103-Stalled Exploration

 What I was able to recover from the large mud wraith was a large pile of black magic stone and the familiar wraith mud.
 To be honest, the reward was not worth the time and magic power I had spent.

 With that thought in mind, I picked up Kuu, who was sitting on the ground, and gently placed a potion to restore his magical life around his mouth.
 The little birdie reaches out with a small hand, grasps the potion bottle firmly, and chokes on it.
 He drank it all down and let out a satisfied breath.

 His sister, who had been looking at him anxiously, smiled and gently patted his head.

"Well done!

 After being hugged tightly by Yeol, Kuu replied cheerfully.
 Yeah, I think I'm okay now.

Okay, now we can finally go to the next floor.
"Yes, my dear. Yes, my dear. You've done well.

 Don't overdo it from here, though.
 You've only explored two floors and you've already used up all your firepower.
 In case of emergency, we should make a quick retreat.
 When I looked at her, Paula gave a small nod and touched the back of the stone skin frog beside her.

 This new addition to the demons is slow moving, but sturdy and perfect for stalling.
 It's cruel, but it's a fact of life that newcomers are given low priority.

 Still, it's going to be tough if I have to use Kuu's trump card every time I try to get through this level.
 It's not good to rely on Kuu alone for range extermination, so I've been asking Mia and the others to do their best, but I feel like that anxiety is already starting to show.

It's no use worrying about it now. I guess we'll have to see the next floor first.

 I mumbled as I descended the stairs, but I immediately regretted what I saw.
 The walls of the thirteenth floor were still covered with earth.
 The walls of the thirteenth floor were still covered with soil, but this soil was softer and had many irregularities.

 The concave part of the wall was shining brightly in the pale light of the white illuminated stone on the ceiling.
 Apparently, there is a sticky liquid attached to it.

 The mysterious sheen was visible here and there on the walls, but it also seemed to be the mark of something that had passed through.
 As I thought about this, I traced the tracks with my eyes.

 There it was, a slug as big as my thighs.
 Its brown back was covered with numerous blackish spots.
 Two horns protruded from its head, and it was moving slowly, smearing its slimy bodily fluids on the wall.

 Yes, it's a slug. .......

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
 They look so much alike in their reactions that sometimes you'd think they were sisters.

 As I was vaguely thinking about this in a corner of my mind, Tinya's cat ears flicked and she shouted loudly.

Then Tinya's cat ears perked up and she yelled out, "Nyaaahhhh! It's a big slug! It's disgusting!

 The slug's horns wagged and shrunk at the sound of the voice, which seemed to have even the hairs on its back standing on end.
 I finally came back to my senses as the monster turned toward me.

"Oh no! It's flying at me!

 At the same time as I shouted, the slug's mouth growled ominously.
 The next moment, a small needle-like object shoots out of it.

 The next moment, a small needle-like object shoots out of it.
 But then she realized that it would hit us behind her, and she quickly flipped up the cloak on her back.

 Something long and thin flew from the slug and hit the black wolf's cloak, splattering it with drops.
 A beat later, a stream of white smoke came out of the tanned fur.

"Nya! There's a hole!
"It's digestive juice. It'll melt you if you take it seriously!

 This is the same technique used by the giant worm, but the speed is clearly different.
 The reason for this is that the giant slug has added another technique to it.

 It's a magic trick that simply sends a thin, hardened needle of water at the target, but changing the ingredients in the needle can make it much more of a threat. .......

"Paula, get Kaa back!

 I'd like to say that a long-distance attack is a long-distance attack.
 I'd say that, but water-sensitive stone skin and digestive juices are too incompatible.  

 This time, perhaps reacting to my voice, the giant slug turned its head toward me.
 If I don't do something about this spacing, I'll be overrun one way or another.
 I was in a hurry, but Paula calmly gave the order.

"Yol, go.

 There was a cracking sound and a flash of purple light.
 The next thing I knew, the figure of the beast boy disappeared from under my feet and suddenly appeared on top of a large slug that was about ten paces away.
 Yoru makes a fist with both hands, and swings it down at the giant slug that's stuck to the wall.
 The monster slams violently into the floor.
 The beast jumps down with both feet together.
 With a sizzling sound of bodily fluids, the body of the giant slug is distorted greatly.
 Kuu, who had also swooped down, kicked the slug in the head without mercy.

 The monster, which had been helplessly beaten up by the two slugs, ran out of energy and fell to the ground.

It's not so tough when you close the distance. ......

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 You'll be able to use it to get the best out of the slug.
 Hmm, what did I use these for?
 I seem to remember it was used for medicine.

Oh well, I'll look into it later.

 As we made our way to the back, we were greeted by a series of large slugs crawling along the wall.
 Fortunately, it was only one slug at a time, so Yoru and Kuu were able to get close enough to kill it while Tinya was distracted.
 Thanks to them, my wolfskin cloak was torn to shreds.
 Also, it seems that there are no other demons here except for this slug.

Nya, nya again.
This passage's no good either. ......
Oh, I can't get through here either.

 We wandered for an hour, smashing giant slugs.
 After filling up the map with many narrow passages, we came to a troubling conclusion.

"Hey, all the paths are dead ends. ......