40-Trading in the Royal Capital Day 2

Oh, a little hot pot for a cold body.
Oh, it warms me up. Hmmm... ......nnn!
Oh, what's this ....... I can't stop my hands.
I can't stop eating it. - This sticky soup is so good! Yeah, I can't get enough of the spiciness.
Yeah. I've got a great idea. Dip the bread in the leftover soup like this. Mm-hmm!
............ You're a genius.

 Hans lifted his mustache with a smile as people tucked into the new menu served for breakfast.
 Hans lifted his mustache with a smile as people tasted the new breakfast menu, their eyes changing color as they asked for more.

 Hans picked up a spoon and quickly looked into the small pot.
 The red prawns, Brussels sprouts, and white mushrooms were brightly colored and looked perfect.

 He quickly scooped up a generous portion of cabbage and threw it into his mouth.
 The sweetness of the well-cooked vegetables, the flavor of the garlic, and the spiciness of the red pepper.
 The oil with these three flavors blended into one is soaked into your mouth.

 It's not flashy.
 But it is definitely a taste that lingers.

I didn't know that garlic and jade oil went so well together. ....... Maybe it's because we were born in the same place. It's a strange thing.

 Cut the garlic in half, crush the garlic, and cook it in jade oil for a while.
 When the garlic is slightly browned, simply add the prepared vegetables and prawns and cook further.
 The trick is to season the ingredients beforehand because salt does not dissolve in jade oil.  

 It is a very simple recipe.

 The name on Nino's letter was ahijo, but since it was unfamiliar to me, I decided to call it jade oil in a small pot.
 It was offered for two days only, so that people could get a taste of it, but at this rate it would soon be gone.
 We were able to bring in only three barrels of jade oil this time, and only one barrel was delivered to Kinkyuma-tei.

 Next time he would need several dozen times that amount, and Hans tightened his cheeks, which were about to loosen again.
 He took his time to savor the food and let his mind calm down.
 It's not too early to get excited. Today's deal is the real deal.

 After savoring every last drop, Hans stood up with a sigh of satisfaction.

Thank you for the meal. See you next month.
"Thank you very much.
I'll be waiting for you at .............

 As Hans turned to say goodbye, he saw a beastly couple, working busily, but with a sincere smile on their faces.


Excuse me. A package has arrived for you. Workshop manager.
Who's it from?
Well, he just wants you to give it to him.
Hmm, leave it there. Thank you.

 After watching the receptionist leave, Barnabas sighed deeply.

 It had been twenty days since one of the main pillars of this workshop had left.
 The effects were already beginning to be noticeable.

I can't seem to finish reviewing the allocation list.

 The alchemy can only be used in accordance with each blessing.
 It is a division of labor that requires at least three to four hands to create a single item.

 In the past, there was always someone who could fit in every gap.
 However, now that he had left, there were chronic delays of about 30% in each individual task.

I knew this would happen, but ......

 I had been prepared for this to some extent when I let go of my treasured child.
 But the situation that easily surpassed my expectations made me realize once again the magnitude of what I had lost.

 Pressing his temples, Barnabas gazed resentfully at the order forms piling up on his desk.

I'm going to try to raise another pan-racial alchemist from scratch. ....... Huh, that's stupid.

 The demon man chuckled to himself at the words he knew were impossible.
 He then clicks his tongue, unconsciously looking for his pipe and remembering that he had quit smoking for the fortieth time.

I'm sure I've got a spare stashed away somewhere. ......

 The workshop manager throws out the schedules of his men and starts rummaging through his desk drawers and cabinets.
 His beloved wife, however, was no match for him.
 The fact that the room had been thoroughly cleared of all tobacco-related items made Barnabas let out a small breath and slumped down on the sofa.
 He stared at the wooden box on the low table.

"What if it's not in here?

 He seems to have lost all sense of normal judgment.
 As he ripped the lid off the crate, Barnabas' eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected contents that appeared.

 Packed inside the box were five glass bottles and a stand with a large white stone on it.
 It was probably a Shirasho stone.
 However, stones this large are rarely handled in this workshop.

 The exhausted expression on his face disappeared in an instant, and the face of the alchemist who organized the Royal Smelting Workshop appeared underneath.
 Barnabas, who had poured his magic power into a pair of glasses made of white illumination crystal, let out a murmur of amazement as he carefully appraised them one by one.

It's a potion that restores magical life. And the quality is excellent. ....... What the hell, this one too? No, all of them. ............

 At the very least, it was worth six to eight gold coins.
 After taking a deep breath and calming himself down, the famous alchemist lifted the last item he had yet to appraise with trepidation.
 Even without looking through his binoculars, it was easy to see the tremendous smoothness of the white stone's surface.

 With a gulp of saliva, Barnabas peered closely at the stone in his hand.
 Then, confirming that it was a genuine Shirasho stone, he started to get up in surprise and hit the desk with his shin.
 Frowning in pain, the workshop manager let out a deep breath of admiration.

