9-Before you start exploring

When you say "danjo," do you mean the underground labyrinth? Sir.
"Yes, that's it.

 Of course, dungeons exist in the real world of this game.
 However, they are not stages for adventure, but rather dangerous pools of magical elements for most people.
 Mia's face instantly turned pale at my response.

That's a big deal! We've got to get the word out!
"It's okay, relax. It's dangerous, but if we don't go in, we won't have a problem.
Oh, really?
In my empire, the underground labyrinth is a training ground for the Magical Corps and the Kingsguard.

 The underground labyrinth, filled with high concentrations of magical elements, is a place where vicious demons roam, but it is also a place that produces rare plants and ores.
 It's also a place where mercenaries and knights who are proud of their skills team up to challenge and make a fortune.

"Oh, I see. So it's safe.

 As Mia exaggeratedly puffed out her chest, I was moved by the fact that there really was a dungeon.

 The Dragon Ball Palace.
 It's a hidden dungeon in Dracula 2, and the only way to access it is to have an alchemist level of 45 or higher and listen to Grandpa Eugen talk about the river.
 The dungeon is supposed to be accessible only at the end of the game, but I was able to meet the requirements because I had accumulated enough experience over the past ten years.

 The level of the game is a hundred floors below ground.
 The lower you go, the stronger the enemies appear, but if you're good, you can get powerful magic, items, and companion monsters, making this a dungeon where you need to run a marathon before the last boss.

 I've dived countless times for the unique monster drops in the deeper levels and the treasure chests that appear when you fulfill the conditions.
 The 70th floor and beyond were particularly difficult, and I have fond memories of being forced to redo a lot of work.

 Well, this is no time to reminisce.
 It will take time, so we should hurry.

Okay, let's go.
"Yes, sir.
Here I come!
Yeah? Sensei, the village is that way.

 Mia tilted her head curiously as we trudged toward the side entrance.

I thought I'd better check the contents.
No, no, no, no, I just told you it's dangerous to go in there!
Well, the demons aren't that strong on the first floor, so it should be fine.

 I'm not that reckless either.
 I'm not so reckless.

 When I looked into the cave, it was covered in pitch black darkness and I couldn't see anything inside.
 I took out a white illuminated stone lantern, but the darkness was still there, so it must be a specification of the entrance.
 It was so eerie that Mia, who had been following me, tugged hard on the sleeve of my dress.

"Hey, are you sure? Come on, Sensei. We're in trouble. What do you say, Mr. Pow?
I've never been in an underground labyrinth before. I'm very excited.
I don't need that kind of excitement. Come on, little one.
Wow, you're really going for it!

 Mia is really worried about me, so I try to hold back a smile and ask her to say the words.

"Can you go back and call the chiefs? And if we're not back in half a day, tell them to keep their eyes off this hole.
"What? What?
All right, let's go in.

 The moment I raised the lantern and passed through the entrance, I felt a strange sensation as if the entire space around me was distorted.
 At the same time, I felt a solid sensation under my feet.

Oh, my God!

 Before I knew it, what I saw before my eyes was an orderly pile of square stones.
 The walls, ceilings, and even the floor on both sides were covered with them.
 The stone passageway led straight to the back, but there were shining stones on the ceiling, so there was no difficulty in seeing.

 It is truly a magnificent dungeon.
 Well, in the game it was a downward looking stage, but it's too much to keep it that way.

"Is it too much to ask who built it?
It's surprisingly cool.
What's going on? I think you're in a hole!

 When I turned around in a panic at the unexpected voice, I found Mia standing there, still holding my sleeve.
 She looks as if she's scared out of her mind, but she's looking around the aisle, trying her best to grasp the situation.

"Why did you follow me?
"Because I couldn't leave her alone!

 It's hard for me to say that you're slowing me down when you say it with serious eyes while your legs are shaking.
 If I force him out, he'll probably come back in, so it's better to leave him standing behind me.

I don't have a choice. It's dangerous here, so don't do anything you shouldn't. And stay close to us. Do you understand?
No, I don't understand.
No, I don't!
I don't know what's too much!

Dear Mia, I need you to calm down. Take a deep breath.

 At Paula's words, I took a slow, deep breath and calmed myself down.
 Apparently, I was more nervous than I thought I would be in my first dungeon.

I'm sorry. Well, just stay behind us and you'll be safe. Just remember this.
"............ Yeah.

