13-pause, and moving forward

 In the end, it was a stable battle with few close calls.
 This was thanks to Paula, who brought out the best in Yoru, Kuu, and the other demon children.

 After all, knowledge from a video game is not enough in a real battle.
 This boss battle made me realize that.

 When I held out my hand to hide my depression, Paula quietly lifted the edge of her lips and squeezed it back.
 The smile on her face was a little different than usual, and I felt uncomfortable, but I thanked her.  

Yes, that was very good and precise. Thanks to you, I won. Thank you.
...... No, I'm glad I could be of help.
I'd appreciate it if you could continue to give me instructions like you did.
Are you sure you want me to go to ......?
Yeah, because I'm not good enough. No, I'm not going to throw everything at you, so don't worry. If you can't do it, I'll just give you some advice.
Is it Adobaisu? Hmm, I'm not sure, but I'll take it.

 I was relieved to see that Paula had softened her grip on my hand and put some pressure on it.
 For now, I'll just have to keep on gaining experience.
 Just as I was getting into a good mood, Mia interrupted me with a carefree voice.

"I'm tired, Sensei. Can I have some of this water? Oh, it's cold and delicious.

 I replied to the girl who had taken the liberty of sipping water from the fountain and began to drink it with a dumbfounded look on her face.

"Hey, don't drink it before you answer. It can be poisonous.
"Oh, poison? What? You'll die!
Well, I think it's safe to say that the blue slime is gathering.

 I was about to explain that the blue slime, which loves the magical element of water, also has a habit of keeping the water itself clean.
 I was just about to explain this, when I got the answer to my question from my own words.

I was about to explain that blue slimes like to keep the water itself clean, but then I heard the answer to my question.

 The boss slime battle I just had.
 I'm pretty sure it was Yoru's tail strike that ended the fight.
 However, it was an attack with too little power for that.
 I thought it was an offensive move.

 But immediately after the attack, the boss slime could do nothing and fell down easily.
 Probably, the boss slime had injected a strong poison into its body in that instant.
 Otherwise, there would be no explanation for its sudden purple coloration and death.

 I hurried over to the corpse of the boss slime and found two of them crouched down again, poking and prodding each other happily.

 If the cause of death was poisoning, it would be dangerous to touch it.

"Hey, look out!

 I hurriedly picked them up from behind and pulled them away from the demon's corpse.
 But when I looked at the boss slime, the purple color had already disappeared and it had returned to its familiar blue.

The poison is gone. ....... No, that would be ......

 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
 And it's against a boss monster with special resistance.

"Can I see your tail for a second? Yoru.

 Curious, I lowered Kuu to the floor and reached for the beast's buttocks.
 In fact, when Yoru performed his special move, I saw for a brief moment that the tip of his tail was split in two.
 Yes, it was just like .......

 But as soon as I tried to touch the fluffy fur-covered buttocks, Yoru started to cower and resist.
 Then he shakes off my hand, goes down to the floor, and bends down with his hands on his buttocks.

What did you do, Sensei? Yol is so uncomfortable.
Sir, that's not very polite.
Is that so?

 When I hurriedly looked back at Yoru, I saw that his large triangular beast ears were completely down.
 This is certainly a gesture of great displeasure.

 It's not good to force things, and I've decided to give up.
 Well, I'll be able to take a good look at it when I perform my special move again.

Okay. I get it. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

 The two slimes apologized and jumped up cheerfully.
 And when they approached the boss slime again, they squatted down and thrust out again.

"Hm? What's wrong?

 What's wrong?" The two slimes looked up at me as if they were appealing to me, and drool was trailing down their mouths.
 The sight of the hungry-looking Yoru and his friends gave me another idea.

"Maybe you want to eat ......? 

 Yoru and Kuu nodded their heads in unison.

 This is a special skill.
 When I looked at the other specialties, and , I decided that they were not going to be useful.

 But in fact, it was a very powerful technique.
 If this is the case, then it is highly likely that there is something in that has not yet been demonstrated as well.

"Okay, you can eat.
"I'm sorry.

 The two slimes pounced on the boss slime's body and happily bit into its skin.
 Then they began to suck out the contents with gusto.

 The slime's body was immediately flattened, and in exchange, Yoru and Kuu's bellies protruded.
 In no time at all, the demon's corpse was nothing but skin.
 It's impossible in terms of volume, but it seems that the entire contents have been put into the stomachs of both of them.

 I immediately checked the status of the two monsters using the menu command, and let out a squeal at the unexpected result.

"Huh, ............ body?

 At first glance, their statuses hadn't changed much from before the boss battle.
 The only thing that had changed was that I had lost a lot of magic power.
 But then, in the middle of the equipment at the bottom, next to the body, there was a notation that said "Slime Body".

What, equipment after eating? What? What does that mean?

 Surprised by the unexpected change, I crouched down and touched the two slime's round bellies.
 I felt a soft, unexpected sensation.
 They still look hairy and feathered, but their elasticity has clearly increased.

"What, is this a slime body?
"I'm flat.
f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

 I'm not sure if it's tickling or not, but the demon children start laughing strangely.
 It seems that their bodies are in good shape.
 If you look at the status values again, you'll see that your physical defense has increased by 10.

You've taken in the monster's constitution by "eating". There was never any such specification in Dracula 2. ....... Who are you really?

 I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.
 They hugged me tightly as I was patting their stomachs.
 They were like innocent children themselves.
 And it's so soft and comfortable.

No point in asking. Well, you're cute, smart, and strong. That's good enough for me.

