72-10th floor search resumed

Now that Paula has returned, I'd like to collect some things from the tenth floor today.
"It's been a while. Hello, everyone.
See you!

 Paula had been away from the search team for about a week, as she was needed to build a canal on the fifth floor.
 Thanks to her hurried work, the area under cultivation is steadily increasing.
 If all goes well, half of the ground on the fifth floor will be converted into fields by the end of March.

 The four of us who hadn't been together for a while, me, Paula the mage, Mia the mage, and Etan the hunter, headed for the tenth floor.
 Our companions are only Yoru, Kuu, and two blue slimes.

 On the sixth and seventh floors, we take the shortest route and leave the missed demons to the village chief and the youth group.
 The wolves on the eighth floor were exterminated in less than an hour with the help of the fairy network and a total of twenty goblin archers.
 This was thanks to Paula's hard work in transporting the goblins to this floor.

 The warlocks on the ninth floor were quickly taken care of, and we reached the tenth floor while the sun was still high in the sky.
 Even though we've grown accustomed to it, the expansive view is still a sight to behold.
 But it's not that grand expanse that we should head for first.

Okay, we'll start with the usual route along the wall.

 The wall behind stretches east to west.
 The wall behind us stretched from east to west. It was the habitat of the Bending Sheep, and also the home of an unexpected medicinal plant.

 Etan and Mia shot down the sheep from the cliff, while Yoru and Kuu shot them in the face and killed them quickly.
 It was the usual sheep hunting, but thanks to Paula joining us, the pace was quite fast.
 Perhaps it was because of this, but today I got a hit on the eighteenth sheep.

"Oh, here it comes!

 The name of the material that appeared in the item list was the finest wool.
 It was a rare item with a rarity rating of three stars.

 He immediately took out the fluffy wool and let Paula touch it.
 It was so light to the touch that even the daughter of the Alvarez family looked at it in amazement.

This is ...... very soft to the touch. And the luster ...... is stunning.

 It seems to be a product that can be used in high society.
 In addition to the coarse hair on the surface, some curved-horn sheep have soft hair on their skin, which makes them the finest wool.
 The cloth woven from this fine wool has excellent texture and warmth, and was also a cash item that supported the middle part of Dracula 2.

 It seems to be modeled after the cashmere sheep, but it's nice to know that it's available regardless of the time of year, probably because it's not set to live in a particularly cold place.
 However, the drop rate was very severe, about one in a hundred.

So, next we'll pick flowers.

 I put the basket around Yoru's neck and adjusted it so that it was under his stomach.
 When he was ready, Kuu grabbed his sister by the shoulders and flew up into the sky.

 Here and there on the walls, rocks were bared from the ground.

 Around them was a thick growth of grass with pale pink leaves.

 They dexterously approached it, plucked it and threw it into the basket.
 After a while, they came down, flapping their wings with satisfied faces, as if they had had their fill.

 I was waiting on the ground to catch them, and they happily buried their noses in my chest and armpits.
 I quickly remove the baskets and inspect what I have collected inside.

"What is this grass? Sir.

 The color is unusual, but other than that, it is really just a weed.
 I explain the medicinal properties to Paula, who cranes her neck in curiosity.

"It's called dreaming plant, and it's used to make sleeping pills.
"What is it?

 This grass, which promotes short sleep, is actually the staple food of the bent-horned sheep.
 It is actually the staple food of the bent-horned sheep, although they do not fall asleep while eating it, probably because they are tolerant to it.

 The special ability of the curved-horned sheep that can be activated by eating this dream grass is .
 It lasts less than a few seconds, but it is a nasty technique that puts a wide area to sleep.

The sheep attacked him in the face.

 Sheep don't like to exhale when you are attacking their face, and will use the technique instead.
 Although I make it sound easy, this is a hunting method that I finally arrived at through trial and error.
 In the early days, everyone was suddenly put to sleep, and I was fighting in a half panic.
 Now I have fond memories of Ethan slapping me on the cheek and forcibly waking me up.

 Well, it's not like we've spent the whole week just investigating the ecology of the Boswell Rat.

Hey, what's that flower over there?
"Oh, how did you know?

 There was a small, dull brown flower in the basket, mixed with pink grass.
 It was so plain-looking that it would have been overlooked by most people.

"These are insect repellents. It's probably the most useful material on this floor.

 It seems to give off a smell that insects don't like, and that's why most demons don't come near the walls.
 That's probably why this area has become a habitat for crooked sheep.

 After extracting the medicinal properties from the insect repellent flower, I mixed it with the labyrinth water to make a special insect repellent.
 I sprinkled it on everyone's body and finished my preparations quickly.

 After securing safety, I pointed to the large water surface in the middle of the tenth floor.

Then, let's head for today's main target.