 He shook his head meekly, and I finally relaxed my shoulders.
 Then, taking another deep breath, I opened the companions section in the command menu in the upper right corner to prepare myself.
 I'm at the top, no need to look now.

 In the second position, Paula's name is firmly lined up.

---------- --Name: Paula Alvarez
Name: Paula Alvarez
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 8)
Physical Strength: 6/6
Magic Power: 36/36
Physical Attack Power: 10
Physical Defense: 6
Magic Attack Power: 25
Magic Defense: 10
Speed: 19
Special ability: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (black leather whip), head (traveler's robe), body (traveler's robe), hands (black leather gloves), feet (black leather boots)
---------- --

 I remember that the professions in Dracula 2 were basically named "something warrior".
 So a demon wizard would be called a sorcerer, but it's too much trouble to call him a demon wizard.
 It's the only way people know them.

 Also, and are abilities that come into play on their own, while can be used at will.
 Come to think of it, is it because of this that I find Paula so s*xy?

 So, at first glance, the numbers look a little low.
 However, the upper limit of status values in Dracula 2 is three digits, including physical strength and magic power.
 In addition, human-type units are usually double-digit except for high-level units, so Paula's stats are still pretty good.

 First of all, strength does not mean stamina.
 First of all, stamina did not mean stamina at all, because it did not change at all, no matter how tired she was.

 However, when I tried cutting my arm deeply with a knife, I could see that the number decreased by one.
 This is still just a speculation, but perhaps it is a numerical value of the number of times you can withstand an attack.
 Finally, when your strength reaches zero, you will be fatally wounded and die.  

 Magic power, on the other hand, indicates the amount of magic power you can use in a day.
 Even if you use up all your magic power, there will be no change in your physical condition, but you will not recover until you take a long rest.

 I have a special skill that automatically restores magic power, so I can use it as much as I want.

 The items below that are pretty literal.
 However, comparing Paula and the demon children, it seems that even if they have more than twice the attack power and speed, there is no actual difference of more than twice.
 This is probably just a relative difference.

 If your opponent has a speed of 5 and you have a speed of 10, it does not mean that you can move twice as fast, but that you have almost double the chance of getting ahead.
 Likewise, if your defense outweighs your attack, you have a higher chance of being wounded.
 As a result, the larger the difference in the numbers, the more damage you can inflict with certainty.
 This is a rough estimate, so be careful not to overestimate it.

 Also, there is a hidden parameter called "resistance" which is not shown in the game, but has a great influence.
 They may be important in the real world, so I'll keep them in mind.

 In the case of Paula, her magic power and magic attack power are outstandingly high, partly due to her magical race.
 This is because a mage is a kind of sorcerer.
 Naturally, their specialties are also treated as magic, so having both of them high is a great advantage.

 But on the other hand, their physical defense is noticeably low.
 Well, that's where I come in.
 I take out the defense-enhancing potion that I made in advance for the recipe registration.

 It's a low grade potion, but it raises your physical defense by 20, so it's a reliable potion in the early stages.
 However, because it hardens the surface of your body, your physical attack power and speed will drop by two.

It may be more difficult to move than usual, but please bear with me.
Thank you for your concern.

 The finished pill bottle is immediately collected.
 They were made of thin, strong, processed glass for portable use, but they were too expensive to carry around in large quantities.

 The third thing to do was to check on the beast child.

---------- --Name: Yol
Name: Yol
Race: Sea Urchin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 1)
Physical strength: 3/3
Magic power: 2/2
Physical attack power: 2 (+1)
Physical defense: 2 (+1)
Magic Attack: 2 (+1)
Magic Defense: 2 (+1)
Speed: 2 (+1)
Special ability: .

Equipment: Weapon (none), Head (none), Body (none), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --

 His name is Yol, apparently.
 I asked Paula where it came from, and she said it was because I yelled at him to stay away when he was a newborn.
 I do remember saying it in a hurry, but I'm not sure if that's the right name: ......?

 I don't know if that's a good name or not.

 It was an unidentifiable creature that could speak and looked unlike a demon, but it seemed that this one was also out of the ordinary.

 As for the important numerical values, they are all in line with each other, except for their physical strength, which is slightly higher.
 I don't know about the special skill of "eating," because I don't remember seeing it. Is it even a skill at all?
 Also, the number in parentheses is probably the effect of Paula's .

 For now, let's assume that she's a melee attacker, and raise her attack power, defense power, and strength.

