11-Prepare again

Now, what to do?

 I peeked into the boss room and pondered the strategy.
 Fortunately, the potion had just run out after an hour, so there was no need to rush.

 To the right, in front of the fountain, there are four ordinary blue slimes.
 At the back, in front of the iron grate, there is a large boss slime.

 The theory is that you should clean up the cronies and then fight the boss. .......
 In that case, you need to keep the boss away from the room while you kill the normal slime.

 Because of the size of the room, there seems to be enough room to move around even near the bars at the back.
 Yoru or Kuu, who are small and quick, will have plenty of room to run around, and Paula can use her long whip to get in between them.

 The next task is to quickly eliminate the four blue slimes, but I need one of them to bait the boss, so three of us will have to fight.
 An hour ago, I would have shaken my head in disbelief.
 But now, Paula and the others were fierce fighters who had defeated thirty demons.

 When I looked to my upper right and let out an involuntary laugh, Paula, who was peeking into the room with me, nodded her head lightly.

"You seem to have come up with some cunning plan, my dear.
No, I thought I could force my way in without any particular plan.
"Is that so? That very large demon. I'm afraid my power won't work against it.
Oh, you can tell?

 In games, special monsters such as bosses have resistance, so there is a high possibility that will not work.
 But to be able to sense this is honestly amazing.

 No, if you think about it, Paula has a lot of experience as a demon user.
 In addition, she was born with the special skill of , so she is able to discern whether or not her charms are unsuccessful.
 The senses gained from such experiences may become more important in the strategy of this labyrinth.

"So, what would Paula do?
"...... Well... Four of them over there. I think I can handle those. But it'll be tough if they come at me all at once, so if you could follow Yol or Kuu.
What about the big slime?
I'll leave that to Yoru and Mia. But I don't think I can do it without...
I guess that's where my potion comes in.

 It's almost the same plan as mine, and you've already assessed each of their abilities.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 The fact that she does not dare to be modest or embarrassed is also very attractive.

All right, let's go with that. Hey, come here.

 I called out to the two animals and one of them who were frolicking behind me.
 Apparently, Mia was holding them and playing with them, spinning them around in circles.
 They seemed to have grown quite fond of each other and came running up to me in a tight group.

What's wrong? Sir.
I'm about to explain the plan. Oh, and before we do that, we're gonna take out that thing, okay?

 Up to this point, I've taken no part in the battle.
 So I thought it would be a good idea to decide on my own to take on a powerful demon.

 I'm just out of medicine and I've got a lot of materials.
 It was also a good time to end the game.

 But Mia glanced into the room at my words and said with a confident look on her face.

"Yeah, let's do it!
Let's do it!
"Okay. Okay, now it's time for the potion.

 He handed over the medicines he had refined and checked everyone's status again.

---------- --Name: Paula Alvarez
Name: Paula Alvarez
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 11)
Physical Strength: 9/9
Magic Power: 24/50
Physical Attack Power: 13 (-2)
Physical Defense: 9 (+20)
Magic Attack Power: 35
Magic Defense: 13
Speed: 26 (-2)
Special ability: , , , .

Equipment: weapon (black leather whip), head (traveler's robe), body (traveler's robe), hands (black leather gloves), feet (black leather boots)
---------- --

 The level has been increased by 3 and the overall value is good.
 Also, in parentheses is the effect of the Defense Enhancement Potion.
 It is worth noting that I learned the skill when I reached level 10.
 You could say that this is the key to this strategy.

 By the way, the concept of experience itself is not recognized in this world in the same way as the proficiency of an alchemist.
 As you continue to train and defeat demons, you will be able to use higher level alchemy and special skills.
 There's no sound to notify you when you've reached a higher level, nor does the game automatically pose you by spinning you around.

 All joking aside, I think the big thing is that you can't check your level with numbers.
 In Dracula 2, the difference in level between the player and the monster was compensated by a large amount of experience.
 Specifically, if the level difference is within 10, you'll get the right amount of experience, but if it's below that, it's all single digits, and even if it's above that, you'll easily reach the limit.

 I've already confirmed that the same specification applies to Paula and her friends in the real world.

 In our case, there is no indication of experience in our status, but we can see immediately that our level has increased.
 In other words, you can judge whether you are a suitable opponent or not each time.
 Also, the level of the monsters in the Dragon Ball Palace in the game was basically the number of levels plus or minus ten.
 As a result of my research while actually fighting in this world, it seems that this rule is applied.

