85-Amazing Underground Search Part 1

"Miss Noemi, Miss Noemi! This hole is too suspicious! My instincts are telling me not to go in there.
"I've told you many times, you and I are not related in the slightest. I don't want you to think I'm related to you, so please don't talk to me so casually.
"Don't say such a terrible thing. Hans's old man is in pain.
I don't care about you, Hans!
How can I help you, Noemi? Noemi.
No, nothing, I'm fine. I'm just trying to relax a little. ......
Oh, I understand. I was pretty intimidated the first time I tried it, too. But I think you'll feel a little more at ease if you drink this. Here you go, Tinya.

 Hans then handed me a glass bottle of the drug.
 It was more than a little suspicious, but from the looks of the villagers surrounding them with casual smiles, it seemed they had no right to refuse.

 Noemi and Tinya looked into each other's eyes, holding the mysterious liquid in their hands.
 After a moment of silence, they decide to drink it at the same time.

 The taste was indescribable, but there seemed to be no pain or numbness in their throats.
 As Noemi breathed a sigh of relief, Tinya inquired with concern.

It's not poison, is it? Miss.

 When she turned to look, Tinya's bottle hadn't diminished in the slightest.
 Noemi smiled gently at the beastly girl, who only pretended to drink.

Yes, it's very good. If you don't want to drink it, can I have some of that too?
"No! No! That's what we got!

 Tinya hurriedly replied, closing her eyes and putting the glass bottle to her mouth.
 She closed her eyes and put the glass bottle in her mouth. As her throat moved, Noemi continued to speak.

Noemi continued, "By the way, I came here at the request of the lady, but I wonder if you did. Did she say you were going to arrest someone? If that's the case, it's possible that you're not the same as me.

 When I suggested a clear difference in position, Tinya's face immediately turned pale, as if she had realized what I meant, and she began to choke and spew liquid.
 Noemi jumps back to avoid the spray, but her eyes widen.

 Noemi's eyes widened as she realized that her body had become instantly lighter.

What is this? You just took .......
"Yes, it's a potion to enhance your physical abilities. It's very valuable, so don't waste it too much.

I'm sorry, Mr. Hans.
Oh, no! My legs are moving so well! My arms are bouncing!
"I see you're ready, Tinya. Let's go.
"What? Are you sure you want to go into the labyrinth now?
Yes, it's your new workplace. You'll have to get used to it quickly.
We didn't say we'd be working here! Ah, push!

 The two of them were slowly pushed into the room, but they were immediately struck by the wonder of the straight stone passageway.
 They were led deeper into the passage and confronted by the first demon.

This is the one I saw in the village. It's twitching.
"Slime. Oh, no, if you get too close--

 The blue oval on the ground suddenly jumped up and closed the distance to the intruder.
 But Tinya's body, which moved before she could blink, moved backwards in an instant.
 The demon was cut to pieces by the blade of the dagger that was thrust out as they passed each other.
 The slime quickly fell to the ground, shrinking as it was.

I was surprised by its sudden movement!
...... You're surprisingly quick, aren't you?
I've often been praised for my dodging skills. And this sword is really sharp!
Of course it is. It's made of black iron.

 Noemi looked at Paula in awe as she lent her such an expensive weapon.
 I've never heard of it. It's a potion that strengthens the body, and it's made out of precious materials.
 But in that poor village, there was no large workshop that looked like it.
 Judging from the workmanship of the Shiraishi lanterns brought to King's Landing, it would take at least double-digit numbers of skilled craftsmen and alchemists. .......

 In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 Because the demons were defeated so quickly, she reached the far end without stopping.
 I was a little surprised by the giant blue slime, but with Hans' help, I was able to finish it off in less than five minutes.

 After that, the scenery changed from cave to dense forest, and the demons we encountered included a creepy bone dog and a ridiculously large worm, and the surprises kept on coming.
 As they descended the fourth staircase, their eyes widened to the fullest when the scenery suddenly opened up in front of them.

"Is this ......?
"Are we really at the bottom of the earth? 

 The two stood in front of the vast space.

 However, before I could take my time to be deeply moved, I was immediately hit by a new surprise.

"Nya, nya, nya! There's a big bird coming!
"Gosh, a goblin is riding it ......?
Oh, that's just great, Noemi. Can I ask you to take it over?
Oh, me? What kind of handover are you talking about, ......?

 Noemi tilted her head as she thought about her new employer's abrupt statement.
 In the event that you've got a saddle or goblins on your back, there's no doubt that this bird, which easily exceeds the height of an adult, is to Paula.
 Does taking it over mean that I'm supposed to take care of it?

I'll untie it then.

 As Paula's magic faded away like a receding tide, Noemi let out an exclamation of surprise for the umpteenth time.
 At the same time, she watched in amazement as the wildness returned to the beady eyes of the large bird in front of her.

"Yes, please.
What's that?
What do you mean, you can use it now?

 The big bird didn't have long to wait for the rest of the long conversation.
 With a yell, it shook off the goblins on its back and lifted its thick, clawed feet to its prey.

 Just as Noemi forgot to move in the face of imminent danger, Hans appeared like a gust of wind.
 Quickly lifting a small shield, he met the foot of the large bird that was about to crush it head on.

"Are you all right?
Yes, yes. Uh, yeah. ......
I'm fine, Noemi. You already have new powers. You just have to believe in yourself.

 I've been watching you closely for a month.
 Noemi knew for sure that Hans was telling the truth.

 With his jaw clenched and his eyes closed, the demon hunter searched hard inside himself.
 Then she realized that an unknown skill had somehow arisen within her.

 Noemi opens her eyes in surprise and releases her magical power through her tail.
  from !

 In the blink of an eye, the fierce presence of the large bird disappears, and it quietly steps down as if nothing had happened.
 As Noemi watched the scene without blinking, she muttered to herself.

I'm going to ....... subordinate you. Is that really ......?
Yes, it's brilliant.
I don't know what it is, but it's amazing. I don't know, but it's amazing.

"So I'm neither your sister nor your sister .......

 Noemi choked on her words, unable to finish because of the tears that welled up in her eyes.
 Until yesterday, she would never have guessed that such surprise and joy awaited her.

 However, Noemi and the others soon realized that this surprise was only the beginning.

Why is there a great village here?