"Hey, Yol.

 The little beast that was scurrying down the aisle came running up to me at once, so I picked him up and gave him the pills one by one.
 The effect of the lower level attack enhancement potion is a fixed increase of 10 in physical attack power and speed, and a decrease of 3 in physical defense power.
 When combined with the Defense Enhancement Potion, the result is 11 for Physical Attack, 20 for Physical Defense, and 11 for Speed.
 In addition, the Strength Increasing Potion, though of a lower level, also increases your strength by 20, so you should be able to withstand a slight injury.

 Next is the fourth one, the bird child.

---------- --Name: Kuu
Name: Kuu
Race: Sea Urchin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 1)
Physical strength: 2/2
Magic power: 3/3
Physical attack power: 2 (+1)
Physical defense: 2 (+1)
Magic Attack: 2 (+1)
Magic Defense: 2 (+1)
Speed: 2 (+1)
Special ability: .

Equipment: Weapon (none), Head (none), Body (none), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --This one's name is Kuu.

 This one's name is Kuu.
 It is said to have been named after a man who shouted, "Don't eat me.
 But since it often cries "ku ku ku", I think it's a good match.

 Like Yoru, it is level 1 and its race name is unknown.
 Paula says that Yoru is a girl and Kuu is a boy.

 Compared to his sister, Yoru, his brother, Kuu, has no change except that his physical strength and magical power are reversed.
 Hmmm... I wonder if he's in the middle guard or the rear guard.
 Since I don't know how to fight him, I'll raise his attack, defense, and strength.

"Hey, Kuu.

 The little bird, who had been flapping about low in the sky, reacted immediately to my voice and approached me.
 When I handed him the medicine bottle, he dexterously held it with both hands and drank it down.
 Thanks to the attack enhancer and defense enhancer, this one has the same value as my sister.

 He's 22, which is about the same as me.

I was about to close the command menu when I noticed a change.

 I was about to close the command menu, but then I noticed a change.
 I was about to close the command menu when I noticed a change.

I'm not sure what to do. Mia.
"Yeah? We're friends, aren't we? Yeah.
We're getting married.
Oh, come on, man.

 Hurry up and check Mia's status.

---------- --Mia.
Name: Mia
Race: Pan-racial
Occupation: Mage (Level: 1)
Physical Strength: 1/1
Magic Power: 2/3
Physical Attack Power: 1
Physical Defense: 4
Magic Attack Power: 2
Magic Defense: 2
Speed: 1
Special Abilities: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), head (white hood), body (villager's clothes), hands (none), feet (leather boots)
---------- --

'This is awesome ......'

 Well, he used his magical powers to light a lantern made of white illuminated stone.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea to be a mage or not.
 But I'm surprised to see that he's compatible with all three attributes, and that he even has a that reduces the amount of magic he consumes, just like me.

You can use fire bombs, but can you use normal magic too?
I don't know. I'm not sure what to do with it. It's pretty useful.

 When Mia snapped her fingers, a small fire was born from the tip of her fingernails.
 Well, it seems to be useful in daily life.

 It is said that pantheons with little magical power and no blessings are not suited to be mages.
 The only way to learn magic is to repeatedly manipulate and release the magical elements in the body.
 However, this requires a lot of magical power.
 Furthermore, even if you learn it with great effort, if your magic attack power is not high, it can only be used as a substitute for flint as it is now.

 It is true that the ability to create a small fire is not enough to be useful as a sorcerer.
 ............ with the caveat that it's still there.

That's right. Wouldn't you like to shoot magic with a flourish for once anyway?
"No, you can't. I can't do it. I've done it three times.
I'll take care of that.

 I quickly alchemize and take out two vials.
 The first is a magic power amplifier. It's low grade, but it will increase your magic power by 20 for an hour.

 And the other is a magic attack enhancer.
 It increases magic attack power by a fixed 20, but physical attack power and physical defense power are reduced by 2 because it is easier to lose power.
 As long as you don't step forward, you shouldn't have to worry about it.

"Wow, that's not good. Can't you make something better?
"Give up the taste. And this one too.

 I'll also give you a strength booster.
 At this rate, a single hit from a demon will be fatal.

"Alright, we're all set. The potion will only work for an hour, so we'll do our best to investigate.
"Yes, I'll do my best.
Here we go!
I don't know what it is, but I'm going for it!

 And so, we were finally ready to go.
 Well, preparation is important.