10-Explore The Palace of Ryudama, B1F

 The entrance to the dungeon I had just passed through was covered in a bright white light, and I couldn't see a single view of the river.
 Perhaps it is not directly connected to the ground, and we should assume that we have been sent to this place.

 I tried to go outside once, but I could go in and out as usual, so it seems that the way out is safe.
 In the game, monsters never came out of the dungeon, but I'm not sure if that applies to the monsters in this world.
 Let's just be cautious.

So, let's get in line.

 Yoru and Kuu are in the front, and Paula is behind them.
 I'm stronger than you, but I've never fought before, so I'm just an ornament in your way.
 Mia, who had also never fought a demon before, was next to me.

 The passage in front of me was a straight road that split in two about ten meters ahead.
 Yoru, who had rolled to the fork in the road, looked around, his animal ears twitching.
 Then, with a serious face, he pointed to the road on the right and reported in a whisper.

"You bastard!

 Gently peeking out from the corner, I saw a puddle of water rising in the middle of the passage.
 The puddle was about the size of a basketball, and it was trembling and shaking.

What's that?
Yes, the first floor was the promised slime.

 It's blue, so it's blue slime.
 It's an easy name, but it's also convenient because you can tell its attribute at a glance.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
"Let's try hitting it with a fireball.
"What? Seriously?

 When I nodded, Mia swallowed her spit with a gulp, looked at the blue slime again, and then lifted her finger.
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
 However, unlike before, it was as big as a fist.

Whoa, what is this? Isn't it big?
"Hey, don't point it at me! Over there, over there!

 Mia's face was panicked, but she had waved her arm in the right direction.
 The fireball left her fingertips and flew straight through the air toward the slime on the floor.

 There was a sound like a stick hitting the surface of the water, and the fire disappeared in an instant.
 I thought, "Well, throwing fire at the water attribute won't be very effective.

 But it seems to have done more damage than expected.
 A part of the slime's skin was torn, and its body fluids were spilling out.

 Yoru quickly closed the distance between them.
 Without any pretense of fear, he approached the slime and struck it with his small hand.
 Then he lightly jumped backwards.

 Kuu jumped in to replace him.
 The bird child glided through the air and kicked the slime with both feet.

 Paula, who had stepped forward unnoticed, swung her right hand in a supple motion.

 In his hand was a pitch-black whip.

 With another loud cracking sound, the slime easily loses its original form after being hit by a sharp whip blow from the front.
 Like a crushed sack of water, it spreads its fluid on the floor and stops moving.

"Oh, you won?
Yes, that was a great first hit, Mia.
Oh, good job, guys.

 The first battle ended quickly, with everyone landing a single blow each.
 Even against a slow-moving slime, their coordination was brilliant and unquestionable.

Yay! You did it, Yoru and Kuu!

 Mia squeals with delight, and the two jump up to exchange high-fives.
 Then, after spinning around on the spot, they posed together with smug faces.

"Hey, aren't I great? Did I wake up something?
"Is it because of the medicine you just gave me? You.
"Oh, I guess the right way to level low level is to take medicine and push hard.
I don't know what you're talking about, but it's thanks to the Sensei.

 I'm not sure what you're talking about, but it's thanks to you.

"Are you sure you want to take such an expensive medicine?
"Oh, it's so expensive! What should I do? Can I get a promotion? I'll probably never get ahead.
No, you can pay me with your body.
Oh, what do you want? Sir.

 Paula smiles at me as if she can see right through me, and I regret my overzealous comment.
 But I feel like I'm being grasped without even realizing it.

I'm sure you can handle the demons on the first floor at this rate. Can you kill more and more of them?
Yes, I will.
What? Is that what you call paying with your body? You surprised me with your suddenness, Sensei.
I'm sorry. I don't have time to waste, so let's get on with it.

 But first, I have to collect my loot.
 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

 They seem to have an immediate curiosity about everything, and are quite clever.

