14-B basement second floor abuse


 Yoru had become accustomed to taking the lead.
 The little beast ran out on all four legs, and with his momentum, plunged headfirst into a dog made of bone.

 A loud crunch sounded, and Yol was easily knocked off, probably due to the difference in weight.
 Yoru rolled around on the ground, but he stood up immediately with an unconcerned face.

 The skeleton dog, on the other hand, was in a terrible state.
 His right front paw was shattered, along with his shoulder bone, and cracked in a spectacular manner.
 The neck bone had also been distorted by the impact, and the skull had turned in the wrong direction.


 Kuu quickly glided into the air and kicked with all his might.
 White fragments of bone flew out, and the demon fell to the ground helplessly, its neck bone snapped.

 But you can't let your guard down there, that's what dungeons are for.
 Another one jumped out from behind the lying skeleton dog.
 It attacked Kuu, who had lost his stance in reaction to the kick.

 The sound of cutting through the air echoed sharply in the cave.
 At the same time, the dog made of bone lost its balance and slammed into the ground in a heap.
 A black whip entwines around its paw.

Now, Mia!
"Hold on, Master Paw!

 With a snap of her fingers, a mass of red lotus swirls through the air.
 The lump of red lotus swirled through the air, and the whip struck the bound and helpless demon without mercy.
 In an instant, the skeletal dog was engulfed in flames and collapsed, jawbone clattering.

"Wow, isn't that too much fire?
It's standard for undead to be weak against fire.

 The undead are usually weak against fire, but they are also completely immune to dark techniques such as .
 But Paula, who instantly saw through this and switched to a whip attack, can only be described as brilliant.
 I was frightened by the appearance of a skeletal dog, but I'm in a different frame of mind.

Are you hurt, Yol?

 I stroke his head and back, but he doesn't show any sign of pain.
 In fact, he seems to be happy with his ears buzzing.

 The levels of the monsters in the palace are the same as in the game, with ten levels added to each level, so the skeleton dog is between level 11 and 13.
 This number is almost the same as Yoru's level 11 after defeating the boss slime.
 However, this dog's status is almost double that of Yoru's, thanks to the various strengthening potions and the slime's body equipment.
 There was almost no damage, and it was no surprise that the battle ended easily.

"You want some bones? Yol, Kuu.

 When I asked them in front of the corpse of the skeleton dog, they shook their heads disinterestedly.
 It seems that the special skill of is not good for any demon.  

"You don't have any meat on you, do you?
Is it a matter of taste?

 Well, even if you can equip a bone body, it won't be enough.
 The skeletal dog itself is not so fast, has a little attack power, and a little defense.
 It has only one special ability, , so it should be able to handle the current fighting style.

 When I collected the dog's bones, I found some dark magic stones mixed in.
 This is a good thing, because it's not so easy to find.
 Bones have a lot of uses, too.

I'd like to say, "Okay, let's keep going like this. I would say, "Let's keep going like this," but first, this.
"What is it, sir? Sir.

 I'm going to say this, but first, here's something for you.
 It's a slime skin that has been into pieces the size of the tip of your little finger, but it's not that difficult to use.

It's an earplug. The skeletal dog reminds me that there's another kind of troublesome demon on this floor.
"Oh, you put them in your ears? They're kind of slippery.
"It's a little more scary than I thought.

 I tried it on Yoru and Kuu, but like Paula, they found it ticklish, shook their faces and immediately jumped out of the way.
 I did it three times and the same thing happened again, so I gave up and left it at that.

 Unlike the first floor, the second floor had a winding terrain.
 As I proceeded down the gently curving corridor, I heard the creaking sound of footsteps again.

 I lifted the lantern high and two bony dogs emerged from the darkness.
 Accompanying them is a high-pitched whine and the sound of flapping wings in the air.

 Flying above the skeletal dogs were bats slightly larger than the palm of my hand.
 Their name was Tinnitus Bats.
 Because of their pitch-black appearance and high speed, they are difficult to find in the dark.
 However, they are too small and have very low attack and defense power.

 As it is, they are just small fry that can run away quickly, but as their name suggests, they have some nasty specialties.

 As the skeleton dog walks, the three ear-splitting bats open their mouths at once.
 Before he could stop them, a tremendous wave of sound was unleashed.

 It was so loud that even with my earplugs in place, I felt as if my head was shaking.
 But it's not unbearable.
 Immediately, Paula's black whip cut through the sky and struck one of them.
 Mia's fireball also exploded, causing the other burnt animal to fall to the ground.

 Compared to the two who were the most active, Yeol and Kuu, who refused to wear earplugs, were a mess.
 Both of them were crouched there, holding their ears cutely.
 Then, relentlessly, the earless skeleton dogs closed the distance.