 I picked them up and walked to the fountain where Paula and the others were resting.
 Before doing so, I opened the item list and collected the remaining boss slime's skin.
 Then, along with the skin, an unfamiliar item appeared in the list.  

Oh, a blue magic stone too. Thank goodness for that.

 A lump of magic stone is needed to make a large number of alchemical products at once, or to make higher level alchemical products.
 They are rarely available and are quite expensive. It also has two stars in the item field.
 The number of stars indicates the rarity of the item, and the more stars, the rarer the item.
 So far, all of the items I've harvested so far have one star, except for the small blue demon stone, so I'm pretty happy.

 I returned to the lion's face fountain and sat Yoru and Kuu down on the edge of the fountain.

"Here's some good water.
"I'm sorry.
"Wow, you're drinking a lot. Yeah, it's delicious. It's been a long time since I've had clean water like this.
That's good. And it's not just good.
The spring water in the dungeon contains a lot of magical elements. In fact, just by drinking it, you can recover your magic power.

 It even has a special name, Labyrinth Water.
 The reason I remembered this was because when I was checking the status of Yoru and the others, I noticed that Mia's magic had returned to normal, even though it had been used up.

 I opened the alchemy command as I spoke and set the blue magic stone, yellow magic stone, and slime skin.
 Due to the effect of the compound alchemy , the holes in the skins instantly stick together, and the name "Slime Bag" is changed.

 Although it uses two magic stones, this is a very useful alchemy.
 The skin of the slime is very similar to the rubber of the past life, and is a material that can be used in many ways.
 However, it can only be used in pieces, and is difficult to process.
 However, with , it can be freely formed, and its range of applications has expanded.

 I immediately started storing labyrinthine water one after another in the slime bags I had smelted.
 This water is a very tasty material that can be used to make medicines with increased potency and additional effects.
 And it's also good drinking water.

"Oh, my dear. There's something over there, isn't there?

 Paula pointed to the wall at the back of the fountain with a soft voice, as I eagerly collected the water.
 I looked up and saw what looked like light blue moss covering the top of the fountain hole.

"Is that ......?

 I stopped and walked around the edge of the semi-circular fountain and approached the wall.
 When I carefully touch it, it instantly disappears and is collected in the item field.

I knew it was labyrinth moss!

 The official name for this plant is labyrinth moss, and it's used to improve blood circulation in the body, making it an ingredient in vitality restoratives.
 By simply extracting its properties and mixing it with the labyrinth water, you can complete a low-grade but easy to use potion that restores magic power and vitality.

 I'm excitedly collecting all the moss, but I'll leave about 30% of it behind.
 I'm sure it will be fine, but be careful not to uproot it, or it may not grow back.

 When I returned to the house after collecting the moss, Mia was completely relaxed and enjoying the feeling of poking the two slimes that had become her servants.

 Paula also took off her hood, and with a cool face, she lent a lap pillow to Yol and Kuu, who were full.
 The tension that had been building up in their bodies seemed to have dissipated, and they were resting comfortably.  

It's pretty warm here. It was so cold outside.
The underground labyrinth is a mysterious place. The labyrinth is a mysterious place, but there are probably some very hot and cold floors.
Oh, my God, I want to go there!
Are you sure?

 I looked at the stairs to the basement, which opened up in the back of the room, and asked Mia if she wanted to continue exploring.
 I've let her follow me so far, but the lower we go, the more dangerous it gets.
 Now that we had successfully defeated the boss slime, it was time to turn back.

 But the girl nodded her head, her eyes shining.

"Of course! I'll go with you as far as you go.
"That's great, but aren't you pushing yourself?
No, it's a lot of fun! I get to shoot a lot.

 Oh, I see.
 Encountering and experiencing something new was very exciting and interesting.
 It's something that I tend to forget as I've been living a safe life without adventure.

It was easy for me to forget. Isn't that annoying?
"Me? I'm just happy to get the material together. I'm happy enough, ...... or even more than happy enough.

 Paula noticed my gaze and smiled quietly as she joined the conversation.

I'm the same way. I've been told that the barrier to subordination is very thick, but I'm surprised that you've mastered it so easily. Leveling is a fun thing, isn't it, sir?

 I nodded, my cheeks tightening at the sight of these two motivated animals.

All right, let's go upstairs!

 As I stepped into the staircase leading to the depths of the earth, I was struck by a familiar sensation.
 It seems I've been transported through space again.

 As I descended to the second basement, the first thing that struck me was the damp air.
 There was also a vague smell in my nose.

 The passageway turned out to be a natural cave, with rugged rocks exposed.
 Stones hang down from the ceiling like icicles, and there are no white stones in sight.
 Instead, the area was dimly illuminated by a glowing plant called the white light plant.

 This plant also lives only in the labyrinth, and if you pick it carelessly, it will wither easily.

 The ground is hard to walk on, with bamboo shoot-like stones growing here and there, and the air is stale and the light source is dim.
 It's a level that feels like the home of demons.

 I took out a lantern made of white light stone that I had stored in the item section and held it up.
 Because of the magic I had poured into it before entering, it was still shining brightly.

 He was relieved when the darkness faded away, but not for long.
 A few meters away, a creaking sound suddenly came from the darkness.

 I held my breath for a few seconds.
 A dog appeared from behind the passage.
 But there was no flesh left on its body.
 Only its bare white bones were moving.

 When the skeletal dog noticed us, it let out a grating sound of its jawbone biting together.
 It was so creepy that Mia grabbed the sleeve of my dress and said.

It's so creepy! I want to go home.
I want to go home." "You flip-flop so fast, dude!