58-A breath before the boss game

Why don't we take a break? I think the fairy girls have found something good.
"Oh, again? It's really amazing.

 Just a few minutes ago, they found a white flowering ostrich bush.
 Before that, he had found a cluster of perched mushrooms, and he had tracked down a yellow cottonwood tree that hadn't even flowered yet.
 When it comes to plants and flowers, the fairies seem to have a very good eye.

 The rosemary is a spice with a strong smell.
 The leaves I have already collected have been dried, and I am now looking forward to grilling meat with them.

 The name of the mushroom comes from the fact that it grows horizontally and flatly on the trunk of a tree, just the right size for a fairy to sit on.
 Eating it as it is will make you sick to your stomach, but when cooked, the texture is very crunchy, just like chicken, according to Mr. Etan.

 Lastly, the yellow cottonwood tree, from whose bark we can get the long-awaited astringent substance for tanning.
 Thanks to this, I was able to tan all the wolf pelts I had accumulated, and I felt refreshed.

 It has been three hours since we started exploring the eighth floor.
 Already, the back wall to the north is peeking through a gap in the trees.
 According to rough measurements, the eighth floor seems to be about the same size as the fifth floor.

 It was just after three o'clock, and I was starting to get hungry.
 We've gotten rid of a lot of black wolves, and it's not a bad idea to relax before fighting the boss monster.

So, let's loosen up a bit, shall we?

 In less than three minutes, I hear the high-pitched laughter of a familiar voice.
 Judging by the number of people I can hear, it seems that most of the fairies have gathered.

"Are you okay?

 I couldn't help but ask the commander, Mr. Etan, as the fairy siege had completely collapsed.
 This is not the level of carelessness anymore. .......

Yes, I think I'm fine. I'm sure it's fine. He said there was no sign of it nearby.

 It's hard to be reassured when a cute face assures you so crisply, but judging from the success of Etan and the others so far, I guess we're safe.
 The number of black wolves that had been destroyed was already close to fifty, even though we were still almost unharmed.
 It was an exploration that made me realize how easy it is to fight when you can reliably make the first attack.

 As such, the levels of Ethan and the fairies had already reached 20.
 Since the level of demons is based on the number of levels plus ten, the black-haired wolves were level 18 to 19.
 Therefore, I could gain a good amount of experience just by attacking them.
 In addition, it seems that Etan's characteristics were also important.
 That characteristic is: .......

---------- --Name: Ethan
Name: Etan
Race: Tree race
Occupation: Archer (Level: 20)
Physical Strength: 24/24
Magic Power: 20/20
Physical attack power: 26

Physical defense: 31
Magic Attack Power: 10
Magic Defense: 30
Speed: 27
Feats: , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (young wood bow/numb arrow), head (bat feather hat), body (hunter's clothing), hands (bearskin gloves), feet (bearskin boots)
---------- --.

 Although his physical attack power is a little low due to his small size, his overall numbers are stable.
 In particular, her speed and magic defense are high, giving her a sense of security.
 A notable feature is the unique of the tree race.
 Originally, it was intended to promote the growth of plants, but it also slightly increases the experience of your companions.
 It's perfect as a scout, and I'm very grateful that you've joined me in my quest.

 As I approached the bushes where the fairies were making a racket, I saw small blue berries growing in the bushes.
 They were picking them up like crazy, holding them in their hands and devouring them.
 As a result, her lovely golden curly hair was covered with blue juice.

Oh, it's a green tangerine! I didn't know it could grow here.

 Mia's voice was lively, and she ran over to pick a small blue berry and popped it into her mouth.
 Then she sipped it happily.

"Oooh, it's so good! Yummy!

 The green tangerine was not exactly tangerine, but looked and tasted just like blueberries.
 I wonder if this is due to the tradition of the original Dracula series to stick to the Japanese name, as is the case with rosemary.

"Come on, Yoru, Kuu, it's delicious. Let's eat, let's eat.

 At Mia's invitation, the two of them walked straight up to a bush, reached down to a lower branch, and plucked a blue berry and put it in their mouths.
 As soon as they bit into it, their eyes widened, as if the juice was flowing out of them.
 Then, after frowning, he smiled a smile of satisfaction.

"Huh? I don't know if I've ever fed you anything sweet before. ......

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 The girl who had been carefree in picking the berries changed her eyes at the fury of Yoru and Kuu.

"Whoa! I'm going to have to get serious about this!

 Mia used her hands to collect the green berries in one go.
 The newcomers' outrage caused the fairies to jump around wildly.

"Kihihi! Khihihihihi!

"Heh heh heh heh!
You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. I'm not sure what to make of that.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 Naturally, the green tangerine fruit in her hand spilled out with a splash.
 The fairies immediately swarmed her with hairballs and featherballs.

 But Kuu was not to be outdone.
 But Kuu is not to be outdone.
 He holds both of his eyes adorably while spitting out sticky threads from his mouth to capture the fairies and return them.
 Next to him, Yoru is groping for berries and throwing them into his mouth in a frenzied manner.
 Mia, who has just gotten up, also tries her best to protect the fruit she has picked.

Everyone is so naughty.

 Mr. Etan smiles softly, but I wonder if I can put it simply like that.
 Paula, looking puzzled, asks me, "Are you eating?

"You don't want some?
Yes, I'll have some. Is Paula okay with this?
I've never eaten anything like this before, so how do I ......
You can just peel it off and eat it. Just peel it off like this.

 I touched the green tangerine as an example, but at that moment, all the fruit disappeared from the bush.
 I must have opened the item list out of habit.
 Thinking that I could have collected all the olives at once, I noticed a strange silence behind me.

 I turned around and saw the fairies and Mia and the others staring at me in silence, as if they were devouring me.
 In addition, Yoru and Kuu's eyes were completely devoid of light.
 It's a little too plush and scary.

I'm sorry.

 At any rate, I apologized, and Yoru and Kuu came running up to my feet.
 I thought it was the usual hug, but they clenched their fists and patted me.
 Then they rolled on the ground and started flailing their arms and legs.
 The fairies gather around and start protesting as well.

"I'm sorry. Here, I'll get it.

 He opens his palm and takes out the green tickle he just retrieved, and two of them jump up and rush at him.
 And there they go again!
 It seems that the battle without honor is far from over.