128-Shirayaki Festival

 As it turned out, the eel was still a giant water snake.

 But that's only because that's the name of the meat in the item section that I collected, and it's still an eel, not a snake.
 This world sometimes differs from the original Dracula 2, and this discrepancy is probably one of them.

 Well, even if the name is snake, it looks like an eel, so it must be delicious.
 Whatever it is, we should be grateful for it.

 The ruckus of the water snake attack had already died down, and the newly rescued kappa had already reunited with the first kappa.
 They hugged each other tightly and cried happily, and it was quite a moving sight.
 There were also some wrestling matches here and there, which may have been an expression of affection between the kappa.

 So, I'm going to have a party to celebrate their safety.
 After all, it's almost evening.

 The only things I was able to collect from the demons were twenty pieces of water snake meat and five blue demon stones.
 It's a good thing that we were able to collect multiple magic stones, but it seems that the bones and organs were ignored again this time.
 But the bones and organs were ignored again.

 In the case of eels, the blood contains poison, and it is dangerous to eat them raw.
 If it is a snake, as the name implies, it is unlikely to be poisonous, and the toxicity disappears if it is cooked, but it is better to be cautious just in case.
 I asked Fuki-chan, the fire-breathing bird, to dig a hole and bury all the leftover parts.

 The bones were thick and sturdy, so they seemed to have some use.
 I piled them up on the riverbank.

 Now let's move on to the meat.
 One piece of meat is so big that I can hold it in both hands, just like a lump of meat.
 The fat under the skin peeking out from the cross-section is pure white and thick, and it is no exaggeration to say that its taste is perfectly guaranteed.

 I can't wait to eat it, but the problem is how to cook it.

The problem is how to cook it. "It's so big that a crab shell plate will surely overflow. And if possible, I'd like to show you how it's cooked, too.

 If you use the command menu to or the meat, the dish itself will be ready in no time, but that is not very tasty.
 For a good dish, showing the process of cooking is also an excellent way to add flavor.
 But if you are going to grill it directly, you need to prepare it in a certain way.

 I looked around, and what I saw was a flat rock used by kappa.
 The rock was about three meters in diameter and had a smooth surface.

"Yeah, this should work.
"What do we do now?
It's not safe, so back up a bit.

 First, clean the surface of the rock.
 Next, heat it up and raise the temperature gradually.
 There's no sign of cracking, so it seems to be okay.

 When it is sufficiently warm, spread the jade oil evenly to prevent it from burning.
 And then, a huge piece of meat!
 It's not a teppan-yaki, but a bedrock-yaki.

 Immediately, there was a sizzling sound and the violent smell of burning meat filled the air.
 The skin slowly twisted and the fat slowly melted, intensifying both the sound and the smell.
 I inserted two knives into the meat from the sides as skewers, lifted it up, and turned it over to brown it on both sides.

 I'd really like some soy sauce and sugar, but I'm going to go with simple salt.

It's too thick. ....... I think I put too much emphasis on the appearance.

 It's almost 20 centimeters thick, so I'm a little worried about how well it will cook.
 It will take some time, but the rock is large enough so we'll cook them in parallel.
 While the first one is cooking, I'll put more and more thinly meat around it.

 The kappa, who had been lurking in the distance, began to gather nearby one after another.
 Curious as they are, they stick close to me and peek at me.

"Kpa, Kpa?
"Kupa! Kupa!

 For kappa, who don't use fire, this was their first experience with cooking.
 The adult kappa only made a stiff face and refused to eat the meat.

 But the kappas, who had already eaten the dried meat and rice porridge, seemed to have already recognized that what we were serving was delicious.
 They reached out for it and put it in their mouths without hesitation.

 The children jumped up one after another in front of the adult kappa, who were staring at them with their eyes wide open.
 They put their shells on the ground and started to flap their arms and legs.

The children jumped up and down, their shells on the ground, their arms and legs flailing about.

 Before you know it, even Yoru and Kuu, who were among the kappa, are flapping their arms and legs, and Tinya shouts in surprise.


 The girl with the cat ears gulped down her saliva as the two of them shouted loudly.

The girl with the cat ears gulped and swallowed.
"Here, be careful, it's hot.
"Here, be careful, it's hot." "Whoo-hoo! Nya, nyaaaa! It's so good!

 Tinya threw it in her mouth, but she also jumped up and started rolling around on the ground.
 Yes, eel is still great.