104-One bath after the search Pre-chapter

 The thirteenth floor was an intricate structure with many narrow side streets branching off from the thick passageways.
 After getting rid of the giant slugs, we walked through all the passages again to check them out.

 But every one of them ended in a wall of earth.
 There was no sign of the barred staircase that was usually there.

"...... Does this mean we're at the bottom?
"No, that's not possible.

 No, that's not possible." To Paula's question, I immediately said no.
 The location of the entrance, how to find it, and the specifications of the interior make it almost certain that this is the Dragon Jade Palace.

 Even if it wasn't, there's no way that a dungeon of this scale would be able to re-generate demons and collectibles in a day.
 It would have made sense if there was at least some kind of entity that controlled this underground labyrinth, but if we can't even find that, then .......

I'm sure there are hidden passageways and tricks to confuse the senses somewhere.

 I looked around at the other members of the group as I mulled over my thoughts.

 It was already nearing dusk outside.
 I could see the fatigue in Tinya's and Noemi's eyes as they had been on a dangerous quest all morning.
 In the first place, it's the first time for them to explore an unknown level.

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"Well, I guess that's it for today. We'll look into it tomorrow.

 I want to find the right floor as soon as possible, but I don't want to lose efficiency in a hurry.
 That's why today's search was cut off in the middle of the thirteenth floor.
 On the way back, everyone's steps were light due to their high expectations, and we arrived back at the eleventh floor in less than an hour.

"Hey, finally a bath!
"Well, you made it back. ....... I mean, you look great.
I didn't know that warm water could feel so good. This must be heaven.
It's so easy!
Good work, my dear.
Yeah, get some rest.

 The large room in front of the stairs looked different from the morning.
 Surrounding the hot spring was a wooden partition with a black wolf's fur stretched across it.
 The inside of the partition was also divided in the middle by a large piece of boss wolf leather.

 Only at the entrance of the two partitions, there was a big bat's wing leather hanging like a curtain.
 The right side is the women's bath and the left side is the men's bath.

 These were installed by the young members of the village youth group.
 It seems that not only the villagers but also the empire of Paula and her people do not have the custom of taking a full-body soak in hot water to relieve fatigue.
 Of course, baths existed, but most of them were just steam baths or footbaths, and the rest of the time, the body was cleansed with hot water.
 It's not practical when you have to pump out a lot of clean water and spend a lot of money on firewood.

 However, the Emirate of Fram, which is the homeland of the beast race, is inhabited by underground caves hollowed out of mountains, and it is said that hot springs can be found there.
 So when Heimo saw this spring, he jumped for joy.

 Of course I danced with them.

 The two of us secretly used the spring as a bathtub and enjoyed the spaciousness of the water, but we were easily discovered.
 Even though it was almost spring, it was still chilly, and with the warm water constantly overflowing, there was no way the women who did the laundry would overlook it.

 So, when the wives with their laundry witnessed two men having naked relations, they almost misunderstood us, so I hurriedly recommended the beauty of soaking in hot water, which was very well received.
 Nowadays, if we defeat the boss on the eleventh floor and let him know that we are safe with a white lighted stone, someone will come and change the room into a washing place and a bathing place during the daytime.

 Fortunately, there seemed to be no visitors today, as I could not hear any noise.
 I'm glad to hear this, because the bathtub has been cut in half, and it would be too tight for about three people.

I know it's useless, but I'll ask you. Yol, Kuu, who are you going in with today?
Okay, okay, don't stick together!

 For some reason, they always want to go in with me.
 I shrugged my shoulders at Paula's happy smile, then led Yoru and Kuu by the hand through the curtain of the men's bath.
 Suu and Ra are also in the men's bath for some reason.
 The red slimes followed the women, and the stone-faced frog, who hated water despite being a frog, stayed at the entrance.

 When we entered, we found that there was a changing basket near the entrance.
 I put my clothes in the basket, wrapped a woolen towel around my waist, and approached the bathtub.

 I drew hot water from a bucket with a crab shell handle that was placed on the edge of the spring, and lightly rinsed the dirt from my body.
 Then he poured hot water over Yoru, Kuu, and the blue slime.


 The older sister was shaking her body as if she didn't want the water to get into her ears, while the younger brother was overjoyed with his hands raised.
 The difference between them is very cute and interesting.

He said, "You've been very dirty today. Let's wash up first.

 At my words, their eyes immediately light up.
 They love to have their bodies washed.

 With their hands outstretched in the air, they hailed each other in the "watch out" position.
 I lathered my hands with beeswax soap, which was also on hand, and started on Yoru, the older sister.

 I rubbed her fur-covered shoulders, back, and arms, and she tickled my mouth.
 When I touched her sides, chest and stomach, she giggled happily.
 I guess it feels good to be tickled.

 She doesn't like to be touched on the buttocks, so I give her a quick rub, and carefully wash her feet.
 You've worked so hard today.

"You're welcome.
You're welcome. Any itchy spots?

 He shook his head, so I gave him a good scrub, except for his ears, and he jumped on my feet, covered in foam.
 Now he was going to wash me.

 I enjoyed the soft feeling of him rubbing my back, and then I started on my brother, Kuu.

 The wings seem to be surprisingly strong and do not seem to have any problem even when wet.
 However, the wings on his back are ticklish, so I always just pour hot water on them.

 Koo's favorite place is the feathers around his neck.
 When I carefully comb it with my fingers, he closes his eyes and lets out a pleasant snort.

"Coo...... coo...... coo............

 I lathered her up to the tips of her toes, and she jumped up and down on me, too.
 I wash the blue slime Sue and Ra's smooth epidermis with the lathered soap again, letting them slither all over me.
 I don't think there's much point in washing them, but they seem to be happy about it.

 Finally, I wash off all the bubbles and put them one by one in the bathtub.
 I let out a deep breath of satisfaction at the sensation of all my fatigue melting away in the hot water.