 To return to the topic at hand, for a normal person who cannot see the command menu, the only way is to keep facing various monsters and feel them out.
 It is incredibly inefficient.
 It's no wonder so few people reach high levels.
 Even so, some people continue to go to demon pools and study hard to become strong.

 One more thing.
 The medicines that I refined this time, such as those for increasing strength and magic power, and those for strengthening attack and defense, are recipes that are almost unknown to the general public.
 In this world, the efficacy of medicines is basically confirmed by giving them to the sick and injured.
 Therefore, recipes for wound healing medicines and antipyretic medicines, whose effects are easy to understand, have already been established, and are now so popular that people are eagerly searching for the best and most advanced recipes.

 In contrast, strengthening medicines have the disadvantage that their effects are difficult to understand.
 You may feel that your body becomes lighter or more resistant to shocks, but it is difficult to realize the effects of the lowest level potion without actually going through a battle.
 In the first place, the idea of doping a healthy person is not very common.
 At most, it is akin to taking a restorative drug to relieve fatigue.  

 If there is no one to study it, the recipe for the drug will not spread.
 In other words, I'm the leader in this field at the moment.

 And this is the result of actually letting level 1 demon children and amateur pan-racial mages soak in strengthening potions and defeat monsters of higher rank.

---------- --I'm sorry.
Name: Yoru
Race: Sea Urchin (exile)
Occupation: Squire (Level: 10)
Physical strength: 23/30
Magic power: 20/20
Physical attack power: 20 (+2)
Physical defense: 20 (+24)
Magic Attack: 15 (+3)
Magic Defense: 15 (+3)
Speed: 15 (+1)
Special Abilities: , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), Head (none), Body (none), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --

 I reached level 10 in just one hour.
 Thanks to this, my status values have more than doubled.

 In addition, I gave her a defense-enhancing potion to help her attract the boss slime this time.
 It seems that Paula's has also increased, and her overall stability has increased, so I can't find any weak points anymore.
 The new skill she has learned is still unintelligible, though.

 The only thing that's bothering me is the fact that his strength has decreased by 7.
 This is due to the fact that I've been hit by the slime frequently, but I can't find any wounds.

 It is probably a bruise or other internal injury to the body. .......  

 When I cut my arm with a knife, I used trauma medicine to close the wound and before I knew it, the numbers were back to normal.
 If you don't have such an obvious case, it's tough to do anything about it now.

---------- --What is your name?
Name: Kuu
Race: Sea Urchin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 10)
Physical strength: 18/20
Magic power: 30/30
Physical attack power: 15 (+13)
Physical Defense: 15
Magic Attack: 20 (+4)
Magic Defense: 20 (+4)
Speed: 15 (+13)
Special ability: , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), Head (none), Body (none), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --I'm a normal slime.

 Since this is a normal slime, I've boosted its attack with an attack enhancer.
 He has the best attack power and speed, so you can expect him to be active.
 I have no idea what Kuu's specialties are, though.
 He has high magic and magic attack power, so it seems like a waste.

 On the other hand, Mia is the one who has good specialties.

---------- --Mia
Name: Mia
Race: Pan racial
Occupation: Mage (Level: 10)
Physical Strength: 10/10
Magic Power: 18/50
Physical Attack Power: 5 (-4)
Physical Defense: 8 (+18)
Magic Attack Power: 15 (+20)
Magic Defense: 12
Speed: 10 (-2)
Special Abilities: , , , .

Equipment: weapon (none), head (white hood), body (villager's clothes), hands (none), feet (leather boots)
---------- --

 At level 10, I learned a water-based magic called .
 This magic only produces large, elastic bubbles, and has no offensive properties.

 However, these bubbles have the effect of perfectly absorbing and bursting upon impact.
 In other words, they can take the place of you in case of emergency.

 In this mission, they will play an important role in assisting Yoru with , while also firing to reduce the damage.

 In order to do so, I've been doping up with magic power amplifying drugs, magic attack enhancing drugs, and defense enhancing drugs.

That's how I'm going to go about it, what do you think?
"Oh, I seem to have a lot of responsibility. But I'll do my best to protect you, Yoru!
I'm here.
Kuu, let's put all our energy into it.
Koo Koo!

 Finally, the war began.