62-Beasts that have lost their fur

 A creepy rat man with dazzling eyes squinted, but as soon as a high-pitched voice came out of the back of his throat, he pounced on the skeleton.
 With his dirt-caked claws, the skeleton's ribs are crushed in an instant.

 In the few seconds that my faithful servant had given me, I had arrived at an idea, and I called out sharply.

"Mia, don't let them get close!

 Instead of a reply, I heard the familiar snap of fingers.
 There was no sign of hesitation, no sound of a reply.
 It seemed that he had learned perfectly from his first encounter with Shadow.

 Two fireballs were shot out.
 The rat man's inorganic eyes, illuminated by the flames, reflected the incoming light...

 The next moment, the demon ducked the first fireball.


 Just as he turns around to dodge the second one, an arrow pierces the rat man's thigh without a sound.
 As he turned to dodge the second, an arrow pierced the rat man's thigh.
 The rat man's face contorts and a vicious scream bursts from his throat.

 But his voice suddenly stops.
 Before he knew it, a second arrow was lodged in the rat man's midsection.
 It was so quick and quiet, as if it had been growing there for a long time.

 With its shoulder burned and an arrow in its vitals, the demon still managed to take a few steps forward.
 But perhaps that was its limit, and it suddenly collapsed to its knees.
 It waited for a few seconds, and then the fire went out, leaving only the unmoving corpse.

 I let the reborn bone-child poke me, but she didn't respond, so I finally relaxed my shoulders.

"Thank you for your help. Thank you, Mr. Ethan. You've done well, Mia.
Oh, my God. ......
What the hell is this? It's not a person, is it? ...... 
Yeah, it's a pseudo-human.

 The body and limbs of the lying demon resemble those of a human.
 But the fact that only the head is a beast makes me feel disgusted.
 The fact that the face of the giant rat is too realistic also adds to the disgust.

This is a so-called lycanthrope monster. This one is probably a war rat.

 There are also the famous werewolves, war tigers, and war bears.
 However, they cannot be fully humanized as often seen in games and cartoons, and their intelligence is low and they do not understand human language.
 Since their heads are beasts, they are probably intelligent in their own way.
 It is also a little-known monster because it basically lives only in underground labyrinths.

It's a very creepy monster, isn't it, sir?
It looks like it can be subjugated, but I'm not sure I want to carry it around with me.

 It can be useful to a certain extent, but it's also naked and exposed. .......
 It's not very pleasant, even for a ten-year-old.

Just a few things to note about this guy. First, he's quick.
"Yeah, yeah!

 The first time she dodged a fireball, Mia nodded in agreement, perhaps in shock.

But it's not that strong. But there's one big problem: its claws.

 I crouched down, grabbed Warrat's wrist and lifted him up.
 The claws are very dirty from digging in the dirt earlier.

It's a good idea to avoid getting too close to it, as it can infect you with the disease.
"I understand, my dear.

 In the game, the special skill was also very troublesome because of the additional poison.

It's also a common trait of man and beast types, but they have a lot of resilience. Wounds heal easily, but paralyzing poisons also dissolve quickly. ......

 This time, Etan nodded quietly.
 The image of him walking around with a numb arrow in his leg must have lingered in his mind.

But since they have the same body type as humans, their weaknesses are almost the same. And with a physical defense of ......, you're not as well protected.

 I've said it many times, but I'm naked. .......
 The only thing that appeared in the item list was a red magic stone.
 Maybe because man and beast are also a kind of beast.
 There was no increase in anything else, and that seemed to be the only thing I could harvest.

Is it possible that this one is not very worth killing?
"No, you can't get any materials, but I'm pretty sure this one is .......

 I looked around and found the hollow I was looking for at the end of a dead end passage.
 I walked up to it and sure enough, there was a pile of stuff.

I have a habit of accumulating things like this. It's mostly junk.

 I reached out and briefly collected it, checking its contents.

"Oh, iron ore. That's good. There's a bit of silver ore, too.
"Really! Nice work, Rat.
Yeah, this is .......

 My eyes are drawn to a corner of the item list.
 Its name is an old ring. Its rarity is unknown.

"Wow, you pick up stuff like this? Let's see.


 It is probably made of silver, but it looks simple and has no elaborate design.
 However, there is a small magic circle engraved on the inside.

Isn't that timing too good? No, I guess that's a thing too.

 It's a common practice to find items that can be used against monsters that unleash nasty abnormal attacks.
 I looked around at the members of the team, but Yoru and Kuu didn't like it, so I couldn't equip it.
 The two blue slimes were also out of the question.
 So that leaves the three of us. .......

 Mia's eyes light up when I show her the ring.
 It's a girlish reaction.

 Paula, on the other hand, stares at my palm as if she's devouring it.
 Her usual mysterious smile is gone from her mouth, and she looks a little scared.

 Mr. Etan, for some reason, looks curious even though he is a man.
 Please don't stain my cheeks.

 After much deliberation, I lifted the ring and put it on my finger.

 I put it on my finger.
 Oh, it's perfect for my index finger.
 I don't know who I'm going to give it to, but I'm sure the other two will be disappointed, and it's probably best that I'm the one who can refine the chemicals.

Well, let's go and see if we can find anything more.
"Okay! Come on, come on, come on!
Yeah, let's go.
Yeah, I like that.

 For some reason, the three of them were motivated.