"How did you do this ......?

 After mumbling that much, Barnabas sat up as if he had been thrown.
 He rushed out of the room and limped over to the reception counter.

What kind of man brought this crate?

 The workshop manager, far from his usual gentlemanly demeanor, spoke up, and the man in charge of the information desk blinked in confusion.

The man in charge of the tour looked puzzled, "Well, he didn't look so conspicuous. Well, yes, ......, he had a mustache.
What else? He didn't give a name, did he?
Yes, I'm sorry. He was really unremarkable. ......
Which way did he go?
That's ......, too. I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. I'm sorry to interrupt you.

 Returning to his haunted face, Barnabas gave a slight wave and turned on his heel.
 It was unlikely that he would get a satisfactory answer.

 However, the workshop manager intuitively knew the identity of the sender of the crate.
 It was probably the work of his apprentice who had left for the frontier.

 Something had happened to bring him to the point where he could produce these objects.
 The emotions welling up from the pit of his stomach caused Barnabas to clench his back and make a fist.

'Oh, shit! I'm in the mood for a smoke.

 This is the first time I've heard the workshop manager use foul language, and Arnold, who was in the middle of smelting, hurriedly pulled back his concentration, which was almost disturbed by the upset.
 He finished the purification quickly and looked up quickly.

 It had been less than five minutes since the receptionist had taken the filthy wooden box to the workshop manager's office.
 Judging from Barnabas's overreaction, there must have been something in there.

 The demon youth noiselessly left his work desk and walked past the reception counter to the outside of the workshop.
 He cocked his chin at the bored-looking guards and called them into the shadows.

Did you see the man with the crate just now?
"Yes. What about him? Hey, kid.
Find him. Five gold pieces to the man who finds it.

 The two men's eyes instantly changed color at the exorbitant reward.
 They nodded at each other, and then one of them rushed out.
 He was probably going to talk to some thugs he knew.

 In the end, money is the most efficient way to move people.
 Hiding his contempt with a smile, Arnolt returned to the small space he had been given.

 The whereabouts of his former colleague, whose mere recollection of his face brings a cry to his throat, has been slow in coming to light.
 Whether he was transferred or not, there must have been a document notifying him of the transfer.
 However, I had the document clerk sniff and check, but nothing like that came up.
 Perhaps Barnabas has been cleverly concealing it.

 If that was the case, even Arnolt couldn't get his hands on it.
 However, judging from the panic of the workshop manager just now, he might finally be able to get a hold of him.

"No matter where you hide, I'll find you, ordinary man.


 An ebony desk with a beautiful luster, a sofa made of black panther fur.
 The floor is covered with thick carpets, and the walls are lined with stuffed heads of terrifying demons.

 In this picture-perfectly luxurious room sat an ill-fitting man.

 His clothes were shabby, but he seemed to have taken care of his appearance, with no frayed sleeves or sweat stains.
 His hair and mustache were neatly trimmed, and there seemed to be no element of discomfort.
 Furthermore, his gentle yet curious gaze.

 A mere peddler would have been overwhelmed and stunned the moment he was ushered into this room.
 The person in front of me, however, is sitting calmly and unconcerned.
 The owner of the room, Leocadio, was unsure of the identity of this unexpected visitor.

I understand you have a letter for me.
Yes, this way. Please go ahead.

 As the secretary had said, the stamp on the wax was the familiar one of the Alvarez family.
 The sender's name is Paula.

 Leocadio breathed a silent sigh of relief inwardly, knowing that he could find his lovely niece who had run away from home without permission last month.
 He opened the envelope with a silver paper knife, took a quick breath, and looked it over carefully.
 If something had happened to his niece, it would have been more than just her brother and nephews tearing her to pieces.

 Leocadio patted his chest as he saw the standard greeting, "I hope you are doing well.
 However, he thought that it would be a continuation of the report on his recent situation, but his expectations were easily betrayed.
 The next thing he read was this.

"Please let it shine first, then we can talk. ......?

 The man who called himself Hans lifted his mustache and formed a smile.
 And then he took something out of a not-so-clean wooden box.

 It was a curious ornament with bat wings on it.
 Seeing that Leocadio's gaze was fixed on it, the peddler opened the wings to the left and right to reveal the contents without hesitation.

"Well, it's quite large.

 What emerged from inside was a rather large Shirasho stone.
 It was an unusual item, but not too expensive considering the furniture in the room.

 Leocadio stood up and approached the figurine, hiding his waning expectations.

 His eyes widened slightly.
 He noticed that the surface finish was unusual.

 He reached out a finger and touched the white luster of the stone.
 And magic flowed into it.

 In the next moment, an unbelievable brilliance overflowed and pierced Leocadio's retina.

What the hell?

 Leocadio is a wealthy merchant who is said to be well known in the capital because of his unique appearance and bold trading skills.
 The man raised his voice in dismay.

What the hell is this?