 But this isn't our only ally.
 Two of Paula's slimes stood in front of the skeletal dogs that were attacking Yoru and the others as if to protect them.

  versus .
 The blue slime just barely won the battle.

 There was no difference in the level of the dogs, but the benefit of the "servant reinforcement" was significant.

 Cracks appeared in the bones of the dogs, slowing them down.
 Then, without pausing, a fireball came flying at them.

 The remaining bats were killed by Paula's whip, and the second battle ended quickly.

"Are you okay? Yoru, Kuu.
"I'm sorry.

 The ringing in his ears made him feel ashamed that he couldn't do anything.
 He bends over me and apologizes profusely.

"It's okay. Here, put these in and you'll be fine.

 When I put the earplugs in again, he shook his head again and skipped away.

 A small amount of flesh, feathers, and a wind-element green magic stone were recovered from the bat.
 When I asked the demon children if they wanted to eat them, they swallowed them whole, but their equipment in the status column had not increased.
 It seems they just ate it.

It's no use. Let's kill it before it does.

 So, if you have only a skeleton dog, you can continue as before.
 If a bat with a ringing in its ears comes along, Kuu will at the start of the game.
 Incidentally, the feathers that had flown away last time had somehow grown back.

 Repeatedly performing special attacks consumes a lot of magic power, but I compensate for this with magic activity recovery potion.
 Also, to my delight, I found out that when I restore my vitality, my reduced strength will gradually return.
 I wonder if this is because the cells inside the body are activated and the damaged parts inside the body heal faster.

 The wings flew like darts, and the skewered bats were defeated one after another.
 The skeletal dogs were attacked by Yoru, blocked by slime, and burned by Mia, and were quickly defeated.
 After about three or four minutes of this, I reached the stairwell at the far end.

"It stinks! It's so stinky! What is this?
"What the hell?

 The ceiling is higher than the ceiling of the room, and the space is more like a large cave than a room.
 Stalactites hang from the top, and the unevenness of the ground makes it difficult to move.
 The opponents are five ear-ringed bats and a huge one hanging in front of a staircase with iron bars.

 The boss bat is about one meter long.
 To be honest, it's not very scary.  

 It's easy to underestimate it.
 In this staircase room, there is a problem that is more threatening than the boss.

 It was a large number of grayish-brown stone projections on the ground.

 It stinks.
 Yes, it stinks like hell.

 The stone is a gray rock raised from the ground and covered with bat droppings.
 In fact, there was a faint smell on the way, but now the source of the smell has been revealed.  
 The stairwell on the second floor was a puddle of shit, very different from the clean wall fountain on the first floor.

Do you need these?

 I tried to make nose plugs as an application of the ear plugs, but the women were reluctant to use them.
 Perhaps because they looked a little ugly.
 I put them in the noses of the demon children, but they were blown away with a snort.
 They didn't like it.

I think I'll just take them down. Hmm, that's tricky.
"Oh, really?
Yeah, I guess so.

 I'm glad you and Paula agree on something.
 I decided to list the problems to Mia, who didn't understand the situation.

First of all, the ground is very hard to walk on.
Yeah, I guess you're right.

 First of all, the ground is very difficult to walk on.
 But it doesn't matter, because the other side is flying in the sky.

"So, can you hit a flying bat with a fireball?
"Mmmm, that's a tough one!

 In a narrow passage, it would have been manageable.
 But here, there are a lot of stalactites hanging from the ceiling.
 If the stalactites were used as shields, the hit rate would drop significantly.  

All they have to do is run away and scream. The boss bats will take care of the rest.

 You can survive up to three bats with earplugs, but six bats at once will be tough.
 The blue slime is immune to sonic attacks, but it has no way to attack the flying bats.
 Because of their high speed, there is a high probability that they will avoid you even if you aim at them from outside the room with .

 There is a way to reduce the number of bats around you by following them while using and to stop them.
 However, Paula told me that the range of those two techniques is surprisingly short and the conditions are difficult.

So, you can use ......., which is not affected by terrain and has a wide range of remote attacks. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.
Yes, I think so too. Just ......
The problem is their tinnitus attack.

 As I say this, I put the earplugs in the birdies.
 He grabs it in his fingers and throws it away.

I've got an idea!

 Mia clapped her hands, and with her index finger and thumb, she made a fist and blew it into the air.
 Instantly, the magic of "bubbles" is activated, and a large bubble is created.

Oh, there's a use for that!
"Nice work, Mia.
"Well, that went well. Okay, let's go, Kuu!

 The second boss challenge has begun.