47-Unexpected pick-ups

 It fits in the palm of my hand and is about ten centimeters long, including the handle.
 The bell is stained and discolored, and the pendulum inside is rusty or frozen and refuses to move.

 The shape of the bell resembles that of a bell used by a master to summon his servants.
 As an object found on the top floor of an old tower with only skeletons, it seemed to have some significance.

It may have been used by the master of the tower or something like that. ......

 As is his habit, he opened the list of items and found that the item was easily stored.
 Its name is an old bell. The rarity of the item is unknown.

The name of the item is too ordinary to be suspicious. Hmmm, I wonder what to do with .......
"How may I help you? Sir?

 As I rolled the bell in my palm, Paula peeked at me with interest.
 The unconscious but daring way in which she closes the distance between us makes me feel a little shaky.
 I'm happy for her, but when other guys do it too, it makes me feel a little complicated.

 She seemed to have let it show on her face, and Paula looked surprised for a moment, then smiled happily.

You're the only one who can huddle like this.
I knew it. ......
So what do you intend to do with such an odd item?
Yeah, I was wondering who this guy was. Yeah, it's better to do it and clear your mind than to worry about it without doing it.

 As I said this, I kept my distance from everyone and took out the magic stone from the item list.
 However, it's not the small ones I usually use.
 It's the magic stone that boss monsters drop.

 The power of the everlasting world, the higher power of light.
 The name of the alchemy that applies this "healing power" is .

 It is a unique alchemy that can return any item to its normal state, though it is limited to objects.
 However, it consumes a great deal of magic power when used, and requires a particularly large magic stone.
 Furthermore, there is a penalty for failure, as the target item will be lost.

 Breathing carefully, he projected the image that came into his mind onto the bell at hand.
 The magical elements drawn from the surrounding atmosphere gather together and become a pale light, drawing lines as I wish.

 I carefully join them together to form a perfect demon-guiding formation.
 The white magical stone that served as the medium melted away like ice, shrinking in size in the blink of an eye.

 Will I make it in time?

 However, if you increase the speed too much, the magic circle will be chipped.
 Suppressing my impatience just barely, my fingers and consciousness increased the speed as much as possible.

 Then, when the lump of magic stone had shrunk to the size of my pinky fingernail, the final line was connected.
 In the next moment, a huge amount of magic power transformed by the completed magic circle was poured into the tiny bell.

"Just in time. ......

 When the dazzling light subsided, a beautiful black doorbell was sitting in my palm.
 It seems I've succeeded.

 I let out a sigh of relief and looked up to see Paula and Mia staring at me intently.
 And before I knew it, Yoru and Kuu were clinging to my legs like cicadas, burying their faces in mine.

"Hey, Sensei. What was that ......? I don't know what it is, but it's really chilling. ......
You've shown me something very good, Mia.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
 The whole workshop was buzzing when Barnabas' workshop manager was doing the work.

 I almost lifted my nose when I remembered that scene, but now I need to check first.
 I put the black bell in the item list and quickly check the name.

Let's see... Call of the Underworld Level 1: ....... Rarity is four stars!

 I let out a squeak at the preciousness of the item, which eclipsed even the drops of unique monsters.
 Four stars is not an item that can be obtained in such a shallow level at least.
 And it's a completely unfamiliar item.

 But then again, I've never seen such a creepy tower with only undead in it.

"It's called a doorbell, so can you call it?

 You'll be able to pick up the handle and shake it lightly, and a cool tone will ring out.
 At the same time, I felt a familiar sensation of magic being drained from me, and the floor in front of me suddenly rose up.
 From the rubble, I saw a pure white skeleton.

"You bastard!

 And then two of them leap out from under my feet, punching and kicking me mercilessly, and instantly return to the rubble.

No, you can't take them down.

 No, you can't knock them down." I hurriedly tried to stop them, but the bell rang again.
 Immediately, the scattered bones come together and stand up, forming a human body again.


 The skeletons are immediately shattered. I pity them.

"Paula, please.
"Yes, my lady.

 I rang the bell for the third time while the demon children flailed about in the embrace of my ample chest.
 As before, the bones quickly piled up and formed the shape of a person.

 The resulting skeleton, a bit on the small side, turned to me and bowed gracefully.

............ This is amazing.
"Oh, what? It's not dangerous? What's going on?
"My deepest admiration, my dear. I am truly impressed that you are able to subdue even such a demon from the underworld.

 The skeleton that appeared didn't seem to have a trace of hostility, and it didn't move a muscle as it stared at me.
 I don't know if he can really see me because he has no eyeballs.

I know I can call the skeleton, but what do I do now ......?

 When I lifted the doorbell to test it, the skeleton gently held out its palm as if to catch it.
 He handed it over and pointed to Mia.

"Go to the girl, please.

 The skull tilted forward, the skeleton walked noiselessly toward the girl.
 The skull tilted forward, the skeleton walked noiselessly to the girl and held out the bell with both hands to Mia, who rolled her eyes.

"What? What? Are you okay?

 Mia accepts the bell and looks at me and the skeleton in front of her.

"Just give it a shake.
"Like this?

 The bell rang pretty, but there was no change on the top floor of the tower, buried in rubble.
 I'm not sure if I'm the only one who can call it, or if it's just too much to add.

Okay, order that skeleton to carry the bell to Paula.
"Oh, I'll do that. Here you go, Miss Pau.
No, I'm just checking. Just do as you're told.
Oh, I see.

 Mia retracted her arm and approached the skeleton with trepidation, pointing at Paula and lifting the bell.

Here, please.

 But the skeleton refused to budge.
 But the skeleton refused to budge, and Mia let out a frustrated cry.  

"Are you in a bad mood? I'm not sure if I'm in a good mood or if I'm just angry. ......?
Take that bell to Paula.

 In response to my order, the skeleton again tilts its skull, takes the bell, and walks to Paula.
 This is interesting.
 It knows who Paula is.

 Holding the two animals in her arms, who are now quiet, Paula dexterously takes the bell.
 Then she looks at me as if to ask.

All right, let's get the bones out of the way. Please.
"Yes, Yol, Kuu. Take care of the bones.

 As soon as they were released, they jumped at the skeletons standing quietly.
 Again, the human-shaped bones were shattered and scattered on the floor.

Call me then.
'Yes, my lady.'

 The bell rings lightly, but the rubble remains silent.
 Smiling as if she already knew the outcome, Paula walked up to me and handed me the bell.
 She nodded to them, holding them in her arms again.

 I waved the bell, and the skeletons reappeared.
 Although there are few examples of this, it seems to be impossible for anyone but me to use it.
 It also does not seem to accept commands from anyone but me.

 Every time I summoned one of the others, it consumed a certain amount of magic power.
 Also, even after I summoned one, I could feel that it was losing magic power every now and then, so it seems that it requires magic power to maintain it.
 But it seems that this is offset by the special skill, so you won't run out of it.

Hmm, I don't know how to get it back.

 I waved the bell again, and another one appeared.

"What? Seriously?

 I quickly checked the status, but it looks like the maintenance cost is still acceptable.
 Suddenly, I took out a rusty sword and a raggedy wooden shield and gave them to him.

 The skeletons are splendidly made.

"This is nice. I'll take care of them. "Boney, boney.
Sir, you're .......
They're probably girls. Sir.

 It's true that they are short, and their pelvises are large and open.
 Then I finally realized the other meaning behind the item name.

It's a pun, dude.