38-Two hectic days and a sad farewell


"Ki baboon.

 The village of the evil fairies was still alive and well with eerie laughter today.
 There was still a big hole in the fence, and the tower was only half built, but at least the goblins seemed to be unchanged.

 Today they seem to have discovered that garlic is delicious when roasted, and are fussing over the bone cauldron in the center of the square.
 They are poking garlic sticks out of the burning fire to see how well they cook.
 They seemed to be competing with each other to see how well they could cook the garlic, nibbling a little and smiling wickedly at each other.

You're really good with fire, .......
"You guys are so cool. Hey, isn't it great, Aunt Karina?
I didn't know there were places like this under the ground. ....... It's both terrifying and amusing. Yes, I can see why he's so fascinated.

 Noticing us, the goblins rushed towards us with burnt garlic in their hands.
 The fragrant smell immediately filled the air, and Yoru and Kuu jumped up and down into my chest.
 They buried their noses in my chest and shook their heads adorably.


 He didn't like the smell.
 But I felt sorry for the goblins who were so innocent, and I didn't want to chase them away.
 I feel like a mother who comes to show her child the carcass of a cicada she picked up on the street with a big smile on her face.

"Sir, I'll take care of Yol and Kuu.

 As I was pondering this, the goblins quickly stepped forward and acted as a wall to stop the goblins.
 In addition, Paula held out her hand and took the two goblins in her arms.
 The goblins then acted as guards and led Yoru and Kuu out of the gate.

"Alright, let's move on while we can.

 I waved him to clear a space and pulled out a large desk from the item list.
 I borrowed it from the tavern.
 I added a large pile of tanned bird leather to it.

"Now, please. Karina-san.
Are you sure it's me?
Yes, you'll have to teach these guys from scratch.

 I nodded to the demon lady, who was still a little anxious, as I had explained to her along the way.

 As a matter of fact, Karina used to be a seamstress when she was young and is the most skilled seamstress in the village.
 This time, I asked her to make use of her skills and teach the goblins various things.
 However, she had never handled leather before, and after some trouble, she accepted my request.

He said, "Well. Would it be easier to understand if we made it together?

 Carina quickly pulls out a tape measure made of string, a measuring tape with a loose arc, and a large pair of cutting shears from her bag.
 She crossed her arms and pondered for a moment, then selected one of the animals that had come up to her with interest.

"Yeah, let's start with you.

 You measure the length of the goblin standing beside you by attaching a string to its shoulders and back, and mark or draw a line on the leather spread out with white ink.
 In front of the crowd that had gathered at her desk, Karina boldly cut the leather with a pair of scissors.
 As if impressed, the evil fairies burst into laughter.

 Apparently, she was planning to make a sleeveless body suit (leather vest).
 However, perhaps because she was not used to it, she seemed to have some difficulty in threading the needle through the hard leather.
 As I was wondering if I should do something to help him, a goblin stepped forward and pointed at the spot where he was going to thread the needle.

 He snatched it from me, and with a sharp object in his hand, he made a precise hole along the white ink line.
 When she inserted the needle into the returned leather, Karina's eyes widened in surprise.

Oh, it's so easy to get the needle in. You're amazing.

 The praised goblin smiled shyly with a mouth that was split to the ears.
 Then, with a bit of pride, he lifted the toenail of the fearsome bird in his hand.

 That gesture reminded me of what Hans had said in surprise.
 Since there is no iron on this floor, the goblins use only the beaks and claws of the scary birds.

 They are said to be well polished and sharpened, and to be crafted from wood.
 That is why, in fact, not a single nail is used in the buildings of this village.
 I'm really looking forward to seeing how good they will become if they are given proper tools.

 I offered half of the fearsome bird's claw to the goblins, who had no idea what to do with it, and headed for Hans-san, who was chatting with Red Feather.
 He was nodding his head excitedly, as if he had made another new discovery.

"Look at this, Nino-sama. They came up with this all by themselves. They came up with it all by themselves. It's amazing.

 Hans pointed to a piece of meat laid out on a wooden board.
 Upon closer inspection, it appeared that salt had been rubbed into the raw meat of the assault bird.

"Is this ....... Is this dried meat?
Yes, it's dried meat!

 I couldn't help but ask, and Hans-san and Akabane nodded their heads in agreement.

