39-Trading in the Royal Capital Day 1

 On the first day, as usual, we traveled to the Dragon's Inland Sea to purchase dried fish in the fishing village of Garnere.
 On the second day, we stopped at Octogone, the capital of Viscount Gwinner's domain, and purchased wheat at a familiar wholesaler.
 From there, we headed east along the East-West Highway.
 For ten days, we stayed at inn towns, listening to rumors in the taverns.

 When he finally arrived at the royal capital, Hans stretched out on the narrow platform.
 At the beginning of February, there was less snow and he was not stranded, but it was also a time when a farmer in need of food could easily turn into a scavenger.

 The merchant looked at the goblin-made short bow he had left by his side and let out a sigh of relief.
 It was indeed fortunate that he was not needed this time.

 However, there was no guarantee that he would be safe on the way back.
 According to the rumors I had heard along the way, the young alchemist had been right, and there were already changes in the water supply.
 As a result, the market price of wheat was unstable, and the usual price of two silver coins per bag was two and a half.

 After giving the gatekeeper a half-silver toll, Hans left the carriage and headed for his familiar shop.
 When he arrived in front of the store, a young apprentice noticed him and hurriedly called the manager.

"Hello, how are you?
How are you doing?" "Well, it's as busy as ever over here, and business seems to be booming.
Not so much. With the festival coming up, the purse strings are tighter than ever.

 Initially, we discussed the recent situation lightly and read each other's prices.
 At first, they talked about the current situation and discussed the market price. However, the seller was at a disadvantage.

 Hans begins to talk about the difficult situation in the towns and villages near the road, and stresses that this year's winter wheat crop is likely to be poor.
 The foreman, on the other hand, argued that there was a glut of wheat because many people were bringing in wheat in anticipation of the demand for the National Festival.

 As a result of the mutual probing, they agreed that a sack of wheat would fetch two silver coins and ninety-three copper coins.
 With a difference of 43 copper coins per sack, the 30 sacks of wheat yielded a profit of 12 silver coins and 90 copper coins.

 In addition, a colander full of dried fish purchased for one silver coin is worth two silver coins.
 For four colanders, I made a profit of four silver coins.

"It's a bit small this time, isn't it?
"Yes, we have other cargo. How about this one?

 Hans smiled confidently and pulled out from the back of the truck a wooden box of dried meat.
 He shaved some off with a knife and asked me to taste it.

"Mmmmm... "Hmmm... that's an unusual texture. "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, how about a silver coin?
How can a man who owns a store in King's Landing not know how good this meat is? Here, have another piece.
"Yes, let's have it. The more you bite into it, the more delicious it becomes. Let's add another half a silver coin.
"Oh, that's very kind. But one more bite will loosen your mouth and your purse even more.
"Mmmm, the more I chew, the more ....... All right, how about two silver pieces for this one?

I'd say yes, that's fine. But aren't you getting a little tired of swallowing?
"Yes, indeed! It's a shame to finish this taste. All right, all right. Three pieces of silver. But don't sell it to anyone but me. That'll have to do.
Thank you for your purchase.

 Two boxes will be six pieces of silver at least.
 It seems that rare fish and meat are very profitable.
 And especially for this dried meat, there are probably no two alike.
 No matter who you tell, they won't believe that it's dried meat from a big bird made in the village of the evil fairy.

Do you want the usual wine and salt?
No, we're going back along the open sea this time, so no salt, just some seed potatoes.
Okay. Ask the shopkeeper for details. Hey, someone.

 I asked the shopkeeper to help me unload, and I bought five barrels of malt liquor at the lowest price of three silver coins, and vegetable seeds and seedlings according to my order.
 As the store was located in the royal capital, where the most goods and people gather in this country, the selection of goods was unbelievable.

"Sir, if you haven't decided on a place to stay, I'll show you around.
"No, I'm going to stay at a friend's place today.
I see. ......

 Hans smiled mildly at the clerk who had failed to collect his fee.
 Technically, they didn't know each other yet, but they didn't need to explain in detail.

 He followed the route he had heard about, and soon found the sign with the cute bear he was looking for.
 He let the donkey rest in front of the store and peeked in through the door to see what was going on.

