12-First boss fight

 It was Kuu who opened the show, the quickest of the bunch.
 He jumped into the large room and unleashed a sharp kick at one of the blue slimes in front of the fountain.
 A breath later, Paula's tail arced, and she immediately stalled the other one with a .

 Yoru runs past her, kicking the ground with both hands and feet like a beast, at an incredible speed.
 With his momentum, the beastie plunged headfirst into the large slime that was about to start moving.
 It bounces back and rolls around on the floor.

"Ew! Wait, wait!

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
 I'm not sure if it was a bad idea to leave one of them with less than half the speed of the others.

 However, it seems that the blue slime was unable to react to our speed as well.
 After kicking one of the slimes away, Kuu flew up into the air and attacked the slime behind him diagonally.
 Paula threatened the last slime by cracking her whip on it.
 The one in front of the fountain seems to have taken the lead and is completely subdued.

 And Yoru, who had rolled over, stood up and ran at the boss slime again.
 However, he seems to have learned his lesson from the previous attack.
 This time, he drew a proper curve and tried to get behind it.

 But the slime has no front.
 The boss slime mercilessly intercepted Yoru, who jumped at it to strike a blow from its blind spot.
 There is no way to avoid it, and the beast is sent flying again.

 Just when it seemed that Yoru was going to crash into the wall, a large bubble suddenly appeared and caught him in between.
 With a popping sound, Yoru landed lightly on the ground, unharmed.
 A fine play by Mia.
 You've only used it twice, but you've mastered it.

"Yes, you're good!

 Perhaps he had learned from the two attacks, Yor closed the distance, but did not attack.
 He would approach the boss slime as if to provoke it, and then jump back just as it was about to move.

"Now! Aim!
"Huh? Oh, right!

 With a snap of her fingers, Mia created a fireball and slammed it into the giant body of the boss slime.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
 Or rather, it's not working at all.

Hmm, it's tough even with all that magic attack power. It's no use. Fire and water are incompatible.
What should I do?
I guess. You'll just have to live with the bubbles for a while.


 Relaxing my shoulders a little at the cheerful girl's reply, I shifted my gaze to the front of the fountain.
 It seems that Paula and the others are fighting well, perhaps because they have more status than us.

 However, they were outnumbered.
 Unable to make a rash attack, Kuu had no choice but to fly around while keeping the three of them at bay.

 But that was to be expected.
 And he had already prepared the best way to turn the situation around.

 In the nick of time, Paula unleashes more magic on the enchanted slime.

 Her tail curled in a circle, and a jet-black vortex of magical power enveloped the creature.
 In the next moment, a new servant was born there.
 The blue slime that had been turned into a servant demon followed the sound of the whip beating on the ground and fought against its own kind.
 Just as the tables were turned, Paula shouted sharply, "Now, Kuu!

"Now, Kuu! "Kuu!

 With those words, Kuu rose up and stretched his hands out to the left and right, right above the blue slimes.
 Then he flapped his taut wings back and forth at high speed.

 A gust of wind immediately arose and blew against the blue slime.
 At the same time, feathers released from the wings of both hands descended on the wind.
 More than a dozen feathers pierced the blue slime one after another like the arrows of a dart.

 In the blink of an eye, the two blue slimes were flattened, spewing liquid from their bodies.

 Paula then quickly cast on the remaining blue slime.
 She then unleashed a flowing Subordination.
 Confused and unable to resist, the second blue slime joined in the fight.

 With both slimes defeated and both turned into servants, the battle in front of the fountain ended easily.

"Good! The cronies are under control. What happened to the boss?

 I hurriedly returned my gaze to the front of the bars, but found myself in a fairy-tale place where large, fluffy bubbles were flying around.
 The boss slime, its huge body expanding and contracting, approaches Yoru as he runs around the floor.

 But Yoru's small body skillfully dodges the slime's attacks by interposing himself between the bubbles.
 On the rare occasion that a bubble is stretched at him, it pops, but the impact is absorbed and not transmitted to Yoru.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yoru, that's it! You're good, you're good!
"I'm here!

 He seems to be quite relaxed.
 Then, Kuu, who had just glided down from the ceiling, entered the fray.

 With both feet together, he throws a kick at the boss slime's head.
 He dives hard, but like his sister, it bounces back with a thud.

 And then you fall on the foam, but then you bounce and regain your position dexterously.

"Even ...... Kuu can't do it. This is really tough.

 The most powerful attacker of the bunch, Kuu, was unable to land a single blow.
 In terms of numbers, we have a huge advantage with the addition of two blue slimes as servants.
 However, without a decisive blow, there was no way to win. Mia's magic power was almost at its limit.
 I thought of retreating, but Paula replied in a dignified voice.

"No, my dear. I've already wounded you. Now is the time to attack.

 When I calmly turn my head to look at her words, I see a small leak of bodily fluids from the top of the boss slime that Kuu had gouged into.
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I've been able to penetrate the hard surface of its defenses.

"Leave this to me. Kuu, get Yol!

 Kuu replied cheerfully, and swooped down to Yoru, who was running around the floor.
 Then he hooked his toes into both of the beast's armpits and flapped his wings to the ceiling.

 The demon children instantly move right above the boss slime.

"Aim for the hole Kuu made, Yoru! Shouchuu!

 Yoru spins around in the air and falls down to the boss slime.
 At the same time, a long tail pops out from its hairy buttocks.

 Yoru lands on all fours on top of the boss slime, shakes his cute little ass, and slips the tip of his tail into the hole that leaks blue bodily fluids.
 Then, with a swoosh, he tucked his tail in and immediately jumped off the boss slime.

"Huh, that's it?
No, what was that ......?

 The boss slime's insides quickly turned purple, and I screamed in surprise.
 At the same time, the demon's movements slowed down to the point where even the untrained eye could see it.

 Without understanding what was happening, the whole body of the boss slime was covered with purple.
 As I watched with bated breath, the boss slime shuddered and trembled, then suddenly lost its power and spread sluggishly on the ground.

 After a moment's pause, the bars went up heavily and we let out a loud cheer.