 After stroking their heads in turn, I imitated him and touched the demon carcass.
 A blue slime's bodily fluids, a blue slime's skin, and a blue magic stone were immediately added to the list of items.
 The blue demon stones of the water attribute are used frequently in and , so I am very grateful for them.

I'm not sure what to do. What was that?
"It's a technique of mine called interspatial storage.

 I'm going to skip a lot of details and explain it here.
 In the first place, you should notice something is wrong when you're empty-handed and pumping out pills.

"Wow, city people are really amazing...

 I walked down the right corridor and turned a corner, and came across the blue slime again.
 Mia struck first with her , and then Yoru, Kuu, and Paula attacked in the exact same way.
 After collecting the materials, we moved forward again.

 The pathway was almost a fork in the road, with straight or right-angle turns.
 I made my way around, making sure not to miss any dead ends.

"You know your way around, Sensei. If it were me, I'd be lost for sure.
"I couldn't agree more, Mia. This place is really hard to remember. You're the man.

 No, I'm blaming the place, but in Paula's case, even if there are helpful arrows on the wall, she still makes mistakes.
 However, I'm not that confident in my memory either.

 To tell you the truth, I'm just walking while looking at the map in the command menu.
 When I'm in a labyrinth, the map automatically maps out the areas I've walked.
 In fact, I was able to get through the sewers of King's Landing without getting too lost because of this.

 Also, despite her unfortunate lack of sense of direction, Paula did an excellent job in battle.
 The further we went, the less the slimes appeared alone.

 If there were two or three of them clumped together, even if one of them could be quickly defeated by the first coordinated attack, it would be attacked by the rest of the unharmed slimes.
 The slime may look slow, but it is a demon.
 They are very fast and heavy as they bounce their round bodies and hit you.
 It was like being hit by a basketball filled with water at close range.

 I would probably be hit in the stomach and my internal organs would explode.
 The moment I squatted down in extreme pain, I would take another hit to the face and fall into a coma.
 After that, there's nothing you can do but let it eat you while it melts your body.

 Of course, I've raised my physical defense, so even little Yoru and Kuu won't be as bad as me.
 I've actually been hit a few times, but after rolling around, I'm back on my feet, so I seem to be okay.
 His strength is only down by one or two.

 However, there is still a possibility of getting hit by a dangerous spot, a critical hit in the game.
 That's where Paula comes in, to prevent the slime from attacking you repeatedly.

 The image of a demon wizard is that of a whip, but Paula was very skillful in its use.
 She could threaten the slime with a loud sound by hitting it on the floor, or distract it by making a noise in the air.

 And even more useful is the skill.

 A red fireball explodes on one of the two slimes occupying the passage.
 Yoru, who had jumped in, instantly extended his claws and carved a deep wound in its skin.

 Naturally, the other one shrinks to help its own kind, pressing its body against the floor like a spring.
 At that moment, the long tail that had been wrapped around Paula's waist came undone, and the spade-shaped tip flickered in an arc.
 At the same time, an outpouring of magical energy slowed the slime's movement.

 Kuu swoops down from the ceiling and kicks the first one with his claws.
 All that remained was for all of us to beat up the other one, which was wandering around in confusion.
 This is how our search proceeded, safely and effortlessly.

 After about an hour of walking, we finally reached the far end of the first floor.
 It was the largest room we had ever seen.

 It was a square structure with a depth and width of about five or six meters each.
 On the stone wall on the right is a carving of a lion's face, with clear water flowing down from its mouth.
 There is a large receptacle directly below, which is filled with water.
 However, there were several blue slimes around the wall fountain, making it difficult to approach.

 And at the back of the room.
 There was a staircase that led to the bottom of the earth.
 At the entrance, there was a thick iron grate down, and in front of that was...

"What the hell! Isn't it really big?
It's okay.
No problem.

 I muttered gravely to one and two of them, who were talking to each other.

The boss is finally here.

 The stairs were guarded by a giant slime, five times the size of a normal slime.