124-Kappa Living Hell

 The length of the dorsal fin peeking out from the surface of the river is about two to three meters.
 The total length below the surface of the water is probably more than four meters.

 The thickness of the body, which makes the water ripple, is roughly equivalent to that of a telegraph pole.
 The surface of its body is completely black, making it impossible to distinguish the details of its body parts.

 It looks like a snake in the way it swings its body from side to side, but it has a dorsal fin.
 Well, there are dragons and giants in this world, so I guess anything is possible.
 So, from my knowledge, the only thing that fits is...

"............, the giant water snake.
"Giant water snake?
In Dracula 2, it's a large species that appears almost exclusively in watery areas. It's hard and strong, and it even has a long range attack, so it was really annoying.

 It was also a troublesome opponent in the game, but seeing it in the flesh was far more powerful.
 The giant water snake swam menacingly around the sandbar, shaking the surface of the water.

 Every time the huge mass appeared out of the water, the lying kappa would shake their bodies in fear.
 Yeah, it's no wonder they're playing dead. That's scary.

 From the side, it's like a big log flailing around in the water.
 It's hard to imagine what would happen if it got stretched or entangled.
 Smaller kappa would be a terrifying opponent.

"I see. That's why I can't move from there.

 There were about twenty kappa lying on the sandbar.
 All of them were lying on the ground or on their backs with their eyes closed as if in prayer.

 The giant water snake can move on land, but its movements become extremely slow, so it does not willingly get out of the water.
 Also, the kappa are pretending to be dead to disguise their presence, so somehow they have managed to remain unnoticed.

 But .......
 If you can't move from that place, it means that you will be exposed to the threat of the giant water snake endlessly and without end.
 Moreover, if that sandbar is the place where the kappa originated, there is no way to escape.
 Just thinking about it brought a cold sweat to my back.

 The people upstream were probably kappa who had barely escaped from there.
 Most of them were very young, so I can only guess how they survived.
 The giant water snake has only one mouth.
 This means that there is a limit to the amount of food they can eat at one time.

 And even though they escaped safely, they found themselves in a safe place without proper food.

I'm sorry for calling you a carefree species.
"Kupa? Kupa!

 Shaking his head, the large kappa stared up at me.
 His eyes seemed to be full of expectation.

 I guess the reason why the kappa took us to the forest to test us was to see if we could handle that giant water snake.
 But we don't have much of a chance against that monster lurking in the water.

 It would only take a moment for Paula to tame it, but in order to do so, she would have to approach it first.
 But before she can do so, she will be blown away by the water serpent's special technique, .
 Even if you try to attack it remotely with a bow or something, you will be finished off if its physical defense is raised by another special ability.

 The only lightning-attribute attacks that might work would be Biri Biri and Flap Flap, but they would surely involve the nearby kappa.
 It would be unfashionable to come to the rescue and massacre them.

 As I was at a loss as to what to do, my brother kappa suddenly reached out and made a loop with his eyes glittering.
 Then he let go of my hand, stepped back a little, and made another loop.
 Finally, he pointed at the kappa lying on the sandbar, jumping up and down.
 It is a very cute gesture.

 But I don't understand what it means.
 The girl with cat ears gave me an answer.

"Oh, I think she means the eggs.
"Eggs, you mean the fire-breathing birds?
"No, I was taking them out and putting them back in, so I'm asking you to do the same for them.

 I hurriedly turned to my brother kappa and got a big nod from him.
 It looks like he's right again.

 So you want me to help you by collecting the kappa there in the item list.
 But demons can't enter the mysterious space, and you have to touch them directly.

 I couldn't say anything and could only shake my head at the impetuous kappa.