 I was expecting to roast it, but even the goblins found the meat too tough.
 So they came up with the idea of sprinkling salt on the raw meat.
 The goblins are really something to be reckoned with.

 I was impressed, but there was more.

"Sensei, the gobgoblins want to use this as thread.
"What's wrong with it?
Mia gave it to me.

 What Mia offered me was a white, fluffy mass.
 The item is called a cocoon ball, and you can collect it in a special space.

"What? I've seen this in Imouto's special skill.

 The caterpillar, Imoutochi, had secretly reached level 20 in the battle of Greedy Beast, and had learned a new skill called .
 I hadn't seen this technique before, so I tried to check it later, but I remembered that I had accidentally left it behind.

 As Mia pulled me along, I saw a large caterpillar sitting on a wooden pedestal.
 The creature was being fanned by the goblins with its large red wings, when it suddenly spat out a large white lump.
 Immediately, one of the goblins caught it and lifted it up proudly.

 It seems that the potatoes have exhausted their strength and are mass-producing these cocoons.
 At any rate, I it, and it turned into two bundles of silk thread.
 ............ I didn't know he had this skill.

 After taking a look around, we left Karina and Imoch in the village and finally set out to explore the rest of the fifth floor.
 We headed east along the back wall for two hours.
 Finally, we reach a dead end.

 Obviously, the distance is greater than the north-south direction, because we rode Totchan.
 On the east side, however, sandy soil began to stand out, and it seemed a little unsuitable for cultivation.

 We did not encounter any new collectibles or demons, only a rare horned rabbit peeking out of its hole.
 Somehow, judging from the direction in which the "greedy beaks" had attacked us, the sandy area to the east might be where the fearsome birds originated.

 It was almost evening when we returned to the goblin village.
 The leather jacket seemed to be complete, and the first one wearing it was hopping about in a good mood.

Wow, it looks good on you! Nice work.
"Wow, that's some nice leather armor. Nice work.
Well done.

 They were all praising it, but the goblin's lower body was still exposed.
 Perhaps noticing my gaze, Karina smiled at me with a troubled expression.

 After hunting crabs and turtles for about 30 minutes on the sixth floor as souvenirs, I collected the farmers and ended the fifth day without incident.

 The next day, it was time to level up the new villagers again.
 It seemed that it would take some time for the archers to level up, so I took the warriors, the mages, and Karina, my mentor.

 Since I've already planted all the garlic, I asked them to spread bone powder made from crushed dog bones in the field where I plan to plant garlic next.
 The fertilizer was not effective immediately in the game, so I asked him to take his time to prepare the soil for new crops.

 In the village, several new pieces of leather armor had already been completed using the tools left behind by Karina.
 Today, they are going to try on armor with sleeves and pants.
 Making dried meat also seems to be going well. Akahane asked me for more salt.

 However, the repair of the fences and turrets seems to be in progress.
 Perhaps the goblins who like new things have a tendency to prioritize what they like.

 We're going to explore the west side, the opposite of yesterday.

"What is that, my lord?
"Oh, what's that? Is that a pond ......?

 At the west end was a large pond filled with fresh water.
 Or maybe a lake.
 I don't know the difference between the two.

 I threw a stone into it, but it seemed to be quite deep.
 Around the pond, there were many flowers and grasses, with small insects flying around and pretty flowers blooming in the meadow.

"Well, it looks like there's something here.
............ There doesn't seem to be any sign of a demon, does there?

 We persisted for about thirty minutes, but Paula was right.
 But it was good to find a few plants and flowers that could be used to make medicine.
 It's going to be hard to get them here, though.

 Now that we had almost conquered the fifth floor, we returned to the village to work on the sixth floor, filling in the map and gaining experience.
 We didn't catch much, but we managed to get Hans's swordsman level to 20 just before we left.

 And the next day.

Uncle Hans, I'll get angry if you forget to bring me a gift. If you don't come back without any injuries, I'll be even more angry!
I wish you a safe trip. Take care of yourself, Mr. Hans.
Hans, make sure you sell out. And use all the medicines you can when the time comes.

 As we said our goodbyes, the man sitting on the platform waved his hand smilingly.

I'll see you all later.

 Hans-san then loaded the carriage with plenty of luggage, our hopes and orders and left for the capital.