125-Save the River Children

 At my gesture of denial, the brother kappa must have realized that his idea was impossible.
 Immediately, his yellow eyes lost their brightness.

 The kappa's small shoulders slumped, and he turned his gaze once more to the surface of the river, without any sign of blaming me.
 After a few moments of gazing at his deadly compatriot, he turned to me and made the same looping motion as before.
 This time, however, he didn't point to the sandbar, but instead held out his two palms to me.

"Does this mean I can have an egg?
"Yes, that's what he says.

 I don't think he's suddenly going to start eating here, and he seems to have an agenda.
 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

 I took the fire-breathing bird egg from the item list and handed it to my brother kappa.
 The kappa thanked me in a whisper and walked off through the grass.

 His destination was not a sandbar, but a little further upstream.
 Slowly and cautiously, the brother kappa moves forward.
 Behind him, Paula and the blue slime secretly accompany him.

 Eventually, the brother kappa reaches the stream.
 As I watched to see what he would do, he went into the river without hesitation.

 The kappa dexterously lifts the egg and swiftly makes his way to the middle of the river, where he suddenly bursts into a splash of water and makes a noise.

What? I'm drowning! I think I've got a leg cramp!
"...... No, I think he did that on purpose.

 The egg is still held tightly in his hand, so he is probably trying to attract the attention of the giant water snake.
 However, it is an incredibly dangerous action.

 As we gasped for breath, the brother kappa made a desperate sound of water.
 However, the giant snake easily ignored his efforts to save his friends.
 The huge snake just swims around the sandbar without a care in the world.

Hmm, I guess it instinctively knows that there is more food around that sandbar.
It's so scary!

 The brother kappa pretended to drown for a while, but he seemed to realize that it was useless.
 With a small shake of his head, he lets go of the egg he was holding.
 At the same time, he let out a high-pitched scream.


 Following the flow of water, the round egg is carried to the sandbar.
 As the sphere approached, the giant water snake seemed to finally notice the presence of another being.
 As soon as it saw the approaching sphere, the giant water snake seemed to finally notice the other being.

It reacted very fast. No wonder you can't escape. ......

 No matter how much it disappears, if it enters the water, it will create waves and make noise.
 That giant water snake must have sensed that and attacked.

 A huge snake that coils around an egg and tries to bite it without mercy.

 But interestingly, its watery body seems to be more slippery than expected.
 The egg slips out of the snake's coils with a slippery motion.

 The giant water snake immediately challenges its escaped prey.
 But the snake slips again.
 It tries to bite, but the waves it creates distract it from its fast-moving target.

 The giant water snake continues to struggle against the eggs of the fire-breathing bird.
 It's the perfect opportunity to escape.

I see. So that's why you've been collecting eggs.

 But none of the kappa on the sandbar would get up.
 Well, if they move so much, they will be found out to be pretending to be dead.
 Or maybe he's too hungry to move.

"Kupapa! Kupakpa!

 The brother kappa urges desperately, but his compatriot in the sandbank doesn't move even a muscle.

"Hey, hurry up or they'll eat the eggs! Let's get out of here while we can!
"Hurry up!

 The little ones cheered at once, but there was no change on the sandbar.
 But the brother kappa's actions were not entirely in vain.

 It was enough to show me that I could attract the attention of the troublesome giant water snake.
 There are many ways to do this.
 If he won't move, we'll move him.

Kuu, you're up! Throw them over here.
Yol, catch them. Tinya, Gobber, get those kappa to safety! Yo, cheer them up.
Leave it to me!

 I left the rescue in the hands of the birds and rushed to my brother Kappa's side.
 I reached the riverbank and handed him an extra fire-breathing bird egg from the item list.

 The kappa came back with great speed and let out a small cry as he took the egg from me.
 Its round eyes were shining brightly again.

 I turned my gaze to see Kuu in the middle of the river, playing an active role.

 The bird child flew beautifully to the sandbar, grabbed the legs of the reclining kappa, and threw them to the riverbank.

 The beast boy, who brilliantly received it, handed it to Tinya and Gobbler behind him one after another.
 It was a splendid bucket relay system.
 In addition, the fairy Yoo flew over the limp kappa and sprinkled wing dust on them.


 After rescuing about five kappa, the giant water snake finally seemed to have swallowed the first egg.
 But then, like a bowler aiming for the pin at the end, the elder kappa throws in the second egg.

 The egg washes up in a perfect position.
 The giant water snake is quick to challenge him.

 Behind him, Kuu throws the kappa around.
 Yeol catches all of them.
 The cat-eared girl and the evil-looking goblin line up the received kappa on the grass.

 It's a strange sight.

 As the giant water snake begins work on the fourth egg, every single kappa on the sandbar moves to the riverbank.
 My brother kappa and I let out a deep sigh of relief when we got out of the water.

"Dear sir. Are we ready to go?
Yeah, have it your way.
So, Kuu. , !

 Now that there's no danger of getting caught, there's nothing to stop Kuu's lightning.
 A purple blizzard of feathers rained down on the giant water snake, which was still engrossed in the firebird egg.

 The demon's whole body trembled greatly, and after making its body stick out straight several times like a stick, it floated up to the surface of the water just like a log.
 It then floated down to the sandbar, where it was caught and stopped moving.

 The black body of the fish was finally revealed, and I unconsciously let out a cry.

"What, is that an eel ......?