127-Kappa's River Washed Away

 Thanks to the wrestling between the bearded kappa and his brother kappa, the other kappa seem to have calmed down.
 Even though we are taller than them, they don't seem to be intimidated by our approach.
 The fire-breathing bird, however, is still unsettled and cowers whenever it comes into view.

All of them seem to be uninjured, so as long as they regain their strength, they'll be fine.

 Currently, the hit points are probably close to a deficit.
 So the next step would be to feed them a nutritious meal.
 The perfect ingredients for that are lying right in front of you. .......

 The carcass of a giant water snake that got caught in a sandbar and climbed up is about five meters long.
 The girth of the carcass is a little more than I can hold my hands around.
 Its entire body is black, with dorsal and caudal fins and large pectoral fins.
 Its face is not that of a snake, but more like that of a fish.  

The face is similar to that of a fish. My ears are buzzing.
It looks like a snake, but it also looks like a fish. It's really creepy.

 Apparently, it was not well received by everyone.
 If you saw it for the first time, you probably wouldn't want to eat it.
 But for me, it's a look I can't stop drooling over.  
 Besides, I'm sure it will start spinning again after you take a bite.

Let's just pull it to shore.

 Since you can't retrieve it without touching it with your hands, you need to carry it to the shore first.
 First of all, bearded kappa is a little difficult to say, so let's say father kappa.

 With the help of my father and brother kappa, I ask them to loop the rope around the gills of the giant water snake over and over.
 Next, have Kuu carry the end of the rope to the shore and make sure that it will not come off even if you pull or twist it hard.  

"Yeah, the bloodsucking ivy vine is tougher than I thought.

 It's resistant to water, and it's a material that could be used in many other ways.
 Finally, we pulled it close to the shore, which was a big job with kappa, slime, and fire-breathing birds.

All right, let's go!
"Here we go!

 As a result of gathering the power of nearly 30 animals in total, the giant water snake that was not Eel ...... easily started to move.
 The snake's head rides up on the shore, and I take a closer look, but it's still an eel.

 Just as I was about to retrieve the item to reveal its true identity, a voice stopped me.

What's wrong, Brother Kappa? What's the matter, brother kappa?

 The large kappa suddenly jumped on the eel's head, lifted his beak and pointed straight south.

"Nya, he wants you to wait a minute.

"Kupa! Kupapa!
Squishy. He wants to show it to them to reassure them before he kills it.
Oh, because they'll lose their original form when they recover the item.

 He knew exactly how I collected the flesh and feathers from the carcass of the fire-breathing bird.
 He didn't say much about it, but you have to extract the flesh and other major parts from the body of a dead demon.
 It's rare for them to remain in a decent form.

Hmm, I can understand that, but how do we show it? Are you going to call everyone up here?
"Kupapa. Kupapa! 
He says we can probably pull them in the river.

 It's true that on land a kappa's arm strength is less than a child's, but in the water it should compensate.
 And if he used his buoyancy, he could easily carry it.

 I looked at her, and Paula nodded as usual.
 Now that I've confirmed the conversation, I'm going to adopt Brother Kappa's idea.

"Just give up if you can't. I don't want you to do anything too crazy yet.

 I added ropes and hooked them around the dorsal and pectoral fins and handed them to the group of kappa in the water.
 With the effect of the happy water, the giant eel began to move easily, pulled by the loudly laughing river fairies.

 We walked along the shore, watching over the kappa.
 After less than thirty minutes of uneventful walking, we came upon the flat rock we were looking for.

 The young kappa we had left behind seemed to be playing happily.
 They looked quite carefree, spinning around on the rocks and bumping into each other, or floating on the surface of the river and laughing loudly.

 The kappa, who were pulling the eels, laughed happily at their safe appearance.
 The emotional reunion seemed imminent, but before it could happen, Paula and I both exhaled quietly, anticipating what might happen.

 A large presence approaching from downstream seemed to have been spotted by one of the animals on the rocks.
 Its yellow eyes rolled back in its head and it jumped up high with both hands in the air.
 The other kappa around him seemed to have noticed as well, and one after another, they shouted.

"Kuppa, Kuppa, Kuppa!
"Kupapa! Kupapa!

 The eel-pulling kappa turned their backs and stretched their chests.
 They must have been feeling triumphant after finally defeating that vicious water snake.

 But the result goes without saying.
 From the child kappa's point of view, the situation looked like a horrible demon was coming at him.

 Every single kappa would slam down on its back or face down on the ground and stop moving.
 Furthermore, the kappa floating on the surface of the water were being swept away.

"I knew it!
"Yes, I knew it.
Oh, well, I guess it is what it is.

 This is another example of a promise.