Hello, come in.

 The shopkeeper was a beastly woman who bared her shoulders in spite of the chilly weather.
 The first floor was a cafeteria, and it was quite crowded since it was almost evening.

Would you like to eat? Feel free to take any seat that's available.
No, I'm sorry to barge in on you like this, but are you sure you're Enni?
Do I know you? Yes, I'm sure.
We haven't met before, have we? My name is Hans. I'm Hans. ...... I've heard a little bit about you from a friend of mine.

 I've heard a little about you from an acquaintance of mine," he whispered, glancing around the store and casually brushing his lips over Enni's ear.

I've got a letter from him. I would like to give it to you in a private place if possible.

 And now, raise your voice so that others can hear.

"What a nice smell. It looks like we can expect a good dinner. Can we stay overnight with a wagon, landlady?
"Yes, with pleasure.

 Enni looked puzzled for a moment, but quickly returned to his usual smile and invited the suspicious guest in.
 After moving the carriage to the covered courtyard, Hans asked the little girl to lead him to his room.

 The sheets of the bed were crisp and there was not a speck of dust in the room.
 The bed sheets were crisp and there was not a speck of dust in the room. The room was a bit cramped, but at half a silver per night including the wagon, it was a good deal.
 Hans made a mental note to make this his regular hotel next time.

 Dinner was fried fish and black bread.
 It was also a bargain at two large copper coins, with a glass of wine and a stew with many ingredients.

Thank you for the meal. All the food in King's Landing is excellent, but this place makes me think otherwise.
"I'm glad you like it. I'm glad you like it. You've been complimented by a customer!

 At Enni's call, the man behind the counter, who looked like a bear, bowed his head without saying a word.
 The triangular-eared beauty exhaled in exasperation and gave Hans a wry smile.

I'll get you some hot water to wipe yourself down later.
Oh, that would be great.

 Two hours later, Hans' door was knocked on, as if the guests had finally left.
 Holding a steamy tub in one hand, the large cook who had just entered the room came in quietly.
 Enni remained in the hallway as if on guard.

I heard you knew someone at ............?
"Yes, this way, please.

 When Hans handed him a letter from his pocket, the beastly man dexterously opened the seal with his toes and began to read.
 As the others watched in silence, the man suddenly put his hands over his eyes and shook his body.

"What's the matter with you, boy?
The ............ brothers seem to be all right.

 In response, Enni changed his appearance and rushed into the room. He snatched up the letter and began to look through it carefully.
 He reacted exactly the same way as the big man.
 They are very much like each other.

Thank God ....... You seem to be doing well.
"Yeah, he's doing a lot of work.
"............, that's him. Can you tell me more?

 After that, Hans spent some time carefully telling them about the changes in the village since the arrival of the young alchemist.
 Of course, he blurted out some of the important details.

I was worried about you, but I guess it was all for nothing. It really is .......

"............ new oil. How did you find it?

 This is the face of an older sister who is worried about her mischievous little brother.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

Here it is. Please try it.
............ Mm, this is...
"Oh my God, what is this? Is it really oil? You're not fooling me, are you?

 After taking a lick from the barrel Hans offered them, they had the same reaction as any villagers.

We call it jade oil," he said. "It's so refreshing because it comes from squeezing the plant. We call it jade oil.
We call it jade oil." "Well, she's made something amazing, hasn't she?
"............ I think it's very tasty. But I can't take it.
"And why is that?

 The two men looked at each other and then dropped their eyes to the floor.

I'm embarrassed to say that we can't afford to buy such expensive oil.
I'm embarrassed to say that we can't afford to buy that expensive oil. That's why I want to pay him well.

 Hans couldn't help but smile as the beastman and his wife spoke up.

I don't have the right to buy or sell it. So I have no choice but to give it away.

 Commerce within a city is basically the right of the merchants who live in the city, except for the morning market.
 If you ignore this, you will be completely excluded from all transactions in the city if you are found out.

And there is a point in giving it away properly. I'm a businessman, after all.
Is that so?
Yes, what I'm asking you both to do is to promote this jade oil.