basic approach is to go easy on them.

 And I'll ask the low-level participants to do their best to stop them.

 In addition, since it takes time to walk around and find the demons, I've asked the fairies Yo and Gobu to find them for me.
 They are the so-called "fishermen.

 Paula and her friends attacked the demons that the fairies had pulled in.
 When they are about to die, the villagers and Hans-san give them a good push.

 This time, Hans-san changed his job to a mage, and joined the game from level 1.
 Although this strategy was a little awkward at first, and there were many times when I failed, it became more stable as my level increased, and in the end I was able to get four of them to level 15.
 Moreover, the time to reach the fifth floor was reduced to two hours.
 Well, it was largely due to the fact that the followers and messengers became stronger and more familiar with the game.

Thank you for your hard work, everyone.
This is a big clearing again.
Master, is this the place you were talking about?
Yes, sir, it is. Well, good. It's been well tilled.

 Yesterday, before I came back to the surface, I asked Mr. Worm to dig up the area in front of the entrance.
 I have just checked, but the ground is still bumpy.
 It seems that empty areas are not subject to restoration.

"Oh, this place is still on fire.

 The olive tree that had been burned by Mia when the goblins had attacked was still charred.
 However, upon closer inspection, some of the bark seemed to be returning to its original state.
 It may take some time for the tree to regenerate.

"Now, as for today's help, I'd like you all to build a field here.

 I took out the farming tools I had been given and handed them to the three villagers.
 Next, I'll give you a dog bone to use as a stake, and some bat manure stones that I've crushed.
 You also take out the crops to be cultivated and a bunch of garlic garlic.

"Paula, tell the earthworms to plow this area once more.
"Very well, my lord.

 As the worms quickly turned over the soil, I explained the work in detail.
 I explained in detail what I was going to do, but they had been doing it for a long time, so they quickly understood.

 First, I asked the three of them to make rows and fill them with manure.
 After letting them acclimate a little, they planted garlic in bunches.
 After that, water them and you are done.

 Don't forget to leave the two large sacks of boss slime filled with labyrinth water near the stairs.

With these, you will not be attacked by goblins. Also, there may be a horned rabbit, but you should be able to kill it on your own. If you are injured, please take this potion to restore your magical life.

 He handed the goblin talisman and medicine to the three of them and pointed at the worms plowing the ground.

If anything happens, they will protect you, and if it's still too dangerous, you can escape up the stairs.
"Yes, I understand. I got it.

I'll take care of the rest.
"Okay, please.

 After leaving the villagers to their own devices, I turned to the rest of the team.
 Now, let's start exploring the fifth floor from the corner.