35-Feast of Victory

 With a very soft touch, something sweet parted my lips and entered.
 The pain in my back eased, and I couldn't help but extend my tongue.

"Nngh, nngh, nngh.

 I sucked greedily and licked hard.
 As I lapped up the liquid that had entered my mouth, my tongue probed deeper, searching for more sweetness.
 I found a soft prick there, and tried to pull it out with my tongue.

"Nnngh, oh, my dear.

 I was so engrossed in the familiar call that I opened my eyes in surprise.
 I opened my eyes in surprise, and my gaze met the reddish eyes that were just a few feet away.

"What, Paula?

 I opened my mouth in surprise, and the familiar face slowly pulled away.
 At the same time, a thin thread of saliva arced from her lips and snapped.

No, that was .......
I'm sure you've noticed. How are you feeling?
"Oh, yeah.

 As I look up at Paula, who is smiling gently at me, I finally realize that I'm being kneecapped by a beautiful woman.
 It seems that I was knocked off my feet a little bit when a huge bird knocked me off my perch.

 Speaking of which, I must have been knocked to the ground hard, but the pain is fading strangely.
 This is the same effect I've experienced before from the spell recovery potion.
 The question is, how did you get me to drink it when I was unconscious? .......

 I'm not sure if it's worth asking, seeing as how Paula's fine chocolate skin is slightly inflamed.

Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you!

 I tried to just say thank you without hesitation, but suddenly two furballs and a feather jumped into my chest.
 Yoru and Kuu rubbed their heads against my cheek eagerly.


 I gently stroked their heads and backs, my mouth slackening at the fluffy, ticklish feeling.
 I'm the biggest contributor to this victory.

 A quick status check shows that Yoru's health is down to less than half.
 He doesn't seem to be injured, and it's probably due to his repeated use of the technique.

 On the other hand, Kuu's magic power was completely depleted.
 It seems that such a high-powered thunderbolt drains a lot of magic power.

 However, it's no exaggeration to say that he was able to win because of it.
 Although they share the same wind attribute, the fearsome bird's weakness is actually lightning.
 The specialties of these two birds were the basis of my victory.

 Thanks to their hard work, Yoru was now level 22 and Kuu was level 23.
 As a reward, I decided to scratch them both as much as I could.
 Yoru's just above the forehead, and Kuu's at the throat.

 As I was taking care of the two cooing animals, I was poked in the face.

"Whoa, what a surprise. What's the matter, Gobbler?

 The evil fairy demon lifted its mouth in a wicked smile at my call.
 The evil fairy demon lifted its mouth and smiled wickedly at my call, then suddenly laid its cheek against mine and slithered over.

"Yeah? What is it?

 I think he's imitating Yoru and Kuu, but I don't think it's very appropriate to spoil him like this.
 While I was thinking about it, Gobbledygook quickly moved away.
 Just as I was getting nervous that it might have appeared on my face, a goblin with a red feather on its head appeared.

 My cheeks are being sliced and diced again.
 The goblin with the red feather on its head comes up and slips off my cheek again.


 I hurriedly turned my gaze to the side and saw the goblins lined up in a row.
 I don't know why, but one by one, they come up to me to rub their cheeks.

"Hmmm? What is this ......?
"Perhaps it's a ceremony to acknowledge you as my master.
What? When did this happen?
It's ........ It's no wonder everyone kneels before you when they see it.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
 I don't mean to raise it too much, but it's true that without my command, we might have lost.

 I mean, how could I have won, really?
 In my previous life, I was just a game-loving employee, and in this life, I'm a lowly alchemist.
 Maybe I should be a little more confident after this victory, but it was harder for me to realize how unprepared I was.
 But I'm afraid I'll do the same thing again.

Why is Mr. Hans in line?
Yes, I succumbed to the pressure to line up with you.
I'm just flirting, Sensei!
What are you doing here, Mia? ......

 The goblins and I seem to be getting along pretty well.
 Also, when he fell to the ground, his talisman fell off, but the goblins in the cheek-to-cheek line didn't seem to mind.
 Finally, Hans and Mia kissed me on the cheek, and the mysterious ritual was finally over.

 The pain in my back had disappeared, so I stood up and checked the situation of the village.
 The fences, turrets, and some of the huts were in bad shape.

 However, the goblins had quickly begun to repair them with lumber they had pulled from somewhere.
 The elf Yoh and the caterpillar Imotchi also helped, and they seemed to be quite useful.

 I had thought that all those fences and turrets were part of the underground labyrinth, but it seems that they were made by the goblins themselves.
 This is impossible in the game, but in the real world, it is quite common for demons seeking magical elements to attack each other.

Armaments and fences were a means of self-defense to survive here. ......

 Eight goblin victims were trampled to death and six were petrified.
 They were to be buried in the ground next to the village.
 Two of the raiding birds helped us dig the holes, and the burial was quickly completed.

 While I was outside, I collected the scattered carcasses of the assault birds.
 There were thirty-eight of them in all.

 I took 31 green magic stones, 38 pieces of assault bird meat, 36 pieces of assault bird skin, and 161 pieces of assault bird claws.
 The remaining feathers, bones, and tendons were gladly carried into the village by the goblins.

 Returning to the plaza, I looked up again at the prone figure of the unique monster.
 As I gazed blankly at them, I began to feel hungry for some reason.
 It's already well past noon.

Let's try some .............

 The results of the "Greedy Beak" collection were six large greedy skins, six greedy claws, and six pieces of delicious giant bird meat.
 All of them are rare and worth three stars, but you can't just hand them over to a craftsman and finish your equipment like in the game.
 I guess I'll have to keep them in the mysterious storage space for a while.

 Combine the remaining giant bird bones and place a giant tortoise shell on it, face down.
 Next, take plenty of labyrinthine water, peeled labyrinthine garlic, and the parts of the bird bones that are not going to be used for processing, them, them, and throw them into the shell pot.

 The fuel is scrap wood from broken fences.
   It was probably the first time they had seen fire.

 I left Hans and Mia to take care of Aku as he floated away, while I went to the sixth floor with Paula and the demon children.
 Our original plan was to make salt by sublimating the water from the underground salt lake.
 Because of our exertion, we quickly produced about five bags of slime.

 When we returned to the village with the salt, we found that the broth was quite good.
 I wanted to stew for another two hours, but I couldn't wait that long.

 I pulled up the gara and threw in the salt and the delicious meat cut into thin slices by .
 After a quick simmer, the chicken shabu is ready.

 There is no sauce or condiments, but .............

It's good.
"This is ......
Oh, no, no, no! It's so good! Oh my god!

 The taste of the meat is extraordinary.
 Hans, whose eyes had changed color, and Mia, who had a speech impediment, started fighting over every piece of meat I threw in.  
 Even Paula, who was supposed to have a more discerning palate, silently joined the fray.

 I gave a piece of meat to the goblins who had gathered there with trepidation.
 They chewed and chewed, and then suddenly began to flail about on the ground.
 Finally, the goblins stood up straight and jerked.

 His face was ecstatic, so he seemed to be harmless.
 While I was smiling at my accomplishment, the goblins came rushing in like zombies.

 I was in charge of throwing the meat in and feeding it to everyone.

"More, more, more, please, Master Nino.
Yabba, yabba, yabba! Yabba, yabba, yabba!
"This is very good, my dear. I'd like some more, please.

 He's happy, though.