15-Battle of the Great Bats

 Big bubbles floating in the air.
 And inside is a three-year-old child with bird wings.
 What a joyful scene.

 What awaited her as she flew away, however, was a swarm of vicious bats.

 This was the application of Mia's idea of "water bubbles.
 Kuu entered the bubble and proceeded to flap his wings quietly.
 We watched with bated breath.

 And when we were halfway to the bars where the tinnitus bats were frozen, the monsters reacted.
 The boss bat, hanging from a stalactite, spread its wings menacingly.
 Around it, five subordinate bats flew in unison.

 At the same time, its six mouths opened, releasing a wave of sound that echoed throughout the room.
 The sound was so loud that it deafened my eardrums without regard to my earplugs.
 Yoru, who had his ears down tightly and I was holding his hands over them, shivered.
 If I hadn't kept my distance, I would have fainted.

 If I hadn't kept my distance, he would have fainted.

 Naturally, he was floating in the air with a pale face.
 However, the bubbles that had covered his body had completely disappeared.
 The six bats that had just finished releasing their specials and the bird child that was facing them.
 They were already within range of Kuu's special move.

"Now, Kuu! "Kuu! Kuu!

 In response to Paula's instructions, Kuu flapped his hands wide.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 They fell to the ground one after another, their faces, abdomens, and wings pierced by Kuu's feathers.
 But they were not as big as they seemed.
 Only the boss bat, with its wings sprouting all over its body, barely managed to hold on.

 Its mouth opened again, and a wave of tremendous sound flooded in...
 The first sound was Mia's finger flicking in rapid succession.
 The fireball that followed slipped past Yoru and headed straight for its target.

 Perhaps it was because he was concentrating on Kuu in front of him.
 The boss bat was not able to avoid the masses of red lotus that suddenly appeared, but instead bathed his entire body in them.

 Letting out a scream of despair, the big bat covered in fire fell to the ground.
 After hitting the ground and bouncing once, it struggled for a bit and then stopped moving.
 After a pause for breath, the bars begin to move upward.

 We all shouted in triumph at the sight.

"Yay, Kuu!
Mia did a great job backing him up.
Way to go.

 When I rushed over, I found the birdy straddling the boss bat on the ground, screaming in triumph.


 Yoru patted Kuu's head as if to praise his good fight.
 Yoru pats Kuu on the head as if to praise him.
 It's a very funny gesture.

 They both looked up at me, drooling and urging me.

"Oh, you can eat it.

 The bright-eyed demon children gobbled up the still-smoldering boss bat.
 They bite into the flesh and swallow it whole without even chewing.
 Yes, the way it eats is very demon-like.

 Leaving the two bats engrossed in their meal, I quickly collected the henchmen bats.
 Fortunately, there are no stalagmites covered in feces in front of the stairs where the bosses were camped.
 However, three of the bats that had been killed by Kuu's special technique had gotten caught in a stinky ledge some distance away.

 Careful not to touch the poop, you open the item compartment and stow away the bats.
 I thought I would, but my fingertips just grazed it.
 The next moment, the feces-covered stone protrusion in front of me disappears.


 You hurriedly turn your attention to the item field and see the name "Fishy Stone".
 The number of stars indicating its rarity is unknown.
 It is what is called an indeterminate item.

 In the alchemy command, set it to "white magic stone" and try to it.
 The name of the stone revealed is bat manure stone, which is not any less suspicious.
 But two stars.

"............ What the hell is this?

 I'm sure I remember most items, but not this one.
 Hmm, despite the disgusting name, the rarity is unexpectedly high.
 I guess this is a typical thing in Dracula 2.
 So, it's likely to be a very useful item.

 Putting off trying to figure out what it's for, I just touch the pile of bat droppings and collect it.
 In less than a few minutes, the floor of the stairwell was clean and clear.
 The stench that had been so strong was gone without a trace.

Thanks to the mystery space. Now we just need to get the boss.

 The large bat's body was completely consumed, leaving only its head and wings.
 Yoru and Kuu were so cute, sighing with satisfaction, that I reached out to pat them on the head as I put the body away.

 He pulled it away.


 I reach for Yol's head again.
 He quickly turns his head away.

 Then I reached for Kuu.
 He rolled over and ran away.

"What's wrong with ............?
No, you're not supposed to touch me with that hand.
I'm not so sure about that either.

 I was covered in bat shit.
 It was covered in bat shit.
 Yeah, I'm running away from this.

 I took out a bag of slime with labyrinthine water and washed off the dirt.
 I also sprinkled some leftover deodorant on it.
 When I held out my hand again, Yoru and Kuu sniffed it and put their chins on it.

 From the wreckage of the boss bat, I was able to collect a feather and a small green magic stone.
 This is the third two-star item I've collected.
 Also, a bat wing had been added to Kuu's arm gear.

 When you touch it, you'll see that it has what looks like a flying membrane underneath the feathers.
 It may have made it easier to fly than before, and it also increased his speed.

 There is no change in Yoru.
 Does this mean that if you don't have the ability to fly, your equipment won't be approved?
 Also, from the past examples, it seems that is only applicable to boss monsters.

That's about all I can tell you.
"Well, that's interesting.
"Wow, Yoru and Kuu are amazing.
I'd like to feed them another kind of food, if you don't mind.

 In terms of level, I think I can afford the next floor, and to be honest, I'm very interested in seeing how much stronger I can get.
 Paula and Mia smiled and nodded at my suggestion.

"Yeah, let's go for it!
"Yes, we'll accompany you wherever you go.
"I'm here!

 And so we chose to go down the stairs again.