126-Family Reunion

 I was curious about the identity of the giant water snake, but first I needed to confirm the safety of the kappa.
 As I hurriedly approached, I heard a bouncy laugh.

"Kuppa! Kupapa! Kupapa......?

 The owner of the cheerful voice was a small kappa calling out to his friends lying on the ground.
 It was the kappa he had left behind with the fire-breathing bird.

 Apparently he had noticed the commotion and had been brought here by Fuki-chan.
 He seems to have been moved by the reunion and is doing his best to shake the kappa, who continue to pretend to be dead.
 But none of them are awake.

 No wonder.
 Some of the kappa are starting to open their eyelids, but then I see a huge bird peeking curiously from behind Kacchan.
 You have to immediately re-close your eyes and continue playing dead.
 Just as I was about to tell him that, he looked up and came running at me with his eyes shining.


 She laughed happily and clung to my thighs.
 And then, when I thought she had dropped her hips and stepped on both feet, for some reason she started to push hard.
 It's such a cute gesture.

 When I lightly stroked the smooth plate part of its head with my finger, Kacchan let out a small breath through the breathing hole at the base of its beak and looked ticklish.
 However, his expression quickly changed to one of shock, and he looked up at me and held out his hand.
 When I twisted my head around, Kacchan pointed to his companion lying on the ground with his other hand, and put his other hand on his beak and pretended to eat something.
 The sight reminded me of a kappa spinning like a spinning top.

"Oh, you want some olive nuts?

 I take out a salted green hard nut and put it on his paddle-studded hand.
 I would give a little squeal and bow my head.
 Then, without a moment's hesitation, he threw the whole thing into his mouth.

 The kappa crunches the seeds and looks very satisfied.
 Then he stares at his empty palm, cocks his head curiously, and finally thrusts his wad at me again.

"No, you just ate it!
No, you just ate it!" "Kupa!" "It's so cute when you're silly.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

"Here, feed him properly.

 After returning to his friends, Kacchan and his brother kappa laughed at the kappa and screwed the salted fruit into their beaks.
 Naturally, the fire-breathing birds are kept at a distance.

 The effect of the food, which he hadn't eaten in a long time, was immediate.
 As expected, the kappa did not start to turn on the spot, but they woke up one after another and opened their eyes in surprise.

 Then, Yeol and Kuu, carrying a bottle of happy water, quickly offered a sip to the awakened kappa.
 Since they were about the same height, they did not seem to be alarmed at all.
 The kappa drank the water without hesitation and started laughing loudly.

"Well, it looks like we're all safe and sound.
Oh, Nino, you're amazing.
Excellent work, my dear.
No, the credit goes to Brother Kappa.

 The best part is that the kappa never gave up on rescuing his friends and dragged us all the way here.
 In addition, he was brave enough to use himself as bait when he knew he couldn't help.

 As I looked at him, I saw that the two kappa were engaged in a fist fight.
 The other kappa was just as big, with a shaggy beard on his beak.

"This is it!

 The two kappa begin to wrestle furiously at Yoru's command.
 The kappa around them are watching with bated breath.

 The two kappa don't give an inch, and they clash fiercely.
 It was the bearded kappa who made the first move, fending off the elder kappa's initial thrust.

 The bearded kappa, who brilliantly held the shell of the elder brother's kappa from the right upper hand, twisted his body and tried to make a good throw.
 The bearded kappa sits back and tries to hold on.
 Bearded Kappa tries to break his opponent's stance by applying even more force.

 However, the elder brother is able to hold on patiently with his legs.
 The two animals engage in a fierce contest of strength, but it is the bearded kappa who is unable to maintain the contest first.

 After all, he had been pretending to be dead for a long time, and his strength was running out.
 This may have been the reason why he started the fight early.
 The bearded kappa lost his strength easily and was rolled away by the elder kappa.

 The other kappa, who had been watching the match, let out a collective laugh.
 The other kappa, who had been watching the game, laughed in unison. As the atmosphere turned peaceful, the elder kappa gently offered his hand to the bearded kappa who was lying on his back on the ground.
 The two kappa hugged each other tightly and began to make small cries.

 Then Kacchan runs up to them, and another kappa with a calm face joins them, and they form a group.

"Kupappa!" "Kupappa!" "......
"Oh, it's like father and son.
Oh, that's nice.

 I'm so glad you guys made it back together.
 Now, what to do